Wednesday, April 8, 2015

[a day in pictures] - wednesday.

today was a crazy kinda day. very out of the ordinary.

went to look at mission cars up for sale in the am with daddy.

then managed to burn myself for the first real time since i started working at bob evans in 2007...thanks to my awesome co-workers (one of which had gone to EMT school, so that was bonus extra awesome), it didn't hurt too much once i had the proper care to it (note: just running cold water over a really burned burn really doesn't make it feel better. weird!).

everyone at work just kept asking what was wrong with my wrist. oops! also #sorrynotsorry for the crying eyes...i also don't think i have ever shed a tear at work since i started working there. today was a day of firsts, i guess! also, wrinkly forehead. (:

i found my new favorite body wash at wal-mart...but opted to not buy it since i'd probably eat it all while i showered in the morning and that'd be awkward because i'd have to buy more body wash than i opted for the non-froyo body wash instead. #confessionsofafroyoaddict

i decided to invest in something to help my hair/skin/nails after talking with a couple of ladies from my work...apparently this will help to repair the damage i did to my hair/skin/nails while i was in brazil (fingers crossed!). or at least make my hair grow faster? we'll see. (: (it's called biotin if you haven't heart of it).

dk + i were both having a bit of an "off" start to our after dinnertime, i took one look at him and said 'hey, wanna go for a bike ride?' and we were off. it was pretty much exactly what we both needed.

dk's crazy photography skills produced this:

and also my first time going out with little red (my beautiful fixie bike!) since 2013!! oh, how i've missed you. <3 so excited for many, many more bike rides this summer + years to come!

i love my little brother. and playing a few rounds of mario kart once the rainstormming picked up and sent us right back home.

still haven't learned how to beat dk at mario kart...but that day will come. maybe before the end of this summer, yeah? (: #agirlcandream

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