Sunday, April 19, 2015

I love my mama.

There is absolutely nothing better than coming home to find this little gem on my pillow:

Most people may not think too much of greeting cards, but of every one I've ever received, I'll admit I'm not one to pay too much attention to the wording on the card....that is, unless it's from my mama. Over the years I've grown to love each and every single one of the letters she's given me (and every single word that's written on the greeting card itself), because I know she's different when she picks them out. She reads them carefully until she finds one that says just perfectly what she would say herself. 

Plus, her adding in her own personal letter to me in the blank space just is the cherry on top. I really just really love my mama and am so crazy grateful to my Heavenly Father for choosing me as one of four lucky kids to be raised by her. She I have no doubt in my mind the incredible love she had for me and every single one of us kids. She loves us and shows it and says it and I am so grateful for her example of love and hope I can be even just a particle of the mama she is to me, to my own kiddos someday. 

I love my mama and I know she loves me. She always knows just what to say. Life is good. :)

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