Tuesday, April 21, 2015

the marathon twinners are here! the marathon twinners are here!

on april 20th, 2015, at approximately 6am, these adorable little buggers were born - aka my two newest twinner nephews, landon + logan!

the following photos are (1) too cute for words, and (2) just about all of landon, since i didn't get any photos of logan when we first went over, and then after that i'm pretty sure they were only with people holding landon, for some crazy reason (don't ask me why). but any who. enjoy. (:

landon (oldest):

beautiful happy mama/older sister:

couldn't resist - awesome quote from the one + only meb in honor of it being marathon monday (aka patriot's day aka boston marathon day!):

from the second visit of the day, i went back to visit with the boys:

(my favorite landon old man face that everyone calls the "benjamin button"):

cute + caring older brother little d:

landon!! be still my heart.

and obvs my first selfie with one of my new nephews! because, why not? (;

loved this too, too much. marathon monday and twin nephews being more and this quote!? it had mormon runner girl written all over it. (:

what i wore to commemorate the day:

*ruth's 2012 boston marathon shirt (also, blue for boys!)
*the beautiful blue bracelet mama bought for me in the hospital gift shop as we waited to be able to visit ruth + the kiddos during our first visit ("because you need something to remember today!" thanks mama :)
*my sisters ring that ruth got for her + anna + i
*my visitor's tag to visit all my favorites in hospital room #307

also, bonus! the very next morning, ruth sent me + anna a photo of our new favorite breakfast burritos. don't you just want to eat them up!?

but don't do that. because they're babies...not burritos. duh.

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