Monday, April 13, 2015

weekend update: a breakfast date, a temple trip, + my favorite little girl turns 2!

this past weekend was just fabulous. managed to get out to the gym and found out the secret to an awesome stretching session after a run = going into one of the HUGE workout rooms that no one uses (okay, except for that one other girl who thought of the idea before me) unless there's a class being taught.

i met this little lady thanks to being assigned to be her visiting teacher when i got back from my mission. basically it's been the best idea, EVER because we have become fast friends and i love her to pieces. who wouldn't just love, love, love talking with a bff about everything under the sun (missions, family, life plans, etc) while eating some yummy breakfast food?!

ps this is my favorite place on the entire face of the planet. i love to see the temple. and i even got to go inside this (beautiful) day!

after a visit with my favorite daddy at his work, like, a two minute drive from the temple (so awesome), i headed off to run some errands and that's when i had one of the single most embarrassing moments of my life. 

just imagine walking into your hometown grocery store and you see your cousin that is working so you decide to say "hello." normal, right? totally shouldn't cause any problems whatsoever...right??

WRONG. because this is what happened right after:

me: hey cousin! *walks over to give him a hug*
cousin: hey sarah! *walks over to give me a hug*
*in the meantime, my incredibly full shopping cart of groceries just continues with the normal flow of gravity (?!) forward (aka in the direction i was walking) and keeps on going until it (literally in slow-motion) crashes into a huge display of wine bottles and about twenty-thirty come crashing to the floor, inside my cart, around my cart, creating a large and not-so-pleasant puddle of winery all around  our feet and my cart.*

to say i was embarrassed was probably the understatement of my young life.

but obviously not so embarrassed that i couldn't snap a quick photo to remember the event by when (i thought that) no one was looking. (; needless to say, when you see your cousin at work at the grocery store + decide you want to say hello? PARK YOUR CART. really, really far away from any wine bottle displays.

okay. phew. back to less-stressful events. like a my favorite 2-year-old's birthday party celebration on saturday! i've never seen anyone more excited to get a (pretend) vacuum for her birthday until this day.

i love family event simply because it means our whole family gets together, even if it is for just a few, crazy, running-around (us), screaming (kids), eating lots of food (all of us) hours. (:

belly girl eating cookies with her "bapa" (grandpa):

also, i'll stop talking and let you enjoy some of my favorite photos from little a's special day.

(ps i love this photo because this is the exact kind of face little a made to me when i met her for the first real time after i got home from my mission in january...the whole "i don't know what's going on but i think this is cool but i've not totally made my mind up about it yet" kinda look. i love it. :)

& my favorite photo from the day:

cute twinner neighbor girlfriends:

also, cupcakes. any 2-year-old's dream snack, right?

might i add that no kron family reunion would be complete without the attempt (via me or daddy, to everyone else's dismay) to get in a few fun family photos?

i love my mama. (:

also, these next few showcase (1) little a's love for "eggigs" (earrings), + (2) her inability to hold still or smile after so many photos had already been taken of her this day.

love family-filled weekends. they're simply the best. (:

(ps anna come back in town sooner, okay!? :)

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