Monday, April 20, 2015

3 miles, shoe-making, + an auntie date.

so once upon a time i (finally!!) started getting back on the treadmill again at the gym (still too cold/dark to run here in the AM)...

and with warm-up/cool-down i actually made it over 3 miles for the first time since 2013! #littlevictories (:

i'm still not totally in love with the treadmill...but my relationship with him is improving as time goes on...maybe we'll be back on better terms once it's summertime and i know i have the option to use him or the outside roads (sooner, please!!) in my early morning runs, instead of just using him by force (;

also...remember that one time it made it up to 80 degrees in april!??! that was one of the happiest days of my ever life. and also really, really, unexpectedly hot.

okay. so the last real family home evening (aka, FHE) i went to with the singles ward (for single adult members ages 18-30) and we had an awesome activity making shoes for kids in uganda, africa via SOLE HOPE! it was an awesome experience and reminded me just that much more how much joy comes out of giving selfless service. also, lots of cute photo-ops, because why not? (:

these were our steps to cutting the fabric:

then we placed our shoe pieces in little baggies like so:

and voilá! handfuls of fabric shoe pieces to be sent off + made! (:

the next day i went to the gym to try and weight train...realizing that maybe i'm a total wimp but i basically only lifted 30 lbs on each of the weight-lifting machines...better than 10, right?! (; #slowandsteadywinstherace

but the highlight of this week!? eaaaaasily, my auntie date with my favorite 2-year-old (+ niece!), little a! i even got all dressed up like her for the occasion:

-"hairbow" ( the necessary pink + purple)
-"eggig" (earrings...nice + dangly so she could play with them all. the. time. i took them out + she put them back in my ears at least 23198032 times while we were waiting on our food, genius)
-"anna!" aka frozen t-shirt

also...CHAPSTICK. because this girl's (a little more than) obsessed with it and could put chapstick on /eat it for hours at a time if it wasn't taken away from her hahaha.

first stop - pet store! where we pet/looked/giggled at all the many puppies walking + barking all around, banged a few leashes on metal to make really loud noises (which was obviously the highlight for little a, as shown below), and even held a kitty who was less than pleased to be taken out of his cage (oops!)

next stop - food time @ max + erma's! something you just can't do without your awesome (pretend) "hairbow" with automatic pigtails. what 2-year-old in their right mind wouldn't want one of those!?

trying to get to my "eggigs":

little a rocking the pigtail horns (she insisted on wearing them this way, hahahah):

after realizing the mini m&ms in her ice cream bowl were covered by ice cream (a BIG, no-no), we got a little plate of JUST m&ms...and she was much happier.

also, what little a date is complete without taking a trip to the bathroom where she shouts half the time (hearing her echo, because few things are cooler than hearing your own echo to little a), and taking a few goofy selfies to finish off our visit. (:

last but not least? a trip to the park! where (probably thanks to big brother little d), she thinks she can hang around the big-kid playground at his same speed...aka why this is the only photo i got of her because i was running after her most of the rest of the time (;

but we did meet up with her favorite big brother, little d (+ my big sis ruth!) and while ruth whisked little a off to prep for bedtime, i got some one-on-one time with my favorite 4-year-old, too!

last real photo taken together before the twin littles would arrive only days later!! what a fabulous night. (: thanks ruth for having such awesome kiddos and for (finally!) living so close to me! (;

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