Saturday, May 30, 2015

back it up: may 1st-14th edition.

so. i'm still getting used to all this. so here's my little update on my not-so-little life, from the first half of may. (: ready set...!!


i started running (a little bit),

had a lovely FHE at jo-ann's lovely home with our family (:

(and i wore my brazil t-shirt in memory of all the lovely brazilians that welcomed me in as a part of their family during so many FHEs during my time down there :)

ate chipotle while i caught up on the politics of the day (aka read up on our candidates for columbus, ohio mayor!)

...and then voted within hours later (: #GodblessAmerica

i just love the temple. i really can't hardly put it into words. going here weekly has just about been my saving grace ever since i got home from my mission in january. it just puts things into perspective and makes you think. it's such a peaceful place, so outside of "the real world". i just love the temple and know it really is the House of the Lord. (: we are so so lucky to have one here in columbus, ohio!

i got some quality stretching time in post-run on our awesome porch

had an ice cream date with my bff/(not-so) little brother

HELD BABIES THAT ARE RELATED TO ME. i just love these little boogers. (: (: (:

how can you NOT be so cute all teeny tiny + curled up like that!? #bestillmyheart <3

<3 <3 <3 love my favorite twinners l&l < 3 <3 <3

saw anna be awesome as a carrera on tv (per usual :)

had a daddy-daughter date to the mall (!) where we got some yummy food + also bought some super important things later on like a grill and lawn mower (not at the mall though, don't worry ;). note: CHARLEY'S IS MY FAVORITE. i love love love love love love (&etc.) cheesesteaks (: (: (: but mostly daddy-daughter time!

hung out with my fave cool kid at my old stomping grounds/where he currently...stomps...?

volunteered for the first time at the bishop's storehouse, which if you don't know already, "Bishops' storehouses distribute commodities to the poor and needy as requested by bishops" (via.) aka bishops are local church leaders. so they find out the needs of the people in their congregation and if someone is in need of something (food, personal care, etc.), they make note of it and bring it to the bishop's storehouse. it's literally like a mini grocery store with a bunch of necessities...and we (as volunteers) get these individual "shopping lists" and take a little grocery cart around to pick out all the things on the list (needs of whoever that person may be who is currently in need).  then we bag it all up, jump back in line + do it all over again until all the orders are filled + completed. (: i just loved being a part of seeing how this is all a combined effort to help those in need!

the volunteers! me + sonhee + sister olsen from my congregation (:

us with SISTER WASUM. literally sounds like "awesome". she was the sweetest!

oh yeah, this. our fridge broke. aka the freezer stopped working (don't think i'd ever seen it that empty!) so we had to throw everything out. ): it was a long weekend without our fridge working until we bought a new one...hahaha.

daddy got to work on some yard work! while i stood back and took photos, obviously? 

rocking out our new lawn mower! #hooharahrahrah (;

we also watched daddy rock it out at the dublin music boosters president (basically) and talk up how awesome band camp is and even made the freshman boy on stage next to him do my classic childhood "puppy dog face" to beg for more support from the people in the audience. classic. (:

then we watched dk in concert! and axel, too. but somehow i only have a photo of axel because i got just vids of dk i guess (: dk, you still rock in my book!

got reunited with an old-time bob's bestie, adam (!)

and watched how anna's news station was trying to get people to adopt these really adorable bunnies (and we all wondered why she didn't just walk out with one of them herself). (:

(: phew. well, that's one half down. only one more to go, right!? (;

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