Friday, May 1, 2015

fhe + temples + froyo (oh, my!)

this week has been pretty fantastic, i can't lie. i also can't say i've gotten a single run in since the week began (...oops), but! tomorrow is saturday and i don't work till 9am so you can bet your bottom dollar i'll get in at least a little run before i go to slave my life away down on the farm!

but, enough about that. back to the week. (:

okay! i am so excited about my first byu class (independent study) since 2013...and got even more excited when i received these two books for my class in the mail!! eek eek eek. the second one "readicide" is basically about how schools are killing reading (aka, i'm assuming the joy of it) for high school/adolescent kids.

this is something i'm really passionate about because this totally happened to me...i loved reading as a kid (harry potter, anyone?). i remember staying up late just so i could read the latest one...falling asleep reading (or at least pretending to so i wouldn't get in trouble for being up so late ;)...and one of my favorite book memories is when i was in 4th grade + mrs. halli was reading the first HP book aloud to the class during reading time, and i would sneak off into a corner so i could be out of sight + read the 4th book silently to myself, since the 1st one i had finished on my own so long ago. i absolutely loved reading as a kid! so it's interesting that i distinctly remember in 5th grade when i got so excited that the 5th harry potter book was coming out, that i went right to the chapman elementary school library to put it on hold first so i'd get it as soon as it came out. i got it, it sat at home, and i eventually returned it before getting a chance to read the entire thing all the way through. because life as a 5th grader is just so busy, right? or something like that. then i got into the world of assigned summer readings in 6th grade, and assigned class books every year after that...and somehow i didn't end up reading a book again for fun until about a decade later, when i was a sophomore in college and my friend matthew lowe told me about a book called the hunger games that (even though he hardly knew me at the time) he told me i would just love.


and i did. and i fell right back in love with reading thanks to the hunger games. i remember thinking how much i so do not have time to be reading (what with finals and everything coming up at the end of fall semester!), but i took it upon myself to lug the book along with me to the gym so i'd have something to read while i sat on the spin bike or the elliptical...and i fell right back in love with reading, and i couldn't hardly believe it. i found i was trying to elongate my workouts or make excuses to go to the gym to read...until i realized/remembered that reading it something you can do wherever! i went from never reading for fun to rekindling my love for reading, adoring the plot twists and feeling like each character was someone i had known all my life. when i went to visit anna over winter break and had already finished the 2nd book (that matt graciously lended to me as soon as i had finished the 1st and thanked him profoundly for introducing me to the series), and remember finishing it while anna was finishing up a day of work at the new station, and then going crazy the next morning when i got to the airport to fly home to ohio and during my connection in chicago i couldn't find a single bookstore in the airport (seriously!?) that had the third book in the trilogy...


but, don't worry. i zipped right off to the closest bookstore i could find shortly after i landed, and was able to finish up this magical trilogy. may not be the best story ever written, but it's the story that rekindled my love for reading, and i hope that fire never goes out again. (:

okay - - second side-note of the blogpost and i haven't hardly even got started! phew. okay. guess you already can tell why i want to be an english teacher...(if not, no worries: i'll spare you all and save that post for somewhere down the road ;).

monday night was a fabulous night at the kron home. aka family home evening (fhe) learning about living prophets! i know we have a living prophet here on earth today and i am so, so grateful for that! how great is it to know we have a man who is literally God's mouthpiece on earth today?! it's simply the best. (: 

another highlight on a totally different note = on wednesday i got off work early enough to be able to take little red to the bike doctor + finally get new tubes put in her! now she's 100% rideable. (: eek! 

okay, remember how excited i am about taking classes again!? the course syllabus finally arrived for the class i started talking about like, forever + a day ago at the top of this post (;

//excited beyond words!\\

i love to see the temple. especially the columbus ohio temple which is only a 25 minute drive from home! it was a much needed visit + break from the "real world".

also, not only is the temple simply beautiful, but so is every little detail put into the landscaping.

my new favorite sitting spot:

also, i love how springtime is synonymous with new beginnings...that's something i have had in my mind for quite some time now. it's hard when i get stuck in a rut sometimes and feel like i'll never make it out. but then i go to the temple and get new perspective on things and recognize that i can start over and change myself now. we're all constantly changing and improving. we're all a work in progress. that's just the way it is. and i love it.

(even if sometimes you're a late bloomer on some's always better late than never. :)

loved the sunset over the church building on my way leaving the temple grounds.

sigh. i just love going to the temple. (:

and then yesterday! i got in my froyo fix (for the first time in over TWO. YEARS. i know, who am i!?) at orange leaf in upper arlington with the cutest page harston from my singles ward. let's just say callings are inspired and i'm so grateful to have had the chance to meet with and get to know this girl better. she's such a good influence on me in so many ways. and also loves froyo like i do so that's definitely a plus. (;

also, is this new!? i have never seen this at a froyo establishment and it's genius (for people who don't like their froyo to touch). i'm a mix+match kinda girl so i don't need that, but it's a neat idea. (:

uh...can you tell which one's mine?! hint: i may have had eyes bigger than my stomach due to the lack of froyo in the past 24 months...

we cleared the place out! also i loved this set-up.

love that girl. and got to finish off the night right with my favorite mama - (finally!) watching the 2nd captain america...


+ eating some yummy noodles, too. (:


it's been a pretty great week. (:

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