Friday, May 15, 2015

how i get my motivation to run.

ever since i got back from my mission, it's been really mega hard (understatement of my life) to get back into the running game (also the regularly blogging game...but that's a story for another post :). it's so crazy to think that i went from being terrified at the idea of running a mile straight (2009), to running my first 5k (2010!), to running my first half marathon (2011!), to running my first marathon (2012!)... not really running anymore than maybe 10 minutes per day on average on my mission (july 2013-january 2015). because i knew that was one of the sacrifices i would have to make for a year + a half on my mission (we only get 30 minutes total exercise time each day, because working out really isn't your focus when you're giving all your time to the Lord to serve Him on a mission :). i wouldn't change anything about my mission at all, it was absolutely perfect for me in so, so many ways. but i'd be lying if i wasn't totally honest in saying that it has been really hard for me to get back into my running groove/happy place, no matter how strong my passion was pre-mission. i imagine this is probably a similar difficulty athletes go through recovering from long periods of time away from their sport of choice, be it due to pregnancy, injury, church missions, or what have you. :)

moral of the story = now i've been back almost 4 months (has it been that long already!? #timeflies) and still struggling to get back into the whole "running-5-days-per-week" kinda deal. but i know i love running. i know i do! and i'm grateful for things like this that help me get excited to start running again:

mt. nebo half marathon, saturday, september 12th!

salt lake city haunted half marathon, saturday, october 24th!

lehi thankful 13 half marathon, thursday, november 26th (thanksgiving day!)!

yep! races :) that's basically my favorite way to build a training plan - around a race! there are so many training plans you can find online/at running stores (i used training plans for both my first half + full marathons that i got at my favorite ohio running store!)...and that's my favorite way to get in running shape, because it gives me a set plan to follow. 

also! it's my biggest running dream to qualify for + run the boston marathon (shooting to run a qualifying marathon fall 2016 to be able to run it april 2017!)...and i just recently heard about/discovered that there's going to be a boston-esque competitive HALF marathon, called the USA half marathon invitational, starting this fall! basically i already contacted the people in charge to ask if my nebo 1/2 marathon this september could qualify me to run it...since i just found out registration is open until it sells out (or november 1st, whichever comes first, i'm sure!). AH. the qualifying time is only 1 hour 55 minutes for my age group (women 15-29), which i've already beat in both of the half marathons i've previously run!

so, anyway. fingers crossed on that (or you can bet your bottom dollar i'm for SURE running it 2016!!)! and man, just talking about this is getting me pumped up to run again! isn't that a beautiful thing? (:

oh, + how could i forget? one of my other best motivators for running as much as i do is the following:

the more i run = the more froyo i get to eat. right?! (:

congrats to my favorite froyo for winning utah valley's 2015 best froyo award! not that i'm surprised. (;

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