Sunday, May 17, 2015

māe, eu te amo!

so last week was mama's day! which is one of my all-time favorite days, ever. mostly because i love my mama and i am so, so grateful she brought me into this world + has taught me and loved me and done so, so many wonderful things for me. last year for mama's day i was on the other side of the equator, but i was able to send her a group of mama's day videos singing the primary song "mother, i love you" in portuguese (translated = the title of this post). i loved being able to serve as a full-time missionary as my own mama did when she was around my age. while that one mama's day (+ other 18 months) apart sure was hard for me being so far away from her, it was worth every moment to be able to serve my Savior and walk for a bit in her shoes to see what it might have been like back when she was a missionary herself in southern chile. plus, it made this year's mama's day that much sweeter to get to spend it together for the first time in quite some time. (: 

we started the weekend off right by having a mama-daughter date night, going out to dinner + movie together (avengers 2!).

then thanks to daddy's awesome grilling skills (+ our new grill!), we made some super yummy chicken for mama's day dinner!

then it was off for daddy to pick up grandma joanne + go off to see the littles! and drew + ruth, of course. (; where we enjoyed lots of photo ops, yummy food (thanks ruth + drew!!), + awesome family time together. per usual. just missing our anna banana!!

lan + lo (:

matching mama's day necklaces thanks to daddy!

mama's: hers + daddy's names/the names of us kiddos. (note: ruth's has hers + drew's names/the names of their 4 kiddos! matchy-matchy :)

(can i just take a moment to tell you how much i love taking selfies with my nephew + niece!? and also how much little d loves me for my gum and little a loves me for my chapstick. but that's okay because i'm their auntie so i'll love them always no matter what ;)

also love my grandma joanne! wouldn't have the daddy i do without her (: love you, grandma!

now for some adorable photos with our newest favorite littlest of littles, lan(don) + lo(gan)!

(lan already loves his auntie kisses ;)

big kids probably sneaking away to take their own selfies with uncle daniel (;

after lots of playing + eating + photo-taking, we came home to enjoy the rest of our night. (:

my beautiful mama with her mama's day decor. 

(ps written on these = phrases that us kids each chose to describe our secret to us or to anyone who clicks on the photos and is able to read my handwriting on the zoom-in feature ;)

i love you so, so much mama! i hope you had an amazing mama's day. te amo TANTOOOOO (aka lots + lots + lotssss!) e para todo o sempre! thank you so much for teaching me all about how to be the best, most clean, loving, patient, kind, charitable, selfless, wonderful mama in the entire existence of forever. i can't wait to spend many more mama-daughter days like this together in the days, weeks, months, years, + etc. to come! (: xoxoxox!! <3

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