Monday, May 4, 2015

the playground my daddy built.

on friday i had the chance to go to the (new!) discovery playground to play around with my favorite niece + brother + one of my favorite nephews (:


just to give you a little insight, the discovery playground originally was an all-wooden structure built way back when in the 1990s, which is right in the front of a local elementary school + the middle school i went to as a kid. i have so many memories playing on this beloved structure (the "castle" playground, as many called it, i'm sure!) growing up after school in middle school or on the weekends with friends. it was the world's coolest playground in my eyes.

the original playground:


everyone's favorite (mine included!) rainbow slide:


heaven knows i was sad when i found out it'd be torn down (since it had more than it's fair share of wear + tear by the time the 2010s rolled around...lots of broken pieces + parts and it just wasn't safe anymore). but it made my heart so happy when my daddy told me he'd be taking the initiative pulling the community together to raise money to rebuild this beautiful playground to make it last for the next generation of kids to enjoy.

rebuilding finished + ribbon cutting fall 2014:

there are SO many different pieces + parts that went into this process...and i was lucky enough to have my daddy send me his weekly e-mails (of which i read every, single one!) about the latest updates and news on the fundraising and meetings and ideas and oh my goodness just thinking of all the work that went into this/my daddy put into it makes my heart smile knowing how wonderful + dedicated my daddy is and how much he wanted to give back to his community in such a beautiful, magnificent and organized way! using so many of his many talents and skills. and thanks to all of that...we all had a FAB time at our first visit to the (new!) discovery playground on the first mega nice day of this fall, this past friday afternoon.

annabelly with froot loops in tow, because it's much too difficult to play so much on an even slightly empty stomach, obviously

dk + dustin on the whirly twirly

me + belly going down a slide


my all-time favorite part of the park (which i reminded my daddy of and i'm SO glad they put another back in!! i have so so many memories growing up my daddy pushing me on this swing, more than any other part of the park. :) - the tire swing!

BIG slides.

cool kids. (:

sigh. i'm so so grateful for my daddy. he's just wonderful and i love having this mega fun park to enjoy with my niece + nephews + brother + all kinds of people to come. thanks for the awesome park, daddy!

also, here's a quick look at another park my daddy built while i was on my mission that the littles enjoyed once dk + i had to zip off to work and left them to my beautiful mama's loving care (; bonus: this one fits in our very own backyard!

i'm so proud of you, daddy. way to go on a job MEGA-beyond-well done. i love you and can't wait to go back now that it's nice out for you to push me on that tire swing at least 23890128 more times before this summer's through. (:


"Today, Tuesday, September 30, 2014, we dedicate the Discovery Playground to the young people of this and future generations. May they care for their new playground. May it be a safe place for them to play. May they stretch their muscles and their imaginations as they grow and laugh and make memories that will last a lifetime."
-Stephen Kron - President
Discovery Playground Committee

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