Tuesday, May 5, 2015

the weekend the world got smaller.

well you guys, i did it! i hopped on over to the gym (finally!!) on saturday and got in a little baby 1-mile run. hey, 1-mile is better than nothing, right?! baby steps. slow + steady wins the race. etc. (:

also thought it was hilarious that as i was running (on my new favorite treadmills that i found are the only ones that don't force you in the direction of all the tvs pinned on the wall, #winning!) i see a sign off in the distance for "TESTING CENTER". aka...it's actually a center where they test your body fat percentage and all other kinds of health-related nonsense, i'm sure, but it toooootally reminded me of my good old byu days working at the BYU TC! can't wait to get back this fall (;

also a highlight - - it was nice enough (+ little red's finally fixed up enough!) that i opted to give her a ride instead of driving over to the gym.

+get some one-on-one time with my little red
+save on gas money
+closest possible parking spot to gym entrance
+more appreciation for how beautiful the world is as i'm biking through it
+additional working out-ness


plus, isn't she just the cutest!??! she makes that bike rack look good.

oh, little red, the places we'll go this summer (+beyond!). it's good to have you back. (:

also of note - - guess who finally joined the smart phone brigade!? i never thought this day would come....but now it's officially official so watch out, iPhone world. dk has arrived!

okay okay okay. so the smaller than smaller world aspect? just maybe my mtc (missionary training center) companion for my mission was someone named miss maren hirz who just happens to also be one of my great friends who just happens to also be the girl i'm living with this fall back at byu...and just maybe all these boys show up in my singles ward on sunday and i find out they are ALL from where she's from and know her personally!? 

added bonus: one of these boys ALSO just got back recently from his mission to taiwan - - and was in the same mtc group as other best friend micaela anderson!

so, so, stinkin' small. this world! the mormon world. lemme tell ya. you'd better believe that all made my heart so, so happy. i love those girls! #tendermercies

ps anna came in town this weekend (and we actually managed to get a photo together!). just love her albeit quick but always wonderful visits. especially our late-night talks (: xox. can't wait till we're reunited again in june!

this is hilarious. dk has been collecting every single mini cereal box that he has eaten (avg. about 2 per school day) over the past 2 years. this has cumulated in what we lovingly call "the leaning tower of cereal boxes" aka the twin towers (because gravity wasn't exactly working in our favor to make one huge 4-story tower).

so grateful for the panoramic function of the iPhone to capture such goofy (and stomach-twisting) shots like this one:

after the "tiiiimmberrrr!" event of knocking down the boxes once + for all, we enjoyed celebrating tio daniel's birthday (pictured below, center, in osu attire ;) the best way we kron's know how - - 

with a sunday-evening family get-together and a ginormous chocolate cake for dessert!

happy 60th 30th birthday, tio daniel! and a big shout-out to the hostess with the mostest - my favorite mama, who put all of this together and made some delicious party chicken to feed us all. cheers to you, mama! #ilovemyfamily (:

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