Tuesday, June 2, 2015

MAYbe getting a little more caught up? (:

the second half of may was so, incredibly wonderful. probably the biggest highlight was going to kirtland, ohio to participate in a YSA (young single adult) conference with a bunch of young adults from my congregation. it was so fab it deserves it's own post. so that's forthcoming. (;

however, may was incredibly good to me. lots of time at the happiest place on earth (aka the temple)!

getting more into my personal studies of the scriptures...which has been nothing short of an adventure/struggle trying to find out when is the best time/way to study since i've gotten home from my mission. as a missionary, we study personally for an entire hour, every single day. it's part of our daily schedule...the 8 o'clock hour every. single. day. is just that - personal study! and usually focused on the needs of the people you are currently teaching. so now that i've been home, it's been fun exploring when/how/what i should study in the time i have each day. i've found (now at the beginning of june) that my favorite option is just first thing in the early hours of the AM...let's hope this continues because it really is the best way to start my day. i was SO. HAPPY. all day yesterday and i totally attribute that 100% to starting my day off right with some personal study time. (: whee! #thechurchistrue (:

oh! hahaha. this is kind of funny (now that we're past it). our refrigerator BROKE. like, totally died on us. we had to take everything out of our fridge/freezer and throw so. much. food. out. ): but it was really funny for a few days until we got a new one, because we had stuff just sitting on the counter like this:

and to keep things "cooler", we put them on the table, as close as possible to the air conditioning vent below, hahaha. so crazy but, what can you do, right?

dk + i love pretzels. and continued to make funny faces on the daily whenever we were together (;

YUM. strawberries came back in season at bob evans (where i work as a waitress) + you can bet your bottom dollar i got my all-time favorite breakfast the very first day i could - strawberry/banana french toast with whipped cream + extra crispy bacon. (: YUM.

well! the no-fridge-ness lasted a good coupla days...which meant a whole lotta eating out/ordering in for a bit. aka we got bob evan's carry out and lots of bread so we could have lots of strawberry jam (or maybe dk just brought a bunch home to us one night... :) and then we ended up with a shelf just for the jam that we now didn't need any longer. hahaha.

nice + big new fridge!! SO many shelves and way more room than our last one. we kind of love him. (:

went out with a good friend from church, kenji! we tried out the city bbq place that is mega close to where i work, where i think maybe i'd been once in my entire life, haha. it was pretty good, but mostly hilarious because we ran into two people i knew from my past, and ended up chatting with them for a good chunk of time. included among the two - a little boy (like, maybe 9 or 10 years old now) that i waited on as a waitress with his dad ALL THE TIME pre-mish...and he totally remembered my name and came right up to me and said hello and was still as adorable as ever! such a fun little surprise. (: super fun night. (:

ooh. as a member of lifetime fitness, i got some "free lifetime bucks" when i signed up, and some of them i was allowed to redeem at their spa. so, i got a massage (um, second one ever of my life...and by far the best! i would do them more often if they weren't so stinking expensive, probably :) + a manicure!  this is the massage room. loved ittt.

oh! how could i forget! panera lunch dates need to become more of a regular thing this summer with mama + older sister ruth (don't we look so much alike?! ;)

pecanberrysalad + cheddarbroccolisoup. YUM. guys, i love food. hahahaha. #noshame (:

OOOOKAY. and these next few photos just, SLAY me. please forgive my awkward faces but i wanted to capture what it's really like when little a (niece) + i take any kind of photos together....she looks over at me and then tries to mimic the same face i'm making!!! hahaha she is the abbbbsolutteeee cutttesstttttt! i love having a niece! (:

(please note in the following photos, she is doing exactly whatever i was doing in the previous photo hahaha. just barely a little bit delayed. so adorable!)


also. i can't hardly handle her little ponytail! haha this is how they greeted me when they both came back inside after picking up dustin from preschool. (: (: best. hug. ever.

went to support daddy rocking it out at the byu management society scholarship banquet! just love my beautiful parents, inside + out (:

they told me the other day they always used to look at me and wonder who i look like? hahaha because anna + dk clearly look like mama, and ruth clearly looks like daddy. but they could never figure out who i look like, haha. what do you think? (:

(society banquet in the founder's club suite! #sofancy)

i also grew to love pernambuco/recife/brazil a little bit more! AKA JOKE i love everything about all of those like, crazy exponentially more with every passing day. (: it's no coincidence that my favorite t-shirt is the recife public school uniform t-shirt...there's nothing wrong with that, right? (:

mmmm. i'm such a foodie! hahaha. but went to cheesecake factory to celebrate church friend melissa's bday with a bunch of church friends! so, naturally i have a photo of the cheesecake i ate (SO YUM, the 30th anniversary cake), and not of all the people there, haha. but also on the awesome side of things - i decided to buy a piece of cheesecake to go for the fam on my way out the door, and the guy working behind the counter gave me a survey to fill out + receive a $10 e-gift card for cheesecake factory! i did it and it was the best + easiest + sure to be most delicious $10 i ever did earn.

dk showed me (in the wee hours of the night) how awesome he is at computer animation and i just love seeing every single thing he does to stretch his brain. he's such a smart kid! and so crazy creative. and also hilarious (:

templetempletempletemple. my week's just not complete without it! i love how beautifully white + beautiful + inviting the front doors look in this photo. (: so symbolic and i love it!

ooookay. so reality hit in that in order to be ready for my 3 half marathons coming up this fall...i've gotta officially start training like, IN LESS THAN 3 WEEKS. oh my haha reality hit pretty hard. guess i should start running more, yeah? (;

i wasn't feeling running and little red was calling my name so i opted to take a 10-mile exploration ride through my beautiful dublin, ohio...and then give you guys an inside look on how hilariously awkward/difficult it is to try and take a selfie with your fixie. (you're welcome ;)

sigh. she looks just so beautiful all by herself, doesn't she though? (:

celebrated a couple from our stake (large grouping of church congregations) going off to serve as mission president + wife in SOUTH KOREA FOR 3 YEARS! so so excited for them! i loved each of my 3 mission presidents + their wives (they take care of and teach a group of about 150-250 young + single adult missionaries at any given time that are called to the mission they have been called to preside over). they'll be awesome and south korea is lucky to have them!

i got a little artsy one day. that's all.

and then life returned to normal and dk + i worked some more shifts at bob's together. (;

finished off may the best way possible - skipping two of my favorite missionary companions, (sister) maren hirz + (sister) caroline rodrigues! these two ladies taught me so, SO stinking much. i'm so grateful for them and everything they each taught me, each just in 6 short week's time. (:

life is so great. and i just love laughing and technology that makes it possible to Skype in an instant halfway across the usa (ohio ---> washington) or the globe (ohio ----> brazil). life is so good. just like so, so good.

thanks for being so good to me, may. here's to june! (:

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