Tuesday, June 9, 2015

sarah's secrets to an awesome run in 5 photos or less.

step one. psych yourself up for a good run by turning up your favorite music on your iPod while you sing + have a dance party in your favorite workout outfit before heading outside (note: dance party photos not included :).

step two. sometimes it's necessary to get away from life for awhile, so if you're close to home (and feel safe doing so), leave your phone behind for a little bit so you can "unplug" fully and let yourself run freely in the great outdoors. bonus: find a penny face-down on the ground, pick it up, + make your own luck. :)

step 3. wear something that reminds of you an awesome race/workout day. i love this hat because it's the one i bought at my first-ever half marathon that i ran in layton, utah in 2011. i over-trained (because i initially wanted to run the full marathon because i'm crazy but i got a little injury so i had to back down to the half instead of the full), but that ended up being awesome because i totally rocked out that half marathon and it was one of the best races and definitely the most meaningful one of my life to date.

step four. remind yourself that even on days you may have a bad workout, or you may not have run as fast as you wanted to, you gotta keep an eternal perspective. because one bad workout doesn't define you. you'll have many more runs in the future and you just gotta remind yourself of the awesome runs you've had and think about your potential in the future and how there's always another day ahead. oh, and when all else fails, just think of the things that make you happy, like (for me!) the temple. :)

step five. regardless of how you're feeling post-run, just remember: YOU DID IT. you totally rocked out even that little out-and-back 2-miler. so you deserve any/all kinds of superstar recognition or celebrations like mirror selfies or doughnut-eating or anything else equally awesome.

sigh. you guys, today was such a good day. and i had SUCH a good run, too.

here's to tomorrow! :)

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