Monday, September 14, 2015

going back to the wild, wild west!

after many tears, and quite a few "see ya later"s...

i packed up my pretty big blue + attached little red to the back, got quite teary-eyed myself (especially saying bye to mama ):

and daddy + i headed off to the west!

we drove the first half day (wednesday) from dublin, ohio --> champaign, illinois (okay, just barely beyond that) but you bet your bottom dollar that we stopped in to visit our favorite tv news reporter, anna carrera! (:


the second day (thursday) was a long one! champaign illinois ---> cheyenne, wyoming. before arriving at our destination for the night, however, we stopped for dinner + snapped a photo with a pretty sunset behind us in kearney, nebraska...

and also stopped for our last gas station fill-up of the day (night) quite literally in the middle of NOWHERE (they proclaimed it, not us!) aka sidney, nebraska (just in case you wanted to go visit or something).

that morning, i caught daddy free-wheeling (aka zero-braking) it across the parking lot on dear little red...

...and we really got to take in the big W I D E expanse of cheyenne from outside our hotel. so vast + pretty!

day three (friday) WE DID IT! we made it from cheyenne, wyoming ---> provo, UTAH! and it was a wee bit windy outside, lemme tell ya.

bYu i'm baaaacckkk!!! :D

we even managed to pick up a little hitchhiker on the way to provo (literally a real tumbleweed! #hilarious)!

we stopped by my new house (apartment within the house) and got most of my luggage out of the car and into our basement apartment. then it was off to do a few little errands and we headed up to american fork to visit some longtime family friends, the rellafords!

beautiful lorilee and barry were kind enough to let me keep way too much some of my stuff in storage at their house for the past 2 years while i was out of the state/on my mission. bless their hearts!! the weight of those suitcases/rubbermaid containers were no joke whatsoever!

we went to in-n-out (daddy's first time!!) for dinner and then zipped off to the meservey's (family friends, as well...seriously #reasonsyouguysshouldmovetoutah ;) where daddy + i stayed to chat for a bit before i peace out to come "home" to all my luggage all over the place...

...and started to think about where everything might go in my new room. (: ps reusable bags - how did i ever travel before i had them!?

saturday morning, i picked daddy up at meservey's and we headed over to byu campus to check out some of the awesome changes they've made since may 2013, and after our bookstore visit, we managed to snap a selfie with my favorite mountain in the background! #ymountain

we then headed off to the airport, where we said some more see-ya-laters + before i knew it, he was on his way back i started a new chapter of my life in the very place that my heart has been calling me back to for quite some time. 

thank you so so much daddy for making yet another trek across the country with me (trip #3 to date)! i love you so, stinking much. <3 <3 <3

+ here's to new beginnings! (:

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