Sunday, September 13, 2015

my endless summer in 200 photos or less (part 2 of 2)

i've literally had the world's best summer.

so here it is, continued! (:

this summer, i:

took two of my favorite kiddos on an auntie date to some park in downtown columbus

their favorite part = climbing the big tower!

and posing for pictures with me, duh (;

sent off a bff for two years (rodolpho!) who i met in the last ward (church congregation) i served in on my mission. chile is so lucky! #seeyaintwoelder

headed off to the BEACH for the first time in 2 years!!

:D :D :D :D

mini golf = necessary family beach tradition

also, big hats.

went running on the beach!

played FOOT GOLF for the first time in my ever life.

ate brazilian food!!!! and spoke portuguese and basically it was the best meal of the trip for me. thanks again mama + daddy for dishing out the big bucks for that meal!!!! <3

had some awesome late night talks with my bff.

tried re-creating a photo like this one from the summer pre-mish (2013)

post-mish (what's different?! ;) 2015

bought a selfie stick! and used it way less than i thought i would, hahaha.

came home from the beach and discovered the amazing ESTILO BRAZIL (aka brazilian market) with a friend!

and ate some delicious feijão and ate some delicious (my favorite on the mission!!) cookies and man i love brazil. <3 #parasemprenomeucoração <3


and also celebrated my best friend's bday!

HOW ARE YOU 17 already!?

<3 <3 <3 #siblove

discovered my new favorite salad...peaches, strawberries, goat cheese, lettuce base, pecans, with colonial (poppyseed) dressing! all kinds of levels of YUM. #thankyoubobevans

was feeling so brazilian that i tried to make macarrão da panela de pressão (aka pasta in the pressure cooker)...and it EXPLODED. aka spouted out of the steamer release and i screamed and scared mama #oops hahaha sorry mama!

witnessed the beautiful sealing of my prima, liesen + her husband, ryan!

^^this is my favorite kinda train^^

partied + danced with my favorite girls (only missing mama!)!

went bowling and almost even won! i broke 100 the first time. daddy, you should be proud. (;


my beautiful big blue. (: i literally spent more hours than i want to ever admit to in searching for the perfect, used car for me. and i found him!!!, a 2.5 hour drive north of where we live. mama is such a champ for making the trek up with me!! couldn't have done it without you mama. <3 also, prayers are toooootally real and answered, just in case you didn't know. (: #sharegoodness

had a fun week hanging out with my favorite mama while the boys were at band camp!

including witnessing her being the best seamstress this world has ever seen. literally. my mama's amazing! #somanytalents (: <3

went with a friend to tour the new JAMES cancer hospital at osu!

got some awesome panoramic shots #thankyouiphone6

this is my absolute favorite. i love columbus! (also, go buckeyes!)

hung out with my favorite FIVE-year-old. <3 <3 isn't he the cutest!?

hung out with EMILY some more. i just can't get enough of this girl. or delicious crepes. <3

was lucky enough to go to the temple with my mama and her 3 sisters...reunited and in the temple together!! that must be the best thing ever. <3

RESCUED DK FROM BAND CAMP. (just kidding he LOVED it.)

and so did my favorite (+ most patriotic) chaperone, daddy!

we love re-creating photos! left from circa 2008, right from 2012 (his freshman year), and...

from 2015! our last band camp ever!! #weird. also, he's grown a lot in 7 years!!

hung out some more with my favorite littles (not pictured but still one of my favorites: baby lo)

got a new phone case to always remind me to be happy. (:

okay obviously i had to temple it up in ohio with emily one last time before heading out to utah!...where we now live even closer to each other than we did when we lived in ohio. haha #ohwell

hung out with my favorite sibs (ruth took the photo!) and twinners! (which autocorrect always wants me to change to "winners!" which they are also, so i guess that's okay ;)

celebrated my mama + tia rury's birthdays!

hung out with my favorite niece <3 <3 <3 #lovethisgirl

hung out with my axel-oupo! chilean cousins 5ever <3

took some adorable mama-son photos (sorry ruth, i sent you only one but i can't resist posting more!!! #toocuteforwords)

said "see ya later!" to my kirtland road trip crew at church my last sunday in ohio!

had one more summertime auntie date with each of my favorite bigger littles.


and tried to take a selfie with all four of my favorite littles! #success #wellatleastkinda

said "see ya later" to some of my longtime friends

played monopoly (FINALLY!) with my grandma + dk + cassidy!

enjoyed playing the role of chauffeur a wee bit, too (;

enjoyed my last evening in ohio with my favorite little brother and some yummy DQ soft serve cones.

man. this summer has been probably literally the best of my life. i am so, so blessed.

thanks summer (aka january-august 2015) for being so crazy awesome to me. aka everyone that was a part of it. you guys are the best.


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