Tuesday, September 15, 2015

summer vacation!: UTAH EDITION.

so! thus began my journey (again) at byu! saturday was filled with lots of cleaning up/getting organized/etc. then sunday i jumped right into meeting people in my new ward...like new bff, liana! we are literally the same person haha. basically we just clicked and most of the time when i'd say something about myself she'd say "me too!" and vice-versa. don't you love making awesome new friends? :)

we became such fab friends that we decided to go for a run together monday morning. starting the week off right! (note: i RARELY agree to go running with other people, so clearly this is a sign that i must like her a whole lot)

also this photo would not rotate for the life of me...who knows why haha. but this was my breakfast of choice pretty much all week long thanks to lorilee giving me some yummy bread when i went to pick up all my luggage at her place. peanut butter + bananas + honey = meant to be. <3 

i was so, so happy to finally make it back out to this temple. the last time i was inside was in august/september of 2013, when i was still in the mtc getting ready to go on my mission. still as beautiful + wonderful as ever. (:

#ilovetoseethetemple (:

i loved catching up with old friends all week! even ones who are now even farther away from me than they were when i was in ohio (#oops haha) but it was awesome to chat with mir + kat (old roommates x byu pre-mission!).

enjoyed some yummy hawaiian-themed breakfast foods (thinking of my hawaiian-loving mama + daddy!) with my new friend from the ward, spencer on byu campus.

met up with one of my bffs from my mission in brazil - sister (hannah) hartvigsen!! crazy/long story short - we only met and chatted for all of like, 5-10 minutes in recife (brazil), one time, while we were both there serving as full-time sister missionaries...but we instantly clicked and both felt like we had known each other before or something!! love moments like that. and especially when you both get back from the mission and get breakfast at a cute cafe in salt lake city + sit + chat to your heart's content while eating yummy omelets. (:

bonus: the cafe was connected to the cutest little bookstore where we found some awesome inspirational books!

"BE PATIENT. the world is arranging itself."

"if isn't that your heart wants too much. It's that your heart knows how much is possible."

love it. love her! also loved seeing + catching up with micae for the first time in almost 3 years! #crazystuff

as well as another bff from the mission (mtc), sister sydney (squidney) thompson! love that little red-haired beauty. and double love the fact that she lives so close to me now! also pictured: other mission bff morgen (sister kohtz) aka from my mtc group too. love little mini reunions! but morgie lives with me so we have reunions on the daily. (;

one of the biggest highlights of the week for sureee was catching up with longtime friend jared (one of my beatles bffs from sophomore year!) and his WIFE, breanna, + BABY BOY, logan!! #lovethatname #notthatimbiasedoranything (;

this is big news because when i left on my mission, the two of them (jare + brea) were only dating...and now they're a family of three!! ah, happiest of days. and even happiest (happier?) when they invited me to go hiking with them in big cottonwood canyon to donut falls!

little logan getting ready for the hike:

and i'm just gonna stop typing and let you enjoy the following photo montage of the beautiful hike (under 3 miles out + back, i believe):

(i just love this one because the sign clearly says "DO NOT PROCEED BEYOND THIS POINT" and there are like, tons of people behind it and climbing all over the waterfall. haha #oops!)

the falls!!

the "donut" part of donut falls.

inside the cave ("under" the donut):

#selfiewithawaterfall (;

cute little lo all bundled up on the way back to the car!

a waffle-designed tree stump that reminded me of my favorite waffle-loving little brother, dk! #thisonesforyoukid (;

okay, this is easily the most hilarious photo of the day, hahaha. looks like jared is trying to make a run for it with baby lo in tow. #hilarious!

sigh. i love utah, you guys. (:

i ended my summer vacation doing somethings i love most, like baking! i made the goal of baking + cooking one new thing each (so, two things total, haha) every single week. so far week 1 = whole wheat bread (recipe found via food.com), which oh my goodness was kind of time consuming, haha. but made for two loaves of delicious bread to last quite some time!


check out how pretty they turned out! it was like, an all-day kinda thing (kneading then leaving them to rise, then kneading again and letting them rise, etc. etc. etc.)...but totally worth it! i cut slits in one of the loaves and i think it made it look cooler (thanks to whoever suggested that!).

and me, the last night of my "endless" january-august summer vacation...showing off my yummy fresh-baked loaves!

and i had to take another photo (duh) because i didn't have my apron on that i used most of my cooking time from my dear grandma adelina! thanks to mama for giving it to me. (:


i had so so so much fun this summer in ohio, it was seriously the best.

 but i cannot lie, i love being back in utah. it's just where i'm supposed to be right now.

#chooseyourloveandloveyourchoice (:

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