Wednesday, September 16, 2015

week one @ byu!

so, just like that, summertime ended and SCHOOLTIME began! + byu even decided to be extra awesome this year (what else is new?!) and for the first time starting this semester, the regular student parking costs $60/semester so they can fund free bus transportation for all students that live relatively close to campus - aka us! so morgie + i hopped on board before 8am monday morning and headed off to school with a bunch of our fellow cougar bffs.


the bus pulling away from the stop - just past the wilk! right in the middle of campus. love it.

my first day was complete as i headed over to my home away from my apartment...aka the byu testing center! how i love that place. i love the people i work with (most of which have already graduated by now, but that's okay, more new friends to be made, right!?), i love my supervisor (even though she's retiring), i love seeing everyone i know on campus (even though, you know, most of them have graduated by now, too). it's okay though! new beginnings, right?! #istilllovemyjob hahah (:

bonus: seeing micae leaving the tc as i walked in!

okay but really, let's be honest, the BIGGEST and best part of this day was when i was sitting in the grass, minding my own business during my lunch break with my bff emily (pictured below) (also i didn't realize that i was actually supposed to be in class at this moment...i had mixed up my schedule in the anticipation of the first day or something #oops)...AND I GET A FACEBOOK MESSAGE FROM THE BYU STORE THAT SAYS:

basically i just about died and started rolling around in the grass (okay, maybe slight exaggeration, but i was really really excited, okay?!) and couldn't hardly believe that seeing the textbook giveaway advertisement in the bookstore ----> me checking out their facebook page for details about the giveaway ----> my commenting on the byu store's facebook page saying how much i was grateful for my daddy financing my education pre-mission ----> me WINNING the giveaway!!! ahhhh free textbooks! like, ended up making it so i could actually BUY my books (instead of renting them!) which was like an over $300 value for me, thanks to my switching my major from theatre education ----> english teaching. AH. seriously. biggest tender mercy of my like, EVER life! ahhhh. Heavenly Father SO totally knows us and answers prayers and knew how poor i was/am. hahaha. thank you thank you thank you! #bestfirstdayofschoolever

...and emily was lucky enough to be by my side the entire time! can you just tell a little bit how excited i was?! this was like a half hour after i found out hahaha.

!!!!! i still can't believe i am so lucky/blessed/etc. tender mercies you guys, SERIOUSLY.

okay so the day just was a great first day back. i love byu, i love my job, i love free textbooks, and i got to see my favorite tc supervisor, linda! yayayayayay (:

extra bonus: face timing my bff from back home for a bit! man i miss this kid. <3 <3 <3

okay. the rest of the week was pretty fab, too. (: i mean...when this is in your sights every single can you honestly complain?!

#lovethemmountains <3

tuesday i had a lunch date with my first trainer/mission companion in michigan!! homegirl taught me everything i know (including dealing with me and all my slang terms i needed to work out of my vocabulary as a young missionary hahaha...sorry about that girl! ;). i was quite the handful at the beginning of my mission. she put up with me and made me feel so awesome about myself and just loved me and taught me so, SO much. love you sister (christa) cutler!

our mountain view...pretty sure we were both blind by the time we went back inside after lunch because it was so bright out hahah.

and our matching rings! an awesome guy (roy) that we taught and became really good friends with in our area in michigan bought him + us + his wife all matching-ish rings so we're all linked together. (: (: (: love them. love christa. love those rings!

so, i continued being domestic (or trying to be) by making ruth's/the dowling's delicious crock pot white chicken chili (via recipe here). absolutely DELICIOUS and lasted me a good week (just about 6 portions total!). my new favorite thing (which i need to remind myself so i do it again, hahaha) is to make a crock pot meal at the beginning of the week, so then i have dinner every night of the week that i just need to heat up + eat! most weeks there's a dinner activity or something/i go out to eat with friends so i really only need about 4 dinners/week or so...and the other times i can invite people to eat my meal with me (like i did twice this week). so much yum!

okay the photo doesn't do it'll just have to take my word for it. (;

it looks better in a bowl anyway (as i've half-eaten it all before taking a photo...i guess i was a little hungry? hahaha :)

guys i love my campus. #enoughsaid #thosemountainsthough

friday was a fabulous end to the school week where, after falling in love with all my classes (once i changed my schedule around a little bit) i was able to drive up to bountiful to see bff debbie (who went on a mission to indiana but it got split and she ended up serving in OHIO instead!) who i lived with for the two years before my mission. we went to the bountiful temple together to kick off my utah temple tour and it was a wonderful experience. (: the celestial room was by far the prettiest i have ever seen in my entire life. mama + daddy when you guys come to visit next, we'll do a session there together, deal? (:

those panoramic shots are no joke...#sopretty!

deb + i in front of the temple: the time we walked out it was dark but still pretty! (:

so it was too late for chipotle (closed by 10pm on a friday night?!)...insert sad debbie face here. hahaha. but we made up for that the following week which i'll get to in the next post. (; we made up for it by going to YOGURTLAND for my first time in OVER TWO YEARS. THIS IS A HUGE DEAL.

can you tell how excited i was!??!

#reunitedatlast! i mean debbie + i but obviously i also mean the world's best froyo + i, as well <3 (;

taken after we (aka i) had already destroyed our (my) masterpieces...i was too excited to remember to take a photo or something, i'm sure.

love bff debbie! so great to hang out with her for a bit before she zips off to ENGLAND for grad school!

saturday was grocery day (yay!) and i got some more of my favorite snack (next to dark chocolate covered raisins) at my favorite store in orem (sprouts!)

then that night was my mtc district's REUNION! aka: hang out with my bffs from the mission (most of whom i already live with hahaha) + eat yummy brazilian food + speak portuguese + reminisce a bit + laugh a whole lot. <3

so here's us (our mtc district) in august 2013:

aaaand here's those of us from our mtc district that showed up!
from L-->R: irmão (eric) smith (one of our teachers in the mtc, the one who threw the party), sister (morgen) kohtz, sister (kalyn) moore, sister (maren) hirz, me, elder (andrew) dimmick, + elder (chip) denton!

...but we couldn't stay cute and serious for long (;

us with some of the other missionaries that irmão smith taught while he worked at the mtc!

also, sister hirz + i took advantage of the opportunity to take an awkward photo (i'm a sucker for re-making photos hahaha). here's the original from august 2013:

and our attempts at re-making awkwardness, at it's finest:

but in the end, we tend to settle for cuteness anyway. yay for being able to hug now!

roadtripped (the like, 5 minute drive haha) back to drop these kids crazy to think just over 2 years ago we were all in the mtc spending most of our waking hours learning portuguese together, and now we can speak/joke around fluently together in that same language! and also we all love brazil even more now. (: 

kalyn + i snuck off to get some froyo together (the addiction is already coming back...#help!) and we had a great time catching up. man. i am so so grateful for all the awesome people i met on my mission!!! #seriouslysoblessed

ended the week/started the next week in the best possible way - going to church and then seeing some of my favorite ohioans in the evening! page is officially a utah resident now so it was great to chat with her + emily (always, duh!) and take more selfies than are socially acceptable but we don't care. really. (:

sigh. week one of byu and week two officially of being in utah. guys. I LOVE IT HERE. <3 (:

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