Monday, October 26, 2015

good friends + s'mores cookies.

this weekend, i'm super extra grateful for great friends.

liana + i realized that we hit our 2 month anniversary of being best friends this past thursday! aka we met that first night i was doing laundry here at the plum house in the laundry room (and over the course of the next 24 hours we came to find out we had a lot more in common than is probably normal for most people to have in common with someone they've barely met). so we count that as the first day of our best friendship. happy 2 months to us! so crazy to think that someone i didn't hardly know 2 months ago i now consider one of my very best friends. life's great like that. (:

saturday morning i had lots of fun out with one of my great friends from the mtc, lauren watts (previously sister mcmurray!). we met because we were both always going to the vending machines at the end of each night (#guilty hahah :) and bonded over our mutual love for pretzels. this sweet girl went on her mission to germany and i'm so glad we were able to reconnect when we returned home from our missions! she's a fabulous photographer and we had lots of fun shooting some photos up in rock canyon. (:

also, the temple is wonderful. you know, in case you didn't know already. (: received some great personal revelation while there. i love, love, love the temple!

a couple of weeks ago, when my brazilian friends daysa + davidson came into town, i met one of their friends (who is also from recife!) named tiago, who's currently going to byu. we became friends pretty fast and saturday night we went to the marriott center on campus for the broadcasting of the multi-stake young adult devotional with elder m. russell ballard, a member of the quorum of the 12 apostles. basically it was so awesome and exactly what i needed and the church is so true i can hardly handle it sometimes. (: probably one of my favorite parts was when he invited all of us to go somewhere where we could be alone and take some time to have a personal interview with ourselves. i've since done that and it is mega clear what i need to do/what my focus needs to be in my life right now. moral of the story: i am so so grateful for inspired leaders! and answers to prayer. (:

post-devotional, we bought some ingredients to make s'mores cookies (recipe found here) for my ward choir members on sunday! #1 lesson learned from this experience = i need to buy a mixer. blending butter and brown sugar and flour (+ etc.) all by hand was a LOT of work, hahahah. but you learn as you go, right? (: but it all worked out + they turned out super cute + yummy!

before putting them in the oven (you place each one on a graham cracker):

right out of the oven (nice and exploded like normal s'mores with marshmallows in the middle!):

yum yum yum. they were a BIG hit (re: i made about 4 dozen and all that are left are 2 at present). highly recommend it, especially if you love s'mores as much as i do. (:

sunday was so, so great. church was wonderful, my talk went well (thanks to lots of preparation + mostly just the guidance of the holy ghost, 100%!), and i just always love having choir after church. (: came home and facetimed two of my favorite boys before going over to a friend's house to (share some remaining s'mores cookies and) hang out and go to ward prayer.

scripture for the week (this week + last): alma 37:6: "now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold i say unto you, that by small + simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise."

+ with that as my guide, here's to a week of more focus on the small + simple things! (:

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  1. Totally have that scripture written on my mirror in my bedroom and also don't worry I won't tell Dustin about the fact that he's not one of your favorites 😂lol but he's starting to read so be careful wheat you write!! Ps.... I missed our FaceTime Sunday! I'll call you this Sunday!


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