Tuesday, November 3, 2015


heeeeyyyyy! i love halloween. and this was my first time celebrating since 2012! so it was pretty fun, to say the least.

started the week off right on monday with my huge FHE group with some pumpkin carving! #checkoutthoseguts

i have to say ours wins the most genuine award...liana drew (+ then we attempted to carve out) her portrait of me! can't you see the resemblance? (;

needless to say, it was a little hard to carve out eyelashes + hair on a pumpkin, hahah (sorry, liana!). so we (i) improvised. i can't say we loved the outcome but hey, it's the thought that counts, right? (; #pumpkinfail

bonus: the moon + clouds were extra pretty (and halloweeny-spooky!) that night:

tuesday i broke out a scarf for the first time in awhile and learned that the easiest way to dress-up a super comfy sweater = scarf, earrings, + a cute headband (special shoutout to mama aka #thefashionqueen who i'm sure over the years bought each of those accessories for me)!

i was a proud bff tuesday night. liana went to hip hop club in her piñata costume (we made ours together) and WON FIRST PLACE in the costume contest! ignore the fact that there was only one other person in the competition...hahaha. she woulda won regardless!

reason #328190 why i love fall/halloween? THESE TREES. seriously, can't get enough!

my favorite tree on campus (right in between the hfac + wilk):

i received an adorable halloween card in the mail from all my favorite littles (thanks ruth!!):

and then saw a sign at the bookstore that reminded me of the mama of all those littles (; hahah this is for you ruth!

this was a fun week for making new friends/randomly seeing some old ones on campus! like shelby taylor from my old home ward wayyyyyyy back when. we ran into each other picking up our test scores for our portuguese (me) and spanish (her) language exams! so crazy that now we're returned missionaries. time flies!

((those leaves. those clouds. those mountains. <3))

(note: i love these colors but i also love this building! byu testing center holds a special place in my heart...i can say that because i've worked there for quite a few years and love it and all my memories associated with it. i promise i'm not crazy ;)

almost freaked out a bit (not sure if in a good or bad way) when i saw what WEDNESDAY'S WEATHER WAS GOING TO BE (!!!!). today is tuesday and if it snows tomorrow i just might scream for joy! #ilovethecoldseasons (:

more pretty scenery (so i can remember how much i love fall/winter to get me through the spring/summer that i don't love quite as much):

you guys! i have a visiting teacher! she's wonderful and her name is erin and she's single (; and awesome in every way. her visit was just what i needed. i have such a testimony of the power of teaching and loving the people around you. i love the visiting teaching program + making new friends. (:

thursday was a big shopping day for li + i...AND LOOK WHAT WE FOUND AT WAL-MART! #christmasiscoming!!!

friday was another wonderful day. a BUNCH of people on byu campus (i did not take enough photos!) were all dressed up for halloween! i ran into katie (we were team teachers for a couple of TMA classes before our missions and haven't seen each other in over 2 years!!) and we chatted a good long while. note: she's also single (;

arguably my favorite group costume (mostly because it reminded me of dk):

they were running around with (i think?) mario kart music playing on a hand-held speaker of some sort and people were popping their balloons. absolutely creative and hilarious and i may have chased them around a bit to get a good vid of them to send to dk (;

okay, remember monday night's pumpkin carving festivities? well, i resolved to finally roast some pumpkin seeds, and it was pretty simple, just kind of time-consuming. used the recipe here and kept them in the oven for probably about 12 mins per baking sheet.

YUMM. why didn't i bring any to campus with me today!? i know what i'm eating when i get home. (: (: (: #sotasty!

friday night was dk's last football game (for marching band) and daddy was nice enough to think to FaceTime me so i could watch! it's so crazy how fast dk is growing up. although i do have to admit i'm excited for him to come out to visit me in the spring!!!

once homework was done and football-watching, too, liana + i put on our costumes and jumped to about 3 different parties with her friend, jackie. the first one we went to was probably my favorite, it was pretty much over and there was a band playing and they asked if any of us wanted to sing along as they played "let it be." UM. DUH. YES. PICK ME. it was great. (:

then (after some driving/dancing/other parties later) we got home and i realized i hadn't really shown anyone our awesome homemade piñata costumes (directions found here), so we did a little mini photo shoot to show them off our last time wearing them together (and to show how tired we were ;)

us with jackie!

saturday was finally actually HALLOWEEN! + we definitely celebrated it in style. i went on a double date with morgen + her fiancé (i was with the fiancé's roommate) and we all got along so well and laughed a lot and carved pumpkins and ate donuts + drank apple cider and well...halloween just doesn't get much better than that!

we each picked out a stencil (i'd never done a pumpkin this way before but i actually really loved it!) and then got to carving! note: i don't recommend carving a pumpkin only with sharp kitchen knives. for future reference, especially for the smaller cut-outs, a real pumpkin carving knife will make things a lot easier (;

the lovebirds with their minions:

michael + i with our "the office" themed pumpkins (he had jim, i had dwight):

and now for some close-ups!



((and in the dark, too, duh))

my dwight:

michael's jim:

spencer's minion:

morgen's minion:

happy pumpkin family:

yay! lots of awesome halloween fun this week. (:

 ((even if no one could guess what my pumpkin was, i knew what it was and i was proud. haha :))

hope your halloweek was awesome, too! (:

+ now only 51 days till CHRISTMAS! :D

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