Sunday, April 26, 2015

dk is EXCELLENT! + yet another awesome series of events.

i love weekly temple trips. this is a tradition that is more than going to continue once i make it back out to utah! especially with cute little rachel olsen (remember her from here?).

also, dk was recognized at dublin scioto high school's annual "celebration of excellence" - aka the night where each faculty member chooses a student that has stood out to them for some awesome reason (note: i never got the award. but that's okay! i'm not bitter or anything! ;).

anyway. dk was recognized by one of the vice principals, who started the year as his science teacher. here's what she said:

"There are students that stand out, not only because of academic gifts, but also because of their charisma. Daniel has impressed me as one such student. Daily, Daniel inspires me with his enthusiasm for life, for school, for friends, and for pure excellence. He has a motivational smile that will light up any room and goes out of his way to turn any frown upside down. I truly admire Daniel and wanted to recognize him today as an inspiration!"
-Dr. Julie Blevins, DSHS Vice Principal

so, there you have it. dk's a winner! as though we didn't already know. (: ps can you spot him + his awesome swoopy hair in this awkwardly awesome close-up i tried to take?

or this one? where he looks just, so much like a musician, it's not even funny. it's just 100% real.

aaaaand the award goes to...!!!

how can you not love this kid!? someone, please try and explain that to me. kthxbye.

so proud of him. (: you deserve it, dk!!

and with his beautiful mama (is this not such a gorgeous photo of the two!?):

and...with me! in his natural state. (;

what did we do to celebrate, you ask? WELL. i think the next day (or sometime there after) we initiated our journey to whiter teeth together! what's better than that, right?!

our pre-whitening experience photos. you know, like, when you do a weight-loss program and you take before/after photos? well..this is kind of like that.

the siblings who use whitestrips and make incredibly awkward faces together, stay together. <3

also in the highlights of these few days - - skipping DAYSA from far, far away in meu querido camaragibe, pernambuco, BRASIL! so, so great to see her and speak shout to each other in portuguese (according to daddy) via facetime! please let me tell you all the reasons why i love modern technology...oh, okay. maybe some other time. but being able to communicate so readily with my loved ones in brazil is definitely in the top 10!

also cool - realizing who my love for running came from! well, maybe! this little photo of my paternal grandaddy arthur kron was just too fun to find at my grandma's house. aka i had seen it so many times by her desk but i finally got a picture of it so now i can have it forever. :)

also exciting for this week...being crushed by my daddy in racquetball! thank you, lifetime fitness, for giving me a handful of free passes for people to workout with me...aka these next two weeks i hope are filled with at least a handful of racquetball adventures with my favorite super-sports daddy! he's seriously so talented with literally every sport he can get his hands on. just as much back in the day as seriously never ceases to amaze me. but i have a goal to be able to beat him in at least one set before these two weeks are up! got it, daddy!? (;

and to round it all off - grandma asked me to dye her hair PURPLE for her, as a super-top-secret kinda deal. that was quite the adventure. (: and now that it's been a couple days, i have her permission to post it on the inter webs (at least i hope so ;). she just told me today that 5 random ladies stopped her at target the other day to compliment her hair! she rocks the purple. not surprised. way to go grandma! (:

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

the marathon twinners are here! the marathon twinners are here!

on april 20th, 2015, at approximately 6am, these adorable little buggers were born - aka my two newest twinner nephews, landon + logan!

the following photos are (1) too cute for words, and (2) just about all of landon, since i didn't get any photos of logan when we first went over, and then after that i'm pretty sure they were only with people holding landon, for some crazy reason (don't ask me why). but any who. enjoy. (:

landon (oldest):

beautiful happy mama/older sister:

couldn't resist - awesome quote from the one + only meb in honor of it being marathon monday (aka patriot's day aka boston marathon day!):

from the second visit of the day, i went back to visit with the boys:

(my favorite landon old man face that everyone calls the "benjamin button"):

cute + caring older brother little d:

landon!! be still my heart.

and obvs my first selfie with one of my new nephews! because, why not? (;

loved this too, too much. marathon monday and twin nephews being more and this quote!? it had mormon runner girl written all over it. (:

what i wore to commemorate the day:

*ruth's 2012 boston marathon shirt (also, blue for boys!)
*the beautiful blue bracelet mama bought for me in the hospital gift shop as we waited to be able to visit ruth + the kiddos during our first visit ("because you need something to remember today!" thanks mama :)
*my sisters ring that ruth got for her + anna + i
*my visitor's tag to visit all my favorites in hospital room #307

also, bonus! the very next morning, ruth sent me + anna a photo of our new favorite breakfast burritos. don't you just want to eat them up!?

but don't do that. because they're babies...not burritos. duh.

Monday, April 20, 2015

the week of FIRSTs.

the FIRST time i burned my hand on a 400-degree oven rack while making pizza for my family.

the FIRST time since i got back from brazil when i decided to eat my pizza with ketchup + mayo because i thought it tasted too dry (*note- this is more than normal in brazil, i promise you! and actually quite tasty.)

the FIRST time i got to see dk perform during the school year at a concert besides just the end-of-the-year concert (he did awesome, ps).

the FIRST time i had to go out in public with my left hand all awkwardly burninated + wrapped up (remember this little incident? yeah, that was my right hand. so this is totally a first, promise.)


the FIRST time i took model-esque photos of my favorite dk post-concert (well, probably the first? who knows? #sophotogenic!)

(love this kid!!)

the FIRST time i (finally!) stopped into my old stomping grounds (re: high school!) + met up with my favorite high school english teacher to discuss volunteer opportunities (#futureenglishteacher #hiremesomedayplease)

the FIRST time little miss mission bff morgen came to visit me and we went to panera then to the temple and then she made me take a photo with a flower outside the temple (there's a first time for everything, right?)

(note: not the first time i've squinted my life away in photos on a sunny day...)

the FIRST time (thanks, morgen!) i tried these chips...(let's just say it hasn't been the last #sotasty!)

the FIRST time i took photos a day after my burn just to see if it was getting better/worse...(note to self: don't burn yourself ever again. it's been over 2 weeks + still have a scar)

the FIRST time i did a zumba class at the gym (note to self 2.0: when it's your first time taking a certain gym class, most certainly do not go in the front row just because you think that being closer will make it easier to see the instructor because in reality you'll end up stage right of her and end up subconsciously backing up to be able to see her properly and attempt to mimic her moves but actually end up almost backing into the kind lady in the row behind you as she gently taps you and asks you to "move up please" so you don't run her over with your awkward first-timer zumba moves...#oops)

the FIRST time one of your regulars (aka someone who comes in and requests you as their waitress) came in and gave me a gift - dark choc covered almonds for my mama because (somehow?!) that came up in our conversation at work and they wanted to buy her + i something to share. so sweet! (: also, delicious. (and also, not the first time my mama is a total babe...#mostbeautifulwomaniknow!)

the FIRST time i finally took the yellow submarine ornament daddy gave me (literally) years ago and put it up hanging from my car's rear-view mirror.

the FIRST time i found a handful of wonderfully inspirational lds photos (mostly from the lds app that looks a bit like this), so, you know, you're welcome. (:

the FIRST time i was asked (+ actually able!) to go visit another (clearfork!) ward with a high councilor and talk about my mission in sacrament meeting (one of the variety quotes i shared = below):

the FIRST time i met anyone in my best friend micae's (future) family...aka her boyfriend's uncle + aunt! aka the bishop + his wife of the ward i went to speak in! #itsasmallworldafterall

the FIRST time i saw my favorite little miss rachel olsen at the singles ward! (note: we may look the same height/age but to give you an idea, i was her girl's camp youth leader when i was in high school!)

the FIRST time i made the very grown-up decision (or so i tell myself) to redecorate my bedroom walls with more spiritually uplifting/motivational things and actually was able to part with my beloved beatles posters that had adorned them for so many years (don't worry paul, that doesn't mean i love you any less. especially because, who could ever forget this?!).

phew. that's a lot of firsts. don't you just love trying new things sometimes? (:
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