Sunday, June 14, 2015

mormons + minor league baseball = awesome!

so sometimes you get to hang out with your nephew (which means getting to see your favorite niece for a quick bit before when you go to pick him up!)...

and basically that just signs you up for a full night of plenty of sweets + snacks + laughs with one of your favorite kiddos in the whole wide world.

um, YES PLEASE. i could do that any day. (:

(ps somehow i thought that us eating ice cream (after he ate his dinner, okay?! i'm not thaaaaat lenient of an auntie, thank you very much ;) would make it so he wouldn't be hungry for any at the game....i guess i forget that 4-year-olds have ZERO limit on their sugary food you will see in the photos to come ;)

the snacks didn't stop once we got to the ballpark, for the 2nd annual mormon night at the columbus clippers, on june 2nd, 2015! (click here to read about last year's inaugural event!)

(and neither did the goofy photos with two of my favorites :)

(he loves selfie time with me....!)

naturally, to keep a 4-year-old entertained at a baseball game (even if he does love sports a whole ton), you've gotta give him some time to stretch his legs and have some fun of his own!

(literally the world's most athletically talented 4-year-old you'll ever meet)

and he just looooved shooting hoops with grandpa, too!

...maybe a little too much? literally just finished the game and then threw himself at gpa just like this for no reason whatsoever. hahahaha #reasonswhyilovedustin (:

chicka-chicka rides are always another favorite (:

(LOVE this one below. :)

remember how i thought his ice cream eating was over for the day just mere hours before...?!

...guess i was wrong. (;

such an awesome stadium! and such a yummy ice cream cone, too. (:

even willing to share with his crazy auntie. what a good kid.

<3 nephew/uncle love <3




okay and #sorrynotsorry for the multi-photo overload here...but i just can't get enough of this grandpa/grandson love + cuteness here (:

#modelshot (:

I LOVE THESE BOYS. that's all <3

it was a fabulous night (even though the clippers may have gotten whooped by the mudhens...but that's okay, we still love 'em anyway!), to say the least. (: lots of fun and running around trying to keep little d entertained until he pooped out finally when we got home a little bit past his bedtime... (;

but no worries because we did the best thing ever to start the next day off right once he got up...

yep, crafts time! i told him july 4th was right around the corner (...kind of!) and we should celebrate by making flags so he got really excited! and we started (and only ended up) making my 2nd favorite - - brazil! :D

the little trooper is not only fabulous at athletics, but also incredibly creatively talented also (in case you didn't know). he insisted on cutting everything without tracing lines or anything before! just looking at the photo i pulled from the internet. #madprops

(okay so, i only helped him i think with the little arc/banner cutting and drawing a star or two. the rest was all pretty much all on his own, though!)

AND THEN he insisted on making a flag pole....totally all his idea. he's SO adorable.

sigh. i love being an aunt. so much fun in so little time. (: can't wait for more summertime adventures like this to come!
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