Sunday, August 30, 2015

my endless summer in 200 photos or less (part 1 of 2)

basically, life just kinda flies right on by when you get home from the mission (or maybe it's just me? no? anyone else?)'s so crazy to think that this was practically how i began this past year (almost 8 months ago now!) in late january 2015:

riding on the plane from recife, brazil --> sāo paulo, brazil --> atlanta, georgia --> columbus, ohio!


i love how everyone usually has really cute photos of them when they first get off the plane from their missions...and mine are all like this, with lots of red eyes on my part (zero sleep/lots of crying hahah) because i was just so so happy to see my family and hold them and hug them all again. (: 18 months is a really long time, you guys.

my "christmas" - my family is awesome and totally kept up christmas decorations inside + outside until i got home like january 21st...bless their hearts haha. made my life so so happy!

so...yeah! i came home and basically i refer to the period of time that i was living at home/working/spending majority of my time with family post-mission + pre-return to byu as "my endless summer". because everything from mid-january on was, in my mind, like a "summer vacation."

so! for the sake of documenting my life before it starts to get crazy (now that i'm back in provo and i'm finally back at byu again starting tomorrow!)'s my mostly chronological endless summer, part 1!

oh, + quick disclaimer: there are literally 99 photos in this post. you've been warned. (;

this "summer" i...

made a brazillian feast (feijāo included, duh!) for my entire extended family in ohio

went to the temple with my mama!

saw THE HUNGER GAMES, #3 with my favorite sibs <3

really became a real returned missionary when i cried all day at church giving my homecoming talk and taking my missionary plaque off the missionary wall! #missionaccomplished #isthisreallife?

dyed my hair! goodbye, sunbleached recife blonde.

was pretty much freezing ALL. THE. TIME. being in 80-degree weather non-stop for like 18 months and then jumping back into a freezing cold ohio winter mid-january will do that to ya.

learned about some hilarious features of my new iPhone 6 thanks to little brother dk.

hung out with my favorite little kids (nephew + niece)!

attended early-morning seminary with my stake seminary supervisor daddy.

hung out went out teaching with these lovely 2 sister missionaries.

took a trip up to new jersey to see some family (aunt connie!),

and also some friends (the shrope's).

enjoyed some long car rides with my favorite backseat partner-in-crime.

pre-long car ride to new jersey, however, dk + i did some top-secret hair-cutting #byebyepoof.

i went running! all by myself!

made one of the best purchases of my ever life: a macbook air.

visited my favorite place on planet earth some more (aka the columbus ohio lds temple)

...continued to freeze...

taught joann (LOVE HER) with the sister missionaries + even had the pleasure of later attending her baptism!!

worked and worked and WORKED at bob evans as a waitress.

had some movie/tv show watching nights with my favorite kid.

witnessed my favorite kiddo share the gospel in the coolest way possible


enjoyed those winter fashions i had missed oh, so much #mirrorselfie #noshame #bunnyphotointhebackground

TEMPLE TRIPS. almost weekly. seriously, best place ever.

enjoyed being the sister of a twin mother-to-be


graeter's ice cream with the family. ain't nothin better. <3


celebrated daddy's birthday with a visit to his work...

and a special "happy birthday mr. carrera!" tv special a la anna carrera (;


enjoyed bff from the mission (we were in the same mtc district) morgen kohtz coming to visit!

saw dk march in the st patty's day parade.

fed ALL the sister missionaries in my ward...and some extra (hungry) friends #thanksforthehelpsaryn

toyed with the idea of cutting off all my hair...


did it! *__*

saw bffs sara and michael HENDERSON #marriedwhileonthemish

had an auntie date with my favorite 4-year-old (:

visited (finally!) the playground my daddy built.

watched general conference, at home, with my family, for the first time in years. #ldsconf

went on a de-stressing bike ride with the bff.

made a new bff! #blessingsofvisitingteaching

celebrated my favorite little girl's 2nd birthday!

had lots of awesome sister time. <3


they're literally the best. (:

ate pizza like a real brazillian #ketchupandmayoanyone?

watched my little brother get not-so-little more and more with each passing day, via band concerts and the like.

went on a temple trip when bff morgen kohtz came to visit again!

became an aunt of TWINS #yay!

watched this kid continue to grow + be EXCELLENT + win an award + etc.

played racquetball with my daddy!

dyed my grandma's hair purple! #totallyheridea

froyo-ed for my first time in almost 2 years with my new bff (:

hung out with these kids more and more.

witnessed the miracle that was dk joining the smart phone club.

also witnessed the creation of (probably) the world's largest mini cereal box tower.

so. many. cereal boxes.

got to know my city a little better via running.


visited the temple....i love this place, seriously.

watched anna carrera rock out her job as a famous tv reporter.

enjoyed splitting a cheesesteak with my daddy.

VISITED MY BFF AT HIS SCHOOL and mostly talked to a bunch of high school english students about my trip to brazil.

had a few movie dates with my favorite movie-watching mama. (:

made memories. (:

fell more and more in love with this quote.

celebrated having the world's best mama on her special day. <3

volunteered at the bishop's storehouse for the first time! #highlyrecommendit


watched my daddy continue to be awesome at byu's management society scholarship awards ceremony.

went to a ysa conference in BEAUTIFUL kirtland, ohio...

with some of my best ohio friends (:

loved little red more and more.

went to a columbus clipper's (minor league baseball) game for their annual "mormon night" with three of my favorite boys.


...#reasonswhyilovethem (:

helped my darling nephew learn to love brazil! #yesssss #hemadethatmostlyallhimself

...please let him get called to serve in brazil in 14 years (; #fingerscrossed #missāobrasilrecife <3

watched my bff go off and be a missionary for a week!!! IN MY SINGLES WARD #whatasmallworld

watched my favorite love birds fall more and more in love with each other, even 365 months of marriage later. <3 <3 <3

witnessed my two newest twinner nephews be blessed by their daddy.

watched this kid continue to amaze me with his incredible lego-building skills.

hosted a singles ward brazilian party!

...aka i made feijāo.

and fell more in love with yummy food!

and made some awesome friends. (:

hung out with my beautiful sisters. <3 <3 <3

MADE A NEW BFF and we went to the temple together.

went for a run in the rain...came home soaked but it was fun. (:

saw "my fair lady" at the ohio theatre for their summer movie series with my daddy! love this tradition. (:

and enjoyed connecting with family from across the country. (:

WOW. okay, it's like really awesome to look back + see all the awesome things i was able to do this past summer...and that's only through like, june 28th! also only the big highlights. lots of other memorable things happened, too, of course. (:

the rest to come tomorrow!

seriously, though...#bestsummerever (:
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