Friday, September 25, 2015

week #2 @ byu!

so so many fun things happening this semester at byu! i need to stop letting it fly by without blogging more often, eh? (;

okay, so week #2 (september 7th-13th) is in the books! here's the run-down of what went down:

a fun FHE service scavenger hunt...aka running around doing service-type things for random people. like singing them happy birthday (please note mare's face haha),

giving them hugs,

running by them and giving them words of encouragement,

leaving nice notes on their windshields,

and in the bathroom,

pushing carts back into the store (as though daddy hasn't already taught me how to do that! ;),

helping them put their groceries in their car,

writing motivating messages on the sidewalk,

and so much more! we didn't win (because we got back too late and also our group was way too huge, hahah) but it was a fun activity nonetheless and we got ice cream sandwiches after so it was pretty win-win, if you ask me.

tuesday was super fab because IT WAS THE FIRST BYU DEVOTIONAL since like, 2013 (or maybe earlier?) for me. i loved hearing the words of president + sister worthen. love them already. love byu. and there's just something about singing hymns with thousands of my closest friends in a that big marriott center that i hadn't been in since august 2013 when i was singing alongside my fellow missionaries in the mtc...weird. (: love that place.

tuesday was also mega adventerous because i got to hang out with/send off deb to england in style! aka she's leaving me for grad school in england (already there as i type this!) so we had to catch up just a wee bit more by hanging out at her old stomping grounds - aka the museum of peoples + cultures! excuse my scary flash face haha. (: 

i loved this sign inside. don't ask me why. (:

also loved getting flavor-ice things or whatever you call them! deb's was super-sized but that's okay i still love her. (:

her with her old boss outside the new (location of the) museum:

of course, no visit with deb would suffice without some kind of delicious food...or something like that. so. i headed over to CHIPOTLE which is my new favorite part of orem! why did it take so long for chipotle to make its way out closer to me, i don't know. but i forgive them because they're there now and that's all that counts.

really, really really excited to be eating a burrito and hanging out with debbie in utah simultaneously. <3


also on our list of things to do: check out the new LSB (life science building) that was built while we were both on our missions (me to brazil, her to ohio! #represent). there are lots and lots and lots of stairs inside...considering the fact that it was built literally on the edge of (the mountain of) campus, that's understandable.

i was really excited when we finally made it to the top.

so so huge + pretty!

also, click on these ones to see how pretty it is, panoramic style:

deb also enjoyed the pretty flowers outside:

the landscaping (especially that waterfall!) makes it so so pretty on the outside!

<3 waterfalls <3

and last (but certainly not least!) on our list of "to visit" places - the new (soonish to be dedicated) Provo City Center LDS Temple!

it is super mega close to where i live now, just like two blocks southwest. so excited to go inside once it is dedicated in january!

we then got super crazy lucky, because there is a huge nuskin building right next door to the temple that has a BEAUTIFUL view from inside...aaaand while we were taking photos outside, a new friend from my ward here just so happened to walk out of the nuskin building (he works there) and ask if we wanted a tour/to see the temple from a prettier angle! um, YES PLEASE. (: thanks ben!!

shots from inside the nuskin building:

debbie <3's the temple.

and i love to see it. duh. (:

after an awesome tour of the nuskin building (SO. BIG.)...

...we headed off to the train/trax station to say our final "see ya laters" so deb could head back up to bountiful and prep for her england excursion. miss you already deb!

wednesday was a huge catching-up success, as i met with my previous theatre advisor, julia ashworth. i've switched my major officially over to english teaching (with a theatre minor), so now she's not technically my advisor anymore. i have loved taking classes from her and being in a show (100 dresses!) that she directed many, many moons ago. she's given me more educational/career/etc. opportunities than i probably deserve. i'm so grateful for her to have been placed in my life + am so happy to have had the chance to catch up with her + talk about missions + all kinds of other fun things. (:

later on, i was able to get froyo with my favorite "arch nemesis" aka leah hodson aka the wonderful girl who played opposite me in "the 100 dresses" many, many moons ago! haha. she was maddie to my wanda. (: what a talented and happy and wonderful girl. i'm so glad we're friends (and both went on missions and were able to laugh about missionary things together over froyo ;).


clearly i need to do a better job at taking photos, because i'm not sure what happened thursday/friday because i have no photos from those days (; haha. oh well.

on to saturday! where we (bff liana, with our canadian friends scott + sam) did my new FAVORITE THING EVER aka eskaped!

basically you're locked in a room/trailer for 45-50 mins and have to find clues and solve puzzles to find the combinations/keys to get you out before your time runs out!

so...we didn't quite "eskape" (hence the fact that we had to hold the sign up upside-down for our photo). but in my opinion, we got close enough for 4 college kids (usually you can have up to 10 people at once!) and i cannot WAIT to do something like that again! #ilovemindgames

extra bonus: being featured on their instagram page! #lifegoalaccomplished

saturday late afternoon/evening was the exciting adventure of going up to salt lake city to the utah brazilian festival with liana, (sister) morgen (kohtz), + (sister) kalyn (moore)! aka the last two ladies are from my mtc district! wahoooo (: #lovethoseladies


+ os mission√°rios! #bestdayever

also loved running into friends from the mission! #miss√£obrasilrecife (:
L--> morgie, kalyn, me, (sister) yasmin (ruiz), (elder) nathan (hendrickson) - one of my zone leaders! twice! haha, and (elder) phil (ribeiro). also, the missionaries. hahaha. (:

i just love brazilian culture and liana's brazilian (+ not so brazilian, haha) friends!

editor's note: the biggest event there seemed to be the music/dancing. to say the least, i still cannot dance like a brazilian hahahah. but i sure tried!

me + li:

the gateway - aka the mall the festival was held at!

ah, yes. saturday was fab. almost as fab as sunday - - but not quite because sunday is pretty much always the best day of the week ever! we had a multi-stake stake conference...and it was awesome! in attendance/spoke:

-elder m. russell ballard (of the quorum of the 12 apostles)
-bishop dean davies (of the presiding bishopric)
-sister linda burton (the general relief society president)
-elder donald hallstrom (of the quorum of the 70)

it was incredible to be back in my favorite marriott center surrounded by THOUSANDS of my closest byu friends! hahah. and to have the honor of morg + spence take selfies on my phone (;

if you use my phone to take selfies...they probably will end up on the blog. you've been warned (;

we had lots of fun! aka we learned a whoooooole lot, at least i did for sure. so awesome.

pictured L-->R: michael's friend, michael, maren, lianna, me, matt, spence, morgie.

i loved getting to Skype my favorite 5-year-old for a bit after the conference (: the highlight of my entire sunday was probably when i was giving him a tour of my new apartment/house and i showed him how i had a piano and he asked me to play something for him! i told him i'd play something if he'd sing along...and i start playing and he goes "that's 'i'm a child of god!'". i smiled and assured him it was, and we both sang the first verse of it together, while i accompanied (top hand only) on the piano. (: what a wonderful memory. i love my dustin boy!! + also making goofy faces with him. <3

closed out my sunday evening the best way i know how - with bff liana! eating free + delicious waffles at matt's (new friend we met at stake conference) house.

life just keeps getting better + better out west. i hope your week was just as fab! (:
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