Wednesday, November 25, 2015

surprise! + home is where my heart is.

i love surprises. especially when anna comes up with awesome ones that include me coming out to ohio for thanksgiving break for the first time since i was still in high school back in 2008!!!

i was extra excited because this was the perfect excuse to use the provo --> salt lake city front runner train! i absolutely love love LOVE to travel, in pretty much any way/shape/form...but train is probably my favorite, with plane 2nd and car 3rd. i've never really really travelled by boat/cruise ship, but hopefully that'll happen someday and i'll add it to the list (;

it was a wee bit cold between my two train rides (provo station --> north temple station was about 70 mins, with north temple station ---> slc airport (on the green line) was about 10 mins). but i was still happy :D

lots of awesome surprises took place, with ruth being the first one! i was surprisingly on the same 2nd flight as drew, so he gave me a ride home and then we (+ anna) surprised ruth at her home (: note: i ended up on the same 2nd flight home as drew (her husband) and he gave me a ride home from the airport. he told ruth just before the video started recording (thanks anna for capturing the moment!!) that she wouldn't believe who was on his same flight...and then the video starts since she couldn't guess who it was... :D

okkkkayyy so HUGE shout-out to drew for all his help/putting up with all of us hanging out at his house for majority of the time this weekend!! talk about best brother-in-law-ever!! thanks again drew (:

pre-movie it was time for surprises round 2: surprising mama when she came over to watch the kiddos!!

then it was off to the theatre to see THE LAST HUNGER GAMES MOVIE: catching fire part 2! it was awesome to be with my sisters and laugh and enjoy such a great end to the trilogy. we finally got to watch one of the 4 movies together, so i consider that a success. (:

#necessaryselfie (:

anna + i hung out with ruth + co. for a bit post-movie/nap/school (and i took a nap for part of that time), and then we headed off to max + erma's for dinner with our favorite mama rica + her friend visiting from chile, veronica!

then it was time for surprises: round 3! visiting my favorite DK down on the farm (:

i love, love, LOVE this kid. there simply aren't words. <3


by the end of the day friday, i was POOPED. to say the least (; so anna + i headed back to ruth's to spend the night since we had an early day the next day....

celebrating ruth's 30th birthday officially as a family!! where surprise 4/4 went off without a hitch, when i surprised daddy coming down the stairs at ruth's house (: he had a busy day friday so i didn't want to interrupt that, but man, it was SO great to hug my daddy again and hear his voice!!! i didn't get a photo with daddy personally but i'm sure we will take some tonight (: ps I LOVE FAMILY TIME. you can bet your bottom dollar more photos than what i'm putting up here were taken (#guilty hahah) but i'm trying to be better at only posting the best so here we go.

I LOVE MY FAMILY. guys. i can't help it. i just love them so much!! haha (:

then the main event came closer and closer: GOING TO THE OSU GAME IN THE 'SHOE (ohio stadium) with my favorite sisters!!!!!!!!!! first time for me + ruth, 2nd for anna :D 

please enjoy the following progression of straight --> curly/messy hair and overall disheveled-ness as the rain came tumbling down....hahahaha.


right out of the car:

outside the jesse owens stadium (that i may or may not have thought from far away was the 'shoe...#embarassing hahahah) because we are the best (pretend) fans in the land!! hahaha

IN THE 'SHOE!!! #bucketlistitemcomplete (ps CHECK OUT THOSE BUCKEYE NECKLACES that ruth bought us!! and the view from our awesome seats that anna bought us!! know. just came along for the ride ;)


pretending we're different ethnicities, but i promise it was just starting to rain and we are still sisters (;

somewhere before halftime:

sometime after the half:

we spent most of halftime and all of the third quarter getting food/eating/going to the bathroom/putting all our warm/rain gear back on....hahahaha. i will never forget standing outside the bathroom like this for 10 minutes while my two big sisters went inside. all those balancing/waitressing skills finally coming in handy! (;

with our awesome osu buckeyes cookies from panera that ruth bought for us!

outside the entrance to our section: 8C!

amazing shot of the stadium!! pc: anna!

sigh. i don't usually repeat photos, but i can't help it. my heart is overfilling with joy. i just love my family!!!! thanksgiving, birthdays, christmas, every day of every year - i am so so stinking grateful for them. if home really is where the heart is, then this weekend it was for sure here 110% in ohio. <3

Sunday, November 22, 2015

friends, food, + three T's that i love.

college life be crazy. aka i have been/am loving and learning and growing so much so far this semester. best semester so far of my entire life...i can't even explain it. lots of thanks go to this awesome bff of mine for taking daily selfies with me and always being there to chat + etc! love you li girl!

ps a sure sign of being bffs = letting her cut my hair/give me bangs (for the first time in over 2 years!). she did a pretty fab job, if i do say so myself!

okay, first T that i have loved in the past month? TECHNOLOGY. between my macbook air + iPhone, i have been able to keep in touch with so so many people i love so so much who live way too far away from me for my heart to be able to handle.

junior (from carmelo/my last area on my mission - just recently celebrated his ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! wahoooo!!!):

mama (who finally got an iphone/facetime!! #bestdayever :)

anna banana favorite tv news reporter sister girl!

miriam (+ her sister kat!! not pictured for some reason, lol oops. byu roommates pre-mish)

ruth + one of her four beautiful babies (pictured: mr. baby lo)

my favorite mama + daddy!

also i just realized dk is the one immediate family member i don't have a screenshot with...hmmm...good thing i'm in ohio now and can get some real FaceTime with him for a couple of days! (:

i love my far away family/friends. but it's also good sometimes to hang out with the locals, right? #reasonswhyiloveprovo

like my intramural ultimate frisbee team (we lost first round of the tournament, but we had fun!). kara is to my left (from my EFY group the one time i went when i was 14 here in ohio) and emily is on kara's left (we met in our YSA ward here in ohio over the summer and went to the temple together a couple of times, love that girl!)

failing at making brazilian pão de queijo (DELICIOUS cheese bread)...but it was fun to make at least (even if they turned out hard as rocks...hahahhaa :)  photo cred: parker burnett (my last zone leader on my mission), on his right = thiago, my brazilian friend (from recife!), and behind him is robert (also served in my mission while i was there!)

ps brazilian dancing (aka "forro" pronounced "foe-hoe") is my favorite kind of dancing. the end!

TESTING CENTER REUNIONNNNN! aka seeing all my bffs at linda's retirement party (she's worked there since she was a student at byu...something like 42 years or something!? i'm going to miss her so much!!)

tc bffs shelly + micae

my beatles bffs from sophomore year living at mountain wood (with their beautiful wives + children!) - jeff to the left of me (with wife reesa, who was also in my ward! and worked at the tc, with their baby reesa and another on the way :) and jared to the right of me (with wife breanna whose sister was in my single's ward over the summer #smallworld + baby logan!)

service date night activities at the wilk are super fun! aka putting together school kits for kids in another country + playing games + coloring pictures to help them learn their ABC's

FHE. something i'm trying to make more of a priority this year (+ hopefully develop a testimony of + continue with it the rest of forever! :)

visiting teaching! also something i'm trying to focus more on because my visiting teacher is the cutest and mostly i love and have such a testimony of visiting teaching. it's awesome! free friends, and friendships that can last a long while. plus, lets be honest, we all need each other in this world.

yum. COOKING. i baked like over 100 pumpkin choc chip muffins recently. and then gave them all away. it was awesome. hahahaha i love baking/cooking! i am loving the challenge i gave myself to bake/cook once a week...i'm learning a ton and loving it more and more. stay tuned for friday for a post about food. (:

 ps just so daddy doesn't think i'm tooootally skipping out on school this semester (; i am LOVING my english classes, especially transatlantic literature. we study basically the best of the best from early american and early british writers and this was an incredible novel. i love reading and the opportunity i have to read and get credit for it! #livingthedream (:

T #2 that i love? THIS TREE. it's my favorite on campus and i have loved watching it/seeing all the leaves on it change color over the past few weeks. now it's totally naked and i want to put together a montage of it changing its leaves because i have taken so many photos of this tree since it first started changing colors. i'll get to it one of these days (;

also, SNOW! ahhhhh i love the smoky mountain look when it's super snowy out! i can't wait til we hit winter time for realllll :D

one of my favorite parts of turning into winter time = free hot cocoa on campus! you better believe i went a little overboard on the mini marshmallows, because why not? #reasonswhyilovebyu

aaaand for the grand finale, because i love food and i love friends, what's better than the two of those together AND learning a new skill!? like PASTA-MAKING. so. cool. my friend michael is italian (or so he claims) and he taught me how.

pasta = taller than me! not that that's saying much (; hahaha

it was hard work and somewhat time-consuming, but we were talking and laughing the whole time so i honestly don't even know how long it really took, haha! couldn't resist taking a photo of our feast...#YUM. homemade pasta, complete with browned butter and (some kind of awesome and delicious) cheese (that i'd never had before) and freshly diced tomatoes + a caesar salad. yum yum in my tum.

the chefs!

alright alright alright. my last but most favorite T of all?! THE TEMPLE. (: i'm so so glad i got up early enough to get to the temple this past thursday morning...i think that my days just go better and i'm happier in general when i can start my day off right that way. note to self: do that more often. (:

ah, three of my favorite T's: the temple, trees (changing during autumn!) + technology (#selfie :).

life. is. GRAND. (:
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