Friday, January 15, 2016

On top of Mount Sundance...

...this little girl finally became the happiest little skier this world has ever seen!

my friend jordan love love loves to ski, and when i told him i'd never been skiing in utah (only on the man-made "mountains" of ohio!), he suggest we go together for my first time, this past wednesday! it was a beautiful sight.

of course, jordan is like, a pro skier, so we skipped over all the baby/bunny hills and headed straight for the blue hills! note: there are like four different levels of hills: green [easiest], blue [more difficult], black [most difficult], and double black [expert]. so although the blue hills were plenty difficult for me, he was a super trooper helping me out as best as he could, especially since he could have skied down the double black mountains easy-peasy if he wanted to!

i was slightly terrified going up all the ski lifts (until i realized that most of them have lap bars, thank goodness! #slightfearofheights #mostlyofpossiblyfalling), but it was all totally worth it once we got to the super snowy, super windy, tippy-top of this beautiful mountain (click below to see the panoramic photo in larger detail):

jordan with the mountains behind him:

me in front of the map on the top of the mountain...holding on for dear life because it was so windy!!! it was crazy! hahaha.

we skied like, literally all day long (jordan skied most of the time + then switched to the snowboard for a bit at the end, but i skied the whole time). and it was a blast! on our very first ride down i got myself into a bit of a jumble and my knee started hurting and i totally freaked out and thought that i had broken my knee or leg or something, LOL. thank goodness i didn't (my knees are just fine now, promise!), because that would have cut our ski time down considerably! we left provo for sundance at about 10:30am and stayed until our passes expired at 4:30pm...and we were both quite hungry + tired after (thank goodness for chipotle for dinner shorty after! #yum :). i straight up face-planted in the snow, wiped out a considerable amount of times, and maybe sometimes just stopped in the middle of a mountain and was too scared to keep going down, LOL. but...i kept going down! and made it! alive! hahaha. it was so so much fun, and quite the adventure. :) it's been over 24 hours and my arms and legs are still a bit sore, but it was totally worth it to finally cross skiing in utah off my bucket list! special thanks to jordan for all his patience with me as i took my precious little time coming down those beautiful, monster mountains, all afternoon long. :)

i love utah. i love snow. i love the mountains. and once i can learn how to control my speed/stopping a bit better, i'm sure i'll love skiing even more. (;

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