Thursday, January 28, 2016

two weekends ago.

life is wonderful. i am so so lucky + so so blessed and i am loving every little bit of my byu education/living in utah. i just thought i'd preface this post by saying that. (:

the past two weeks have gone by so fast, filled with lots of noteworthy events that i don't want to forget! hence why i'm recording them for you here. (:

last last friday (1/15), bff/roommate liana was a part of byu radio's first-ever (to my knowledge) live radio show! she works for byu radio and long story short, she's awesome and the talent (via sketches and musical performances) was on point. plus it's always fun to see your friends showing off their talents!

friend jordan (the friend i went skiing with!) came with me to support our lovely liana. (ps huge shoutout to mama for the gorgeous green sweater she got me at h&m over the break! someone told me i looked like christmas when i wore it and it made my heart smile. thanks, mama! :)

also in attendance: like, a handful of other people i know who also work for byu radio who were also a part of the radio show!! hahahah. here is katie: we were teaching assistants for the same theatre class before our missions! she is hilarious and gorgeous and does some stellar fab voice acting.

also in attendance/performing - mckenna bauss! basically i know her entire family and have only heard of her...long story short here, i served my reassignment for my mission (waiting on my visa to brazil) in the city of northville, michigan - which just so happened to be the city her family is from and they took great care of me while i was on my mission - trying to get me to wear a michigan jersey (hahaha) and texting a photo of it to my family; having us sister missionaries and someone we were teaching at the time over to watch general conference with them at their house; contacting my parents so they could feed me my last home cooked kron-family-esque meal of party chicken and hawaiian bread and minute maid lemonade (+ etc!) before i went to brazil - THE LIST GOES ON AND ON. and all the while i was in northville with the bauss family (those lovely 6 weeks!), their daughter MCKENNA was on HER mission, speaking chinese in canada!!! so i heard a bunch about her. (: and now we've officially finally met! and she said apparently a photo of my missionary companion + i might still be on her fridge back home, hahah! #winnerwinner #itsasmallworldafterall

did i mention the radio show took place in THE studio c!? aka where daddy + dk's favorite scott sterling loving tv show is filmed?! #mattmesseandiarebffs <3

post-radio show (which seriously, was awesome!), liana gave us an all-access backstage tour of the new byu broadcasting building! it was super cool. like these radio recording rooms:

or byu sports nation (i think that's what it's called?).

ps my favorite part of the tour = this photo though (:

saturday was a fabulous temple day (provo temple!),

and a yummy mexican lunch with my friend leah - we were in byu's production of 100 dresses together, way back when. just love talking with old friends. and eating. always. (;

sunday was a busy day, but so, so wonderful! the highlights include going to the new provo city center temple with my two roommates (new roommate sarah knott + liana) for a special tour of the bridal and sealing rooms - just for the single women (ages 12+) in the area of this new temple! we entered the temple through the parking garage (so cool!) after waiting in the cold (under these awesome heating lamp things) and watching a brief movie. i can't wait to do a full tour inside in a few weeks!

roommates liana + sarah under the heating lamp:

we didn't get a chance to look at the entire display area (our tour was short, only about 15 mins total), but i'm excited to go back and take some more photos (especially outside - this temple is GORGEOUS! inside + out ;).

ending the sunday was a wonderful fireside/devotional by president brent l. top, dean of religious education here at byu! i kind of was daydreaming today in class about getting a master's in religious education through byu...#oneday

anyway, the devotional was awesome, talking all about how there's literally so much proof that The Book of Mormon really is the word of God and totally true! which i know it is. (: i'm so grateful for my testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for great friends, and for the yummy cheesecake they had for us after. life is great. life is amazing. + i wouldn't trade it for anything. (:

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