Tuesday, February 23, 2016

10 things that make my heart sing.

lately, i've got plenty of reasons to smile. and since february is all about love (valentine's day or something, right?), imma share some things from this past month (in no particular order) that simply make my heart sing.

1. technology. especially FaceTime. i can't get enough of seeing and chatting with my favorite people during the week while they're thousands of miles away from me back east. not pictured: FaceTiming with ruth + anna...but phone calls/FaceTime still happens with them too and i love those just as much. :)

2. utah snow. i love winter when it's winter - AND when there's lots and lots of snow. it's simply gorgeous and one of the many, many reasons why i love living in utah.

3. trying out new recipes! i love to cook, i love to bake, and i've done a decent amount of it in the past month. these are two of my favorites: broccoli cheddar rice skillet (making it in a single pan!) + mini muffin-sized omelets = basically my dinner + breakfast, respectively all of last week. #nom

4a. spending time with friends.

page (my visiting teachee from this past summer)

daniel rellaford (bffs since like, 5 years old!)

spencer (we were both a part of byu's "a servant of two masters" before our missions and saw each other this past sunday for the first time since we both have been home!)

4b. spending time with my friends while simultaneously going to the temple with them. :)

sydney (we were in the mtc together in provo)

liana (bff/roommate :)

5. learning new things, like indoor croquet!

ps sidenote: did anyone else not know that this is how you play croquet?? by swinging the mallet in between your legs? #hilarious #youlearnsomethingneweveryday 

our scorecard at the end...page and i tied for last! i was green (i think! ;).

6. getting real mail (aka not bills), especially when it's an awesome galentine's day package from my oldest sister #yummiestchocolatesever (ps thanks ruth! :)

#chocolatetongue #sorrynotsorry (;

7. dressing up in 90's attire and going to a dance party with my bff/roommate. she's literally the best and i'm so grateful for her for putting up with me. ps you know what they say right? the best friends that brush their teeth together, stay together... ;)

8. attending my first byu basketball game (better late than never, right?!) with some awesome friends (not to mention the big 91-33 win!)

9. seeing photos from home of the people i love: aka dk at his new job that he loves (i can't wait to try the food there over the summer!) + my favorite mama-turned-grandma with the cutest little nephew twinners ever getting their first pair of walking/running shoes! (;

*sigh* life is just so great. like so, SO great. i seriously feel like the luckiest girl on earth to know the people i know and live the life i love. #realtalk :)

10. this quote. thanks to my amiga shelly myers for posting it on instagram many, many moons ago. it's all about perspective.

k on that note, time to start becoming! #laterdudes :)

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