Tuesday, February 2, 2016

food + running + love.

this past week was a rollercoaster ride, filled most especially with lots of interesting food-related events. let's jump right in. (:

on tuesday my friend alex (far left) took me to the rec center for a cooking class (!) all about spices and herbs and how to use them in cooking. our teacher/chef, sabina (in chef's apron, middle right) was just awesome and taught us so many awesome things! best thing i learned = you can make your own sauces and then freeze them in ice cube trays to use later! here's to hoping i use that knowledge soon (;

wednesday i picked liana up from campus + we went to the temple together (! #alwayswonderful :) and then went to honor her at a volunteer-recognition dinner at the rec center! note: i have only been to the rec center maybe once in my entire time here in provo previous to this week. so i've already more than doubled my attendance there! (;

basically it was free awesome dinner + entertainment (byu's improv comedy group, "laugh out loud"). we ate our fill of mexican food and then this yummy (what i assumed was) tres-leches cake! SO. MUCH. YUM.

also, a photo with the piñata was a must, because, you know, mexican-themed parties!

then it was off to institute (! #alsoalwaysawesome) and then out to the village inn for dessert round #2 (free pie on wednesdays!) to celebrate ward friend spencer's bday (center, the only one smiling at the camera). i ate something with chocolate and it was great. that's all i remember. (;

thursdays are ALWAYS MY LONGEST DAYS EVER. hahah. i have class at 8am, then another class at 1:35pm (so i sometimes just stay on campus in between to work on homework/etc.), then another class from 4-6:50pm. by the time i get home, I AM SO DONE WITH THE WEEK. hahaha. but thankfully it ended super happily since i had a quick drive to jared + breanna's house to pick up episodes 4, 5, & 6 of STAR WARS to finally watch them, starting this weekend! #WAHOO! :)

friday was a more relaxed day...aka generally bliss in comparison to thursdays, hahah, since all i really have to do on fridays is go to work from 7:50am-11:45am. then i'm freeeeee! friday night liana + i went out with new friends (to me) trey + trevor. we ate mexican food at brasa's (liana and i don't understand the hype about it, but it was food and it was yummy, haha :), went to the MOA (byu's museum of art) to check out the norman rockwell exhibit (#somuchawesome), then over to their apartment to play mad gab (i don't know that i've ever played it before), which was super fun! then obviously we took some photos to prove that we are true friends (; (l--->r: liana, trey, me, trevor)

saturday was a happy, happy day. i woke up nice and early and drove to my favorite parking lot (is that a thing? it is for me when i want to start a run closer to the mountains ;). it was a simple 2-mile run, in the freezing cold (i will definitely wear leggings for future 35 degree outdoor runs haha), but felt so good to be outside! it was even flurrying most of the time, before the huge snowfall happened later on in the day.

proof of flurries (;

then as if i hadn't been physically active enough, liana = i played some indoor tennis! she's awesome and i love learning and honestly, there's not much better than being active with your bff! to come next week: the start of half marathon training! (;

remember how i said we got a big snowfall later on saturday? ALL the trees were looking SO pretty, like this! just laced in beautiful snow. #bestdayever

then what else happened saturday night (besides me watching star wars episode 4!!! SO. GREAT.)...!? nothing other than my new roommate sarah getting ENGAGED to the love of her life, nathan!! wahooooo (: thankfully i was around afterwards to help them snap some photos on this happy day (;

this is my personal favorite: hahahaha. (:

sunday was a day for trying new things! like wanting to use the shredded coconut i've had in my cupboard since i got back to byu (i already know what you're thinking, and i promise i did check the expiration date and it's still good through march, k?! ;). box of brownie mix, add in some chocolate chips (because you always need more chocolate, duh!) + some shredded coconut, and then when it comes out of the oven, drizzle some hershey's syrup + more shredded coconut on top, + voila! your ward choir members will thank you (;

for once i facetimed sunday morning instead of night with my darling daddy (+ a bit with my beautiful mama, as well!). sigh. #reasonswhyilovetechnology (:

then i had an interview with bishop on campus, and on my way home, i was blown away by the beauty of all that snow in the trees!!! LITERALLY A WINTER WONDERLAND OVER HERE. i'm obsessed. i love the snow (i just don't love the ice because then i slip around and i can't walk as fast/run safely outside at all haha). it is just so pure and beautiful and white!!! ahhh. (:

#frozenrednose #butbeautifulwhitetrees (:

after church + choir practice (we're performing on the 20th! so excited!!), liana + i decided to take roommate photos (just us two...sarah-knott-the-engaged-one was at a family dinner with her fiancé ;) in front of our pretty house and with the beautiful white snow! note: i'm posting two photos because i just thought how funny it was that they were taken literally moments apart, yet from one angle there is a blue tint (the first one) and in the second there is a white/more natural tint. note: no filters here. just pretty snow. (:

sunday night i had one more cooking adventure: i wanted to make the copycat panera broccoli cheddar soup (aka MY FAVORITE #imisspanerasomuch) recipe that i found online...but then we got home from church to see that the crockpot had been turned off/maybe never turned on. WHAT. hahaha. so i got right on that and skipped the detailed instructions and just dumped everything into a big pot on the stove. and guess what? after about an hour, it was done, and DELICIOUS. take that, detailed recipes! the real secret is just throwing everything together, anyway, right? (;

also the hilarity that was our dinner = that soup + tuna fish and crackers + this really delicious popcorn from costco that is half cheddar/half caramel + lemonade or chocolate milk to drink. and it was all delicious. #thatcollegelife (;

seriously, soups. i don't know how to make them look cute, hahaha. but i promise it was tasty! (recipe found here, just ignore the instructions and place all of the ingredients in a big pot on the stove, bring it to a boil, then take the heat down to medium/low for about an hour and you're good ;)

sunday night ward prayer at the end of a long week = snuggling with a hedgehog (a friend from the ward's pet!) at ward prayer.

so spiky. so cute. and looks the way i feel (tired! haha :). and now it's time to get back to the reality of my myths, legends, & folktales class that starts in about a half hour, then i'll be off to do readings and other lovely homework...#thatbyulife #itsthebest (:

have a happy tuesday! (:

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