Wednesday, February 24, 2016

half marathon training: week 3!

so basically, i'm running in the illinois half marathon on april 30th, which means half marathon training technically started two weeks ago...

but i was sick for basically all of week 1, and then week 2 (last week) i only got out on two runs (oops).

BUT! lemme tell ya, week 3 has been going strong! in lots of different ways, but especially in terms of running. (:

monday = 3.1 miles outside in 30:15 (mile splits = 9:17, 9:46, 10:09 = 9:43 average pace). made a quick stop to visit newlyweds morgen + spencer schmutz at their cute little studio apartment pre-run (to drop off another wedding gift they had received at our old apartment, hahaha :). was feeling good! bunion/foot pain around mile 2, so i definitely slowed down on that last mile...booo. i wish i could just run forever like i used to! but slow + steady wins the race (or at least finishes it), right? (;

tuesday = 45-minute-ish spin (aka indoor cycling/biking) class! i think this may have been my first time in a spin class since pre-mission...aka a looooOoOOOOong time ago, hahaha. it was good to get my sweat on with like, 30 of my closest friends! haha. i love spin mostly because you can move at your pace, it's dark, and you can scream/sing along with the music and practically no one can hear you (or at least seems to care) since they play the music so loud (: i'm hoping to make spin class my weekly cross-training (aka tuesday) workout!

needless to say, after my workout tuesday i was HUN.GRY. for something GOOD tasting and GOOD for my body. so, i hit up the grocery store and bought some delicious asparagus + steak + found a good rub recipe here (because who has time for marinating steak when you want to eat it like, NOW?! ;) and a great asparagus (+ red potatoes) recipe here. basically it was DELICIOUS. and pretty easy! so delicious that i forgot to even take a picture once it was all done before i ate most of it, haha. so here's some "i really really really love asparagus" pre-cooked photos for ya:

ps i love my george foreman grill! cooks things up right quick. one of my better investments made while in college. (;

ps i promise i let that steak cook wayyyyy more before i actually ate it, hahahah. #welldonepleaseandthanks (;

and obviously i couldn't possibly let the photographer go without getting a photo together...! (:

our home teachers came over (ben and johnny!) and we ate my yummy dinner all together after their lesson (with some of liana's rice!) and it was delicious.

the only photo i got post-i-ate-all-my-dinner-so-this-is-what-was-left-in-the-pan-by-the-time-i-remembered-to-take-a-photo (;

yay for home teachers! and yummy + good for your body foods!

also, yes. liana and i sometimes match without intending to. haha #itsabestfriendsthing (;

TODAY. wednesday! it took me a little while to finally get outside and run this afternoon, but i did it! aaaaaand....i did 3.2 miles outside in 30:13 (mile splits = 9:35, 9:15, 9:15 = 9:19 average pace!!!!) aaaand the best part!? NO FOOT PAIN UNTIL MILE 3!!! *squeals with excitement* :) :) :)

i was SO, so happy! it is probably because (1) i prayed before i left on my run that i could get through it without pain (and, granted, i only planned to run 3 miles! so the extra .2 when i felt a little pain was justified ;), and (2) because i switched back to my old running shoes...the ones i ran my first half marathon in back in 2011! hahaha.

needless to say, i loved them today. and i think my newer running shoes are a little too big and that's why my foot's hitting against it funny and hurting during my runs. at least that's what i'm hoping (because that's a much easier fix than surgery ;)

OH YEAH. also, my hair was already in a top-knot bun for school, and i have been getting super annoyed on runs/workouts lately with my hair in a ponytail because it gets all static-y and annoying/whips me in the face/etc. while i'm running. hahaha. so i just slid my cute sparkly white headband mama bought me over the summer (thanks, mama!) and my hair stayed in place my entire run! so maybe i'll start being that runner that wears her hair in a bun instead of a ponytail. whatever works, right? (;

yeah, but seriously. today was SUCH a good run. like, the kinda run where i looked down at my watch and saw i had already run over 2.5 miles and i thought "seriously!? i'm almost DONE?!" and i was still so pumped!! ahhh. i'm finally getting my running groove back. (: (: (:

ps - - i am SO EXCITED FOR THIS! face-to-face for young single adults with elder holland on march 8 @ 6pm mst! mark your calendars + don't miss out!

*sigh* i guess eventually i have to do homework...right? (; later!

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