Thursday, February 4, 2016

happyyyyy tooo yoooou, anna banana carrera!!! (:

TODAY is my sister anna's bday! here are some of the reasons (among MANY and in no particular order) that i am so so grateful that a few years ago today she was born (:

1. she is a mastermind top-secret surprise planner and always pays such close attention to detail, in seemingly everything that she does (also, because she loves us so much! :).

2. she always makes time to come and visit us, even though it's not the most comfortable or convenient trip for her to take (driving hours and hours roundtrip!).

3. she's not afraid to be goofy with me and is the constant peacekeeper in our family...never wanting to cause an argument, just doing what she can to make people happy and stay happy. (:

4. she has and shares her awesome ideas with me (like buying this super awesome insulated lunch bag that i bought the same exact one as she has because it keeps my food cold literally all day long #twinners!).

5. her name rhymes with banana. which is one of my favorite foods. (:

6. above all else, she loves, and she loves so, SO incredibly much!! from all the midnight birthday calls to the one-on-one conversations and all the FaceTimes and surprise planning in between...when she's with me, she's present. she's there for me (and everyone). i can feel the love she has for me and everyone around me, which is one of the reasons i love capturing moments like these:

(how can we forget the awesome ring!? :)

okay i can't take credit for this one, but i love my anna(belle)s (:

there are TONSSSSSSSssZzzzZzz more reasons why i love this girl and am so stinkin grateful to be blessed with having her as my sister...but bedtime calls so this will have to suffice for now (;

happy, happy to you, my dear sister aka anna banana carrera!!! i am eternally grateful that you were born a handful of years ago. (; thanks for always making the time to show me (+ all of us!) how much you love and care about us. i hope your day was incredibly awesome (like you!!!) and that you can feel how loved you truly are!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxxxxxx (:

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