Monday, February 22, 2016

this one time it snowed, i volunteered, & i built things.

so this is like, a total throwback to the like, first week of february (i think). but i had already uploaded the photos and i figure i might as well just blog about it and move forward after that. (;

it snowed. lots. and this is proof that even through the snow and the darkness (of the early morning), i do sometimes get up to work out at the gym (and i'm clearly not the only one! ;).

also, this is like the best provo sunset shot i've ever taken, maybe. those blues! that snow! AH. #iloveitall (:

on tuesday of that week (2/2 aka twos-day...ha. ha. :) i had the huge privilege of working as a parking usher at the new provo city center temple! it was a fabulous experience and totally worth being a little bit cold as i helped direct traffic a bit and enjoyed the wonderful experience that is being underneath (i think that's where most of the parking took place) this holy house. i love temples! (:

bonus: within a few minutes of me arriving for my shift (please excuse my disheveled hair, hahaha :) - i saw none other than IRMÃO DUERDEN! aka my first teacher in the MTC!!!! whattttt a small world! i hadn't seen him since i left the provo mtc for the michigan detriot mission (my reassignment while i visa-waited) wayyyyy back in september 2013! it was such a happy sight. him and his wife are just adorable and ah, i love any/all mission/portuguese connections. :) it really is like daddy the temple, those are "his kinda people." i love seeing the people i love in the temple (or around/under it :) #lifeisgrand

so before my mission, one of the theatre classes i took was set construction (aka building flats and stairs and stuff that you would use in a theatre production)...but for a number of reasons (including the fact that i literally don't remember much of anything i learned), i talked with my teacher and asked if i could take the class again. he assured me didn't need to, but man does it feel good to take this class and finally start to understand what i'm doing! i don't know how it'll benefit me in the future (since now i want to be an english teacher...), but all this practice with power tools is bound to pay off eventually. plus, i think it's actually really fun to work really hard at something (screwing/drilling in some of those screws was HARD. WORK. lemme tell ya! not all lumber is created equal/as easy to drill through hahaha. :) and then see the results and be really happy with them! it's kinda like training for a race for awhile and then finally running and finishing it...or something like that. i dunno. but it felt great to know that i built these three things with my own two hands (+ lots of screws/wood/saws/other power tools!)!

broadway flat:

studio flat:


all three on top of each other:

it's fun to build/make things. i love being a do-er. and i love my life. :)

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