Saturday, March 12, 2016

happy birthday to my daddy!

once upon a time, a little girl was blessed with an incredible daddy! and she was even lucky enough to travel home to surprise him for his 50th birthday a few years back!

this year she's not able to be with her daddy, and maybe it's a birthday a little higher than 50...(don't worry, i won't say which! ;)... 

but trust me, this daddy is still very loved, even from a distance! and still as physically fit as though he were still 20 years old! (;

note: although he's not in some of the following photos, rest assured he's probably the one taking them (:

here's a birthday montage shout-out to the best daddy a little girl could ask for! a daddy who went to camp wilson with her in 4th grade and walked her around the lake,

who always makes sure that family time is a priority,

who i'm pretty sure never ever missed a chapman elementary school field day, 

who was my coach and #1 cheerleader at softball games (even when i was absolutely terrible),

who came to high school basketball games just to cheer me on as a cheerleader ("hoo-ha-rah-rah-rah!"),

who came to support me at every play/musical i was ever in,

who took me to parades with my friends when i was little, 

and who came to support me at the same parades when i was in them many years later, 

who took me (real!) camping and helped me set up a tent for the first time, 

who taught me how to drive (and survived my quick first attempt at lane-changing), 

who shared with me one of my favorite memories to date: seeing paul mccartney in concert!!!, 

who was willing to go parasailing with me (even though the wind/later thinking about the safety of it has prevented us from ever doing it hahahah),

who inspired me through his own example to serve as a full-time missionary,

who sent me my scriptures overnight when they were the one thing i forgot as i left for the mtc (oops!), 

who wrote me diligently every week that i was on my mission and then put up with eating the many brazilian foods i made upon my return,

(and who still moves that silly little chicken to give me the evil eye whenever i'm home), 

who travels cross-country (literally!) with me without complaint, talking with me and singing along to some of our favorites songs, 

someone who, most of all, is one of my very best friends. 

daddy, thanks for being such an incredible daddy, for marrying such a wonderful woman, and for raising all of us children in the gospel. i love you so much & here's to hoping you have the best birthday yet! can't wait to give you your present (+ a hug & a kiss!) when i see you out here in just over a week! (:


me (:

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