Tuesday, March 1, 2016

hard days, treating yourself, & pushing through.

who's ready for a photo overload + training update!? (;

although i'm all smiles here, thursday was a hard day for me! i didn't get in any training (which is somewhat okay since it was an off/cross-training day) besides riding my bike to/from campus 2x each. but the smile on my face = the result of volunteering for the first time for TOPS

it was awesome and basically i just went into provo high school and helped out in a classroom for an hour. the reading teacher didn't need my help, so i ended up helping some kids out with MATH. which i probably haven't done since i was in high school myself, hahaha. math + fractions = difficult. but i was surprised how much i could remember/re-learn/teach in such a short period of time (just trying to make you proud, daddy!). but most of all, volunteer work = service = almost impossible to be unhappy when you're serving. i'm so excited to be a high school teacher some day for real!

after getting back to byu campus (and #treatingmyself to wendy's on the way home #sorrynotsorry ;), i had a couple more classes, including another set construction class where we used scary saws to build some super disproportionate stairs! that was intentional though, promise. (:

#awkwardsawingphoto #yourewelcome (; hahaha

my group's final product:

fully functional! don't we look cute in our safety glasses? #soproud

thursdays are my longest days....this is me leaving campus after 6pm (after having my first class at 8am) #sotired #daysnotoveryet!

i #treatedmyself to my favorite byu donut (chocolate glazed with rainbow sprinkles = the key to my heart. honestly.) and bought a byu basketball game t-shirt (only $6! but also probably because there are only two home games left, hahaha :) just in time for....

the first byu basketball game i've ever been to from start-finish! you might recall that we went to one last weekend, but li + i got there after halftime. so i had to go again to get the FULL byu bball experience vs. the portland pilots. and lemme tell ya, they did NOT disappoint! 

kyle + i being the best fans in the land:

COUGARS WIN! 99-81. very intense game, & mega fun to be a part of!

headed home after the game + after eating some delicious homemade ice cream (thanks, kyle!), i was ready to hit the hay. because friday mornings = one thing and one thing only....!

WORK AT THE TESTING CENTER. my favorite! you can't tell i'm too tired, can you? (; i really do love my job (people think it must be stressful/scary to work there?? i dare you to shadow me for a day. it's awesome. promise!), it's just a bit of an early start. haha. we have a serious artist on our shift (rachel!) and she wrote some awesome jokes up on our joke board (with some accompanying artwork) this past week that i just had to share:

so great, right? friday was another not-so-great-day motivation-wise, so unfortunately i didn't get in a run this day either (was supposed to be an easy 2-miler). i had a lot on my mind + opted instead to get some house-keeping things done & take a nap before going out with my friend andrew!

andrew + i met in my dramatic literature class last semester. he's just adorable and fun and so optimistic & i'm so glad we're friends! we had some yummy eats at noodles & co, followed by some serious ticket-winning-action at nickel city! hanging out with someone so optimistic and full of energy was just what i needed. also, tootsie roll pops. (;

thennnn...SATURDAY! saturday was the hardest day of the week. it had been rough for me to try & get out lately, for whatever reason, but i learned a valuable lesson through all of this:

when it's hard to get motivated, just get off your bum, out the door, & DO SOMETHING. once you start, you're bound to start feeling better. (: i got out for a good 5-miler saturday (5.16 miles in about 55 mins with an average pace of 10:28). definitely a slower run (my stomach wasn't feeling so great in the last 1/2 mile or so...note to self = fuel better pre-run next time ;), but it felt good to get outside (even if it took awhile to get me there!) & get it done!

what was even happier at the end of the run was to eat some of THIS delicious monkey bread that our awesome home teacher johnny made for us! (the note on top says "first attempt. have a great day. johnny" aka HE IS THE BEST! :)

pair that with some bacon+cheesy eggs & a glass of chocolate milk, and you've got my ideal post-run meal. (: #yummmmmmmm

sundays are always great and just what i need to recover & rest up. also, lots of trying out new recipes/baking/cooking. so that's always great, too. (:

easy mini monkey bread recipe found here for ward choir treats:

easy (and SO. DELICIOUS.) roasted red potatoes & asparagus recipe found here. this is my second time making it and it's still amazing (i just happened to remember to take photos this time ;).

pair that with some steak & rice & you've got my current favorite dinnertime meal!

yummmmmm. today i'm grateful for leftovers. (;

sunday it was simply GORGEOUS outside. the weather has been just beautiful lately (spring is comingggggg....!!!) & i really wanted to take advantage of it before nightfall. so...i zipped over to a park close to home (thankfully my city has a billion awesome parks all over the place) & got some personal nature/study time in before it got too dark.

then what was probably the highlight of my sunday...THIS finally became real:

i was set apart as an official temple worker for the the new provo city center temple a few weeks back, and tonight we had a meeting with the other people on our shift to give us some general info as we prep to open the temple in just a few short weeks!! i am so excited to have the opportunity to volunteer some of my time in this beautiful, sacred, & holy house. sunday they gave us our name tags (which are magnetic and definitely reminded me of the last time i had a magnetic name tag...#missionarymemories :). it's starting to feel even more real!

lucky for us, they kept the temple open extra late (9:15pm-11pm!) after our meeting, so we could just wander around the temple and "make it our own". basically they wanted us temple workers to feel like we could navigate our way around the temple (relatively...it's still mostly a maze to me, hahaha) before it is dedicated. it was so fun to be in there with so many other temple workers and looking at all the nooks and crannies (and trying all the doors to see if they'd open ;) of the provo city center temple. it is simply beautiful inside & out and i highly recommend you all go for a tour before it's dedicated! ps standby lines are open all day from monday-thursday if you don't have tickets, so no excuses. (;

bonus to being a new temple worker = making new friends, like jared! we had fun exploring the ins & outs of the temple together. isn't that fountain behind us so pretty?!

so, sunday was great. and monday was, too! after work + class + tying up some loose ends, i was able to get out for a run in the beUTAHful weather we're having lately. the sun was just barely starting to set when i set off to run my 3-miler all around campus. #checkoutthosegorgeousmountains! (:


post-run/sunset (holding up 3 fingers = 3 miles!):

3.05 miles run in 32:25...don't have my splits since i'm on campus and my Garmin is at home haha #oops. but it was about a 10:37 pace...with LOTS of hills. aka i haven't done hill work in since forever sooooOOOOOooooOOo i was definitely feeling that in my calves during/after, haha. my campus is so so pretty though! it was fun to run all around it and still see so many students on campus as the sun was setting on the day.

ps nope i promise i definitely did not run 12 miles...just 3. but i didn't want either of my hands to feel left out in the photo. (;

post-run was some yummy dinner + FHE (rock band!) action with some friends from the ward. tuesday's shaping up to be pretty great...spin class later this afternoon once classes are done for the day. (:

okay so, moral of the story from the past few days? some days are hard, and some are harder. and that is TOTALLY OKAY and human! so sometimes maybe that means you decide to #treatyourself by buying some wendy's or a donut or a $6 basketball t-shirt. and maybe other times that means (one thing i didn't mention above but highly recommend) that what's best is to talk to some people you trust about the way you're feeling (or lack thereof). & then finally - what i've seen for myself - it is always always definitely best to just get OUT and get MOVING. i've seen that when life is hard, most of the time it makes things a lot easier when you lose yourself & do something productive and just keep moving forward.

so on that note...here's to the wonderful adventure that is life & being human! and here's to a great start to week 4 of training. (:

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