Thursday, March 3, 2016

throwback thursday: dinosaur breath

i think that looking back on memories is so, stinkin' fun. so i'm going to try and start doing a little #throwbackthursday each week so i can reminisce and look through old photos + tell some stories from my past. (:

this is me when i was about 5 years old with my 1st grade teacher, mrs. reynolds. the story below originates when i was just about a year or two younger, and gave my first talk in primary (at church). the photo is literally just mostly so you can get an image of the narrator (aka 4-year-old me :) in your head before i begin. random side note: yes, i'm pretty sure i tucked my t-shirt into my shorts/pants all the way through elementary school. & i rocked it proudly. (: #90skid

basically, my daddy & i have always been the best of friends, and have always shared a pretty unique sense of humor. i love our shared memories together & my first primary talk i can still remember to this day, having him stand next to me with a brown paper bag filled with a mess of random things, among them a plastic dinosaur. we were members of the then "key bank", and as some kind of promotion back in the early 90s they would give all the kids who came in (with their parents) a different plastic dinosaur each month like these:


and my personal favorite, the tri-sarah-tops (;


they even had these accompanying awesome dinotales newsletter clubs they'd send to us every quarter or so! i don't remember if i ever made it on the super dinosaver list but i probably at least dreamt about how cool it'd be when i was younger.


ANYWAY. we had lots of those plastic dinosaurs in the house. and my dad had at least one of them in that brown paper bag that sunday that i walked up to the podium in front of all the other 3-11-year-olds in my primary group and started giving my talk, over 2 decades ago. the topic? likely something about the word of wisdom and taking good care of our bodies. the result? all that i really remember is my dad taking a plastic key bank dinosaur out of that brown paper bag while i warned everyone about the dangers of dinosaur breath.

i was writing a talk for my ward just a few months ago about a totally different topic, but i thought this story might be interesting to share in relation to my topic (it was about personal prayer and scripture study...if you want to hear the correlation, ask me about it in person ;). i didn't end up using the story in my talk, but i'm mega grateful for my daddy (1) keeping these little gems from our lives so well organized in a filing cabinet back home, and (2) finding it and sending me the original "dinosaur breath" talk from so many years ago.

so here it is (with some of my own commentary below), my first ever 4-year-old primary talk:

Taking Care of Our Bodies

Heavenly Father blessed us with bodies and expects us to take care of them.

He wants us to eat the right things, like bread, cereal, fruits, milk, and chicken. It's OK to eat chocolate cookies, but not for breakfast or too much.

Heavenly Father also wants us to exercise our bodies and not sit around all day watching cartoons. We should walk around a lot and help our moms when they do the laundry.

We need to exercise our minds by reading good books like the scriptures and talking to our parents. I don't read yet, but I can write my name and count to twenty in Spanish.

We also need to keep our bodies clean. I take showers or bathe a lot and wash my hands before I eat food. I also brush my teeth after I eat. I don't want to have dinosaur breath!

Heavenly Father told us in the scriptures that we need to go to sleep early and wake up early so that we'd feel good. We shouldn't stay up too late, because that is the time for moms and dads to be alone.

If we take good care of our bodies, Heavenly Father will let us keep them when we get to heaven. I want to take care of my body, and I hope that you do too.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


LITERALLY THOUGH. i love how much a simple talk like that can really speak to my life back in the 90s (and maybe in some ways even through the present day, hahaha :). the foods listed in the first paragraph basically describe my five/six basic food groups (like, still to this day...if you've ever lived with me during my college years you definitely know how true that is hahah); i loved learning about spanish as a little girl (and still do!), & have some great memories of reading the scriptures via my "book of mormon stories" book as a kid with my family. also...i love the comment about parents needing alone time hahaha. that's something i definitely didn't understand as a kid and i'm sure i busted into their room in the middle of the night uninvited plentyyyyy of times, but i'm grateful that they were always willing to open their door to me and help my bad dreams go away. (: sigh. nostalgia is a funny thing, isn't it? (:

ps here's the original copy, just over 20 years old:

i'm so grateful for a daddy with such a funny sense of humor and a willingness to be goofy with me by writing a talk that had so many little details about my own life back then + then bringing in a brown bag filled with things like plastic dinosaurs to make my talk that much more engaging. so this #tbt is all for you, daddy. thanks for always making life so interesting and helping me learn how to laugh (& probably also how to brush my teeth). i love you even more than the dinosaurs below. (;


& just for good measure, here's just a few last #tbt photos from our trip out west this past summer. i'm so glad we're still such great (& goofy!) friends. thanks so much for putting up with me for the past 25 years. (;

xox! #tbt (:


  1. Dear Sarah,

    Thank you for making my day.



    1. Daddy,

      I love you so much!! Thanks for making every day of my life wonderful. (:


      Your Sarah Banara backie girl (:


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