Sunday, November 6, 2016

this semester = riding a motorcycle, shooting a gun (videos included!), a film shoot, & all kinds of other adventurous "firsts" for the MRG

so i still kinda feel like i have a lot of catching up to do...but better late than never, right? i've had way too many fun memories the past two months to just not update on here about the highlights. so here we go!

liiiike riding a motorcycle for the first time ever(!). but i'll get to that later. (; ready for some firsts!?

FIRST last day of school at BYU (for the 2016-17 school year). #graduatinginapril!

FIRST time going on a temple trip with two sydney/ees (left) & going to the provo city center temple with deb (right).

FIRST time observing at my practicum where i will be student teaching next semester (left) & first time doing a film shoot ever (at the LDS Motion Picture Studio for an LDS church project on questions that non-members have - we'll see if it ever gets published, haha. on the right).

FIRST time meeting up with my daddy in SLC before he headed back to ohio, after dropping DK off at byu-idaho for his FIRST semester of college!

FIRST time really looking out this window in my main building on campus (the JFSB, my favorite!) & remembering how much i love love love these mountains & utah & being at byu.

...okay so maaaybe i've looked out of this a billion times and thought the same thing...but it's still awesome. (;

FIRST time being in a packed marriott center for a byu devotional with Elder Dallin H. Oaks.

(ps this & some of the other photos that are "long" are panoramic photos - i highly recommend you click on them to see them in all their full-sized glory!)

FIRST time eating at the delicious CHOM (burger) restaurant in provo (if you go - which you definitely should - you should get their sweet potato fries & a milkshake, #YUM.) & i rode for the FIRST time ever on a motorcycle to get there & back, and it was was more awesome (and less scary) than i had anticipated. (don't worry daddy, i wasn't the one driving ;)

FIRST time celebrating chilean independence day by taking a photo with amigos who had served there & love chile almost as much as i do.

FIRST time driving through squaw peak canyon all by myself as the leaves were changing while trying to scout out a campsite for a ward campout (that ended up being transformed into a camp-IN, due to a lack of campsite/proper planning/inclement weather. but it was still awesome :).

um, have you ever spent a fall afternoon driving through a beautiful canyon? if not, i HIGHLY recommend it.


oh, hi provo! i like you a lot. #selfiewithmycity (;

FIRST DAY OF AUTUMN. so obviously my first time wearing my favorite autumn turtleneck on the first day of my favorite season. (:

FIRST TIME hanging out with my bff/brother DK all by ourselves in utah! & his FIRST time jumping on a shuttle all by himself to get here & back to hang out with me for the weekend. isn't he the best!?

FIRST time for DK watching the LDS General Conference for October 2016 in the conference center! man, i love love love that salt lake temple (in the background on the right; ps see why we build temples by clicking here)!

FIRST TIME for DK & I eating pizza factory food & hanging out all weekend long all by ourselves, before he jumped back on a shuttle to idaho (FIRST time traveling by himself on such a long trip x2!).

FIRST time that my exhaust manifold decided to bail out on me (aka see the three holes in the car part below? see how one looks like it's missing the ring around it? i believe that's what my mechanic said was what was causing my problems - it had basically rusted off. lame.)...but at least that $800+ repair means that my car doesn't sound like it has something rattling around in it anymore.

(dear car, please don't have any more repairs necessary for a very long time. this repair + your recent transmission repair cost almost as much as a full year of byu's tuition. thanks a bunch. love, me.)

FIRST time ever ever ever shooting a gun in my entire life. and i kind of loved it.

beautiful fall day, fun friends, great times. also, we ate einstein's bagels. and i love einstein's bagels. so it was an extra fabulous day. (;

i should probably note here (because it's kind of a funny story) that i have never had any desire whatsoever in my life to touch/hold/shoot a gun. ever ever ever (to my knowledge). then all of a sudden, a few days before this happened, i got this HUGE desire to shoot a gun. like, out of literally nowhere.

i knew my friend keaton had shot a gun before (his fb photo was him shooting a gun so that probs means he has shot one, right?). so after letting the idea of shooting a gun grow in my mind for a couple days, we were hanging out & i told him that i had never wanted to shoot a gun ever, but suddenly this week i had this HUGE desire to shoot one.

after i told him that, his response was to tell me to check his texts & see what our friend jesse had texted him just earlier that day. i open up his phone & read from jesse something along the lines of --

"hey. we're going shooting tomorrow. you coming?"

i was FLOORED. talk about crazy coincidences! basically, i invited myself along. & he accepted. haha. we picked jesse up & bought all kinds of gun-related things (that i don't know the names of - ammunition, mostly, i think?), and planned a time to meet up the next morning (saturday) in the AM.

i shot lots of guns that day. and it was kinda scary at first. but mostly awesome. #thankskeaton (pictured below & in the other photos)!

FIRST time catching up with emily in a loooong time. ps remember how we went on temple trip adventures all the time last summer?! (see here & here for proof...if you really wanna scroll through all those photos, haha. or just take my word for it ;)

FIRST time catching up with liana via a temple session...miss that girl something fierce. it's weird living with someone & seeing/talking to them all the time...and then when you move apart from each other, it's hard to keep up all the time. #thestruggleisreal i still love you lots, li!

FIRST time taking a presidency photo with some of my favorite girls. we make up our ward's relief society presidency (aka we kind of watch over/serve/help out/lead the women in our church's congregation. info on the relief society in general can be found here & info on what we do as the relief society presidency can be found here).

from L --> R: mary (secretary), rachael (1st counselor), me (president), & tori (2nd counselor). & yes, i know - i'm short. (;

basically, i'd be kinda lost without these girls. they're amazing!!

FIRST time hammocking (aka being in a hammock) in probably a really long time. like maybe even since my mission. is that even real life?! i'm pretty sure almost every single brazilian we visited on my mission had a hammock in their home...and somehow mine is still back home in ohio (that i bought in brazil!). note to self: bring that back out for springtime hammocking adventures. (;

FIRST time really appreciating my new (okay i moved in during august, but it's still newish to me, k?) apartment complex & it's pretty pretty fall-changing-colored leaves. have i mentioned that autumn is my favorite season of ALL time?! #truth

& last but not least, FIRST time celebrating this lovely girl (jordy!)'s birthday. but only because we weren't friends before this year since i didn't know her. (: isn't she adorable though!?

k, phew. that is a LOT of firsts. & that only catches me up until october 12th  so...the next update might still be a lot of photos, & etc. brace yourselves (;

long story short --> life is great.

& that's a wrap! (for now ;) *

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