Saturday, January 30, 2016

a case of the [double] mondays.

*note: this is kind of a scatter-brained post of the abbreviated story of my life over the course of 8 days. bear with me. (;

last week was quite the adventure from monday (1/18 aka mlk day!) --> monday (1/25). + what made it even better was starting it off with a brand new hairstyle! because who doesn't love cute ways to braid hair...!? #newfavoritehairstyle

the reason for the braids? they're easily the easiest + cutest post-workout hair for a lazy day off from school. (: started off with a super easy run at the gym...

with what is probably my new favorite workout song. the chorus just pumps you up like no other!

this week was awesome also because i made up a new recipe almost entirely from scratch! i've really been loving learning how to cook...especially as i've realized that cooking > baking sometimes, because cooking you just can add things and make up your own stuff (whereas with baking you kind of have to have the right ratios of flour to sugar and butter & etc.). so, i had some chicken broth in my fridge i wanted to use, and i saw there was a recipe for chicken tortilla soup on the side...that i was missing about half of the ingredients for, haha! but...i had some other ingredients i thought would make it just as yummy, so i just threw in a bunch of random stuff (that i thought would sound delicious), and voila! photos never do it justice (how do you even photograph soup in a way to make it look appetizing!?), but it turned out quite delish, if i do say so myself #justcallmechefsarah (;

wednesday night was fabulous hanging out with bff kyle and chatting about life + eating coldstone ice cream together before we headed off to institute. note to everyone reading this: mini gummy bears + coldstone's chocolate ice cream = perfection. just in case you were wondering. (;

i kind of love fridays. i go to the testing center on campus to work (i'm the opening shift supervisor) before 8am...and sometimes you get absolutely breathtaking views like this one as the sun's coming over the mountains. I LOVE UTAH. I LOVE THE MOUNTAINS. I COULD LIVE HERE FOREVER. #endrant. (:

fridays are also fab because i don't have class! after i get off work at 11:45am, i'm freebee as a bird, to do fun things like eat an incredibly delicious breakfast-for-lunch somewhere i'd never been before (black bear diner) with an old-time friend, madison daniels. always great to catch up and um, EASILY the most delicious breakfast i've probably had in my entire life. thanks madison!! #omnomnom

friday was also awesome because i got some baby time in with my 2nd favorite logan (dowling is my fave, sorry little guy!). one of my old beatles friends, jared + his wife breanna (remember how we went hiking together back in august?) wanted to go out for a work dinner, and i had told them i'd love to babysit little lo whenever they needed it! so lo and behold (pun intended ;), lo and i got to hang out for a little while friday night (and i mostly was able to catch up on some homework while he slept!).

ps this is something jared + brea do at their house - a dry erase board: half for the monthly calendar, and half for magnetic meal planning!! i thought this idea was absolutely genius (they've got like 50+ magnetized meal ideas in that little canister on the far right/middle of the board) and every two weeks, they just pick some out and put them on the board!

easy peasy meal planning, plus all the main ingredients are listed under the meal name, so it makes grocery shopping a breeze, too! so naturally i had to take a photo to remember this for future reference (;

ah, saturday. went to the provo temple to perform some baptisms on behalf of some of my ancestors! it was so, so neat to get to be there, especially since pretty much all of last semester consisted of my working in my family history class (on sundays at church) to try and find some names to take to the temple. i absolutely love family history work and it is so so fun to get to make it a more active part of my life!!! (ps you can find more info on your ancestors + make a free family search account by clicking here!) 

i love overcast days. and leaving the temple and walking down the hill and seeing those mountains in the distance....ah. my heart loves it. (: ps please click on this photo to make it's even more gorgeous. promise!

saturday night was the night of nights for our singles ward! the elders quorum (single adult men ages 18-30) put on a valentines day-esque jazz night dinner for all us relief society sisters (single adult women ages 18-30) and they did not disappoint!

(you can click on this one or any other ones to make them bigger)

i went with my lovely housemates: (l --> r): brett, me, liana, and camylla (brett + camylla live upstairs)

they made some chicken and yummy salad (the recipe is below) and served it out to us like real waiters! #soadorable

they also had musical performances (the musical talent in our ward is kinda awesome), such as these, playing guitars, jazz singing, and even some saxophone/trumpet songs. so cool!

great job, gents! i love my ward. just so much love.

the recipe for the salad (SO YUM. seriously!):

sunday is one of my favorite days of the week, mostly because it meals i get to catch up, relax, and say hi to my fambam on the opposite side of the usa! aren't they the cutest!? (:

ah, yes. then it was back to monday all too soon. on my way from the testing center (work) ---> my shakespeare class (in the harold r clark building), i walked between these two buildings and don't think i have ever noticed before that these trees curve into the middle! it must be super pretty here in the fall, when they are covered with leaves and looking like pretty arches. i don't know why i love trees so much, i just do, and i thought this was pretty, so i took a picture of it. (: i love byu. i love my campus. the end.

aaaaand after class, fhe was super fun, decorating cupcakes (this was my "frozen-style" cupcake!) and just hanging out.

good friends, good times. #reasonswhyilovebyu. (:

& here's to another wonderful week! <3

Thursday, January 28, 2016

two weekends ago.

life is wonderful. i am so so lucky + so so blessed and i am loving every little bit of my byu education/living in utah. i just thought i'd preface this post by saying that. (:

the past two weeks have gone by so fast, filled with lots of noteworthy events that i don't want to forget! hence why i'm recording them for you here. (:

last last friday (1/15), bff/roommate liana was a part of byu radio's first-ever (to my knowledge) live radio show! she works for byu radio and long story short, she's awesome and the talent (via sketches and musical performances) was on point. plus it's always fun to see your friends showing off their talents!

friend jordan (the friend i went skiing with!) came with me to support our lovely liana. (ps huge shoutout to mama for the gorgeous green sweater she got me at h&m over the break! someone told me i looked like christmas when i wore it and it made my heart smile. thanks, mama! :)

also in attendance: like, a handful of other people i know who also work for byu radio who were also a part of the radio show!! hahahah. here is katie: we were teaching assistants for the same theatre class before our missions! she is hilarious and gorgeous and does some stellar fab voice acting.

also in attendance/performing - mckenna bauss! basically i know her entire family and have only heard of her...long story short here, i served my reassignment for my mission (waiting on my visa to brazil) in the city of northville, michigan - which just so happened to be the city her family is from and they took great care of me while i was on my mission - trying to get me to wear a michigan jersey (hahaha) and texting a photo of it to my family; having us sister missionaries and someone we were teaching at the time over to watch general conference with them at their house; contacting my parents so they could feed me my last home cooked kron-family-esque meal of party chicken and hawaiian bread and minute maid lemonade (+ etc!) before i went to brazil - THE LIST GOES ON AND ON. and all the while i was in northville with the bauss family (those lovely 6 weeks!), their daughter MCKENNA was on HER mission, speaking chinese in canada!!! so i heard a bunch about her. (: and now we've officially finally met! and she said apparently a photo of my missionary companion + i might still be on her fridge back home, hahah! #winnerwinner #itsasmallworldafterall

did i mention the radio show took place in THE studio c!? aka where daddy + dk's favorite scott sterling loving tv show is filmed?! #mattmesseandiarebffs <3

post-radio show (which seriously, was awesome!), liana gave us an all-access backstage tour of the new byu broadcasting building! it was super cool. like these radio recording rooms:

or byu sports nation (i think that's what it's called?).

ps my favorite part of the tour = this photo though (:

saturday was a fabulous temple day (provo temple!),

and a yummy mexican lunch with my friend leah - we were in byu's production of 100 dresses together, way back when. just love talking with old friends. and eating. always. (;

sunday was a busy day, but so, so wonderful! the highlights include going to the new provo city center temple with my two roommates (new roommate sarah knott + liana) for a special tour of the bridal and sealing rooms - just for the single women (ages 12+) in the area of this new temple! we entered the temple through the parking garage (so cool!) after waiting in the cold (under these awesome heating lamp things) and watching a brief movie. i can't wait to do a full tour inside in a few weeks!

roommates liana + sarah under the heating lamp:

we didn't get a chance to look at the entire display area (our tour was short, only about 15 mins total), but i'm excited to go back and take some more photos (especially outside - this temple is GORGEOUS! inside + out ;).

ending the sunday was a wonderful fireside/devotional by president brent l. top, dean of religious education here at byu! i kind of was daydreaming today in class about getting a master's in religious education through byu...#oneday

anyway, the devotional was awesome, talking all about how there's literally so much proof that The Book of Mormon really is the word of God and totally true! which i know it is. (: i'm so grateful for my testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for great friends, and for the yummy cheesecake they had for us after. life is great. life is amazing. + i wouldn't trade it for anything. (:

Friday, January 15, 2016

On top of Mount Sundance...

...this little girl finally became the happiest little skier this world has ever seen!

my friend jordan love love loves to ski, and when i told him i'd never been skiing in utah (only on the man-made "mountains" of ohio!), he suggest we go together for my first time, this past wednesday! it was a beautiful sight.

of course, jordan is like, a pro skier, so we skipped over all the baby/bunny hills and headed straight for the blue hills! note: there are like four different levels of hills: green [easiest], blue [more difficult], black [most difficult], and double black [expert]. so although the blue hills were plenty difficult for me, he was a super trooper helping me out as best as he could, especially since he could have skied down the double black mountains easy-peasy if he wanted to!

i was slightly terrified going up all the ski lifts (until i realized that most of them have lap bars, thank goodness! #slightfearofheights #mostlyofpossiblyfalling), but it was all totally worth it once we got to the super snowy, super windy, tippy-top of this beautiful mountain (click below to see the panoramic photo in larger detail):

jordan with the mountains behind him:

me in front of the map on the top of the mountain...holding on for dear life because it was so windy!!! it was crazy! hahaha.

we skied like, literally all day long (jordan skied most of the time + then switched to the snowboard for a bit at the end, but i skied the whole time). and it was a blast! on our very first ride down i got myself into a bit of a jumble and my knee started hurting and i totally freaked out and thought that i had broken my knee or leg or something, LOL. thank goodness i didn't (my knees are just fine now, promise!), because that would have cut our ski time down considerably! we left provo for sundance at about 10:30am and stayed until our passes expired at 4:30pm...and we were both quite hungry + tired after (thank goodness for chipotle for dinner shorty after! #yum :). i straight up face-planted in the snow, wiped out a considerable amount of times, and maybe sometimes just stopped in the middle of a mountain and was too scared to keep going down, LOL. but...i kept going down! and made it! alive! hahaha. it was so so much fun, and quite the adventure. :) it's been over 24 hours and my arms and legs are still a bit sore, but it was totally worth it to finally cross skiing in utah off my bucket list! special thanks to jordan for all his patience with me as i took my precious little time coming down those beautiful, monster mountains, all afternoon long. :)

i love utah. i love snow. i love the mountains. and once i can learn how to control my speed/stopping a bit better, i'm sure i'll love skiing even more. (;
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