Thursday, March 31, 2016

my own personal #MARCHMADNESS

okay so like, march has been so awesome that it's got me feeling like:

yep, you caught me: march has been just so awesome that i forgot to blog about it all because i was enjoying it so much in the moment! ...orrrr something like that (;

here's the super fast-paced photo-overload update on my march so that tomorrow [aka april 1st!] i can get back into the more regularly blogging deal, mmkay? i'll let the photos speak for themselves because they're worth a thousand words in & of themselves, amiright?

separated into four F's (in no particular order ;) that make a month (& life in general!) simply wonderful:

1. FAMILY. i was lucky enough to have TWO visits from my immediate family (only missing ruth!) out here in utah. anna came for a weekend of family face-timing, running, cafe rio, froyo, & nickelcade-ing. mama + daddy + dk came out for a week filled with a trip up to BYU-Idaho, cardboard castle decorating, sibling dates (aka TWO to the nickelcade alone! #winwinwin), bowling, eating yummy foods, visiting family friends, attending byu classes (i'm still amazed that he participated in my classes!! so great), & a trip to sodalicious. family time = best time for SURE. :)

2. FOOD. i have been simply spoiled with all the yummy food i ate (& managed to take photos of beforehand). ps has anyone besides my home teachers ever thought of making chocolate chip cookies more chocolate-y by adding HERSHEY'S SYRUP to the cookie dough!??! #GENIUS. that's what happens when you tell people you love chocolate...genius ideas happen. (; note: some of these foods i made myself, others i bought/ordered at a restaurant/store. see if you can guess which is which (;

ps: this is how i felt anytime i ate most of these foods:

3. FRIENDS. between star wars watching parties, froyo/ice cream/pazookie/other awesome dates, choir rehearsals, temple trips, scholarship banquets, whatsapp phone calls, spontaneous mtc mission reunions after FHE, apartment-based hangouts/braiding parties & everything else in between...i am just beyond blessed when it comes to my friend group! special shoutout to even those who are not pictured below...this is just a smattering of the many photos taken over the past month!

4. FUN. okay, you didn't actually think i could wrap everything up in just four words, did you!? (; life is best lived when it is ENJOYED, & i definitely feel (especially looking back!) that i was successful in enjoying life this past month! so much, in fact, that i forgot to blog about it until the last day of the month...remember? (; here's to all the runs, volunteering, face-to-face firesides with Elder Holland, temple trips & ordinance working, scholarship winning (okay only one, but it was still fun!), haircuts (also just one, hahahah), sandal-wearing (please warmer weather come back!), liahona-finding, seeing a painting that reminds me of something my great grandma edwards would have painted, hair curling on the frontrunner train (#truestory hahahahaha) & many other times, wooden tray-building, dustin-like-superman finding, rainy days, & new hairstyle/braid-ing.'s SO great. & the best news!? #ldsconf is this weekend! if that's not reason enough to smile, i'm not sure what is!

you're welcome for the selfie overload on that last one (; i'm so grateful for the family, food (hahaha), friends & fun in my life. life is good, life is great, & made to be enjoyed! so get out & live the life you want to live! i'm off to do the same. (: xox!

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