Monday, April 25, 2016

summertime in april & a few changes

summertime = all thumbs up for this girl right here:

the last few weeks of winter semester at byu flew by (what now seems) oh, so fast! i loved spending much of it with lots of friends, like these two (& many others!).

big highlight of the past year = the ability to direct the ward choir aka these fabulously musically talented people (& a few others not pictured here):

another huge highlight = finishing all my finals (!!!) & traveling almost 2,000 miles last week across the country (utah --> ohio!) with my darling daddy!

squinty eyes run in the family when you realize you're stuck in nowhere for the 2nd trip in a row (we visited this same nowhere on our way from ohio --> utah last summer! #notplanned #hilariouscoincidence).

two days. almost 2,000 miles. that is a long time to be sitting down! hahaha. best key to a great road trip though = a great road trip companion! so so grateful for someone who i can enjoy talking to/singing music with for 30+ hours on the road (& then some!) :)

the trip wouldn't have been complete without a visit to our favorite famous tv reporter, anna carrera (in champaign, illinois!). lucky for us to get to catch a live news show while we stopped in!

but really, it's great to be home! i love ohio: the green green green-ness EVERYWHERE, the clouds, but mostly seeing my favorite people all reunited together again, even just for a weekend.

this summertime my goal is to try & focus on what really matters most. no facebook or other social media (besides whatsapp to stay in touch with my brazilian friends!). just blogging, journaling, and spending time with the people who make my heart happy. :)

here's to new beginnings!


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