Monday, June 13, 2016

#UNWRAPPED: my first post-op appointment & meet my new bff, BB-2!

i know i know i know, this is post is long overdue (sorry about that!), but now that that's out of the way, i figured i'd start this post off with some harmless photos as a fair warning for anyone with a sensitive stomach to please direct yourself to the nearest exit (re: exit the blog haha) before i share the photos from my left foot's first "unveiling" post-surgery later on in the post ;)

me heading into my first post-op appointment (6/1) - super excited to see "what lies beneath" my pretty little "cast":

to bring you all up to speed, the first week post-surgery (as anyone could tell reading my last post) was pretty much spent elevating my bulky leg/dressing/cast thing, laying in bed, sleeping a ton, and reading...with the occasional crutching around the house to do only what was pretty much absolutely necessary.

when i did leave the house that first week, this is how i kept my foot elevated in the car hahahaha #socomfy
 (note: the positioning above was of my own choice. i promise my family did everything in their control to help me be as comfortable as possible when i was in the car, hahaha. this photo just reminds me of how crazy it probably looked to anyone who could see me hahaha. moving right along ;)

maybe i should have taken like, a poll or something, for people to guess what was layered under that wrap to make it look so bulky...

too late though, secret's out! answer: lots and lots and LOTS of...COTTON. like, that was it. hahaha. i was amazed by how THICK it all was! i was almost certain it was being held together by at least some cardboard or something, at least at the base of my foot. but nope. just lots of cotton and more cotton and some gauze underneath.

step one: the nurse came right in and cut the whole thing open, right down the middle of my leg.

note: the lovely reddish tint on the gauze/cotton is simply dried blood. nothing to worry about (; that's probably the real reason why it was ALL COTTON surrounding my precious gauzed-up footsie, gotta soak up & stop the blood post-surgery somehow, am i right? hahaha i just re-read that and realized how gruesome it sounds...but honestly, they did a great job stitching things up on my foot - but i think i remember on my post-op instructions they mentioned that i might even see discoloration on my "cast" where some blood might show through (THANK GOODNESS it didn't show through that much, though, i'm happy to have 50 lbs. of cotton surrounding my foot instead thanks ;)

step two: after cutting some more bits & pieces away, i went to set my foot down (for the first time in a week, #ouch...but it wasn't too bad, just awkward putting pressure on something that you haven't for so long) for a few x-rays.

soon thereafter (thanks to the x-rays) was when i found out that that pretty little yellow pin is more like a small ruler than a little push pin...aka it goes ALL the way down the bone in my second, as in all the way. just think about that for a moment and try to remain calm with me. hahaha. good thing i learned that just knocking it a bit to the side wouldn't make it fall out, but still. almost creepier to know that it went in 1/3 of the way down my entire foot. hahaha.

once they came in and cut off/removed the rest of the cotton & gauze, one of the first things i noticed was how different my feet look from one another (?!?). like, the nail polish doesn't help one bit in that regard, hahahah. they were different colors/shades, and it didn't help that one had a yellow antennae sticking out the top of it. i must have looked at my left foot for awhile just thinking that this couldn't possibly be my foot, hahaha.

maybe this is just coming from someone who's always had bunions...but as many times as i hear that it looks like a "perfect" foot, i just don't feel like this foot is doesn't look like a normal foot to me without jutting out to the side a little bit, hahaha. i guess this surgery was super overdue! 

my fifty two shades of feet: 

ps within just a few days of my surgery, i accidentally hit my left foot on a chair/table/something and it twisted my little yellow antenna sideways #oops. luckily dr. kenna came right in and just twisted it back into shape, thank goodness. but also told me to try to make sure that didn't happen again, haha.

i should probably mention that i was super happy to hear the response from dr. kenna when i told her i hadn't had any pain (like, seriously you guys - ZERO PAIN from day one of surgery)... "you're already ahead of the game because you're having no pain." #YES those were the words i had been hoping to hear! priesthood blessings, i'm telling you. they work & are so so real (you can read more about them here and here)! #thanksdaddy (:

my cute little side-foot bruise after week 1: 

they had stitched up the backs of two of my toes (#3 & #4) - i keep forgetting to ask what they did to those toes to merit that, but i think remembering from pre-op that the plan was to cut some of the bone & tendon in each of those toes, ultimately making each of those toes slightly shorter, to prevent them from curling in the future. 

sorry these photos are so blurry, i had daddy take them real quick while we were at the office so i don't think he had time to focus the camera (no worries, daddy ;) but i've got a slightly better picture later on in the post (; 

dr. kenna came in & unwrapped the little steri-strips from my ex-hammerhead yellow-antennaed toe, and i got to see the front stitches on that little fighter. even though the purpose of this entire surgery was to fix my bunion, i feel like my poor 2nd toe has ultimately caught the worst part of the bargain, haha. poor little guy. at least he got a cute (temporary) hat souvenir out of it.

overall outcome of the appointment: removed the dressing, took lots of photos (including some x-rays ;), i'm healing well (aka since i'm not in any pain), i was asked if the cast/dressing was comfortable (NOPE haha), and dr. kenna decided that because i wasn't all too excited to get all wrapped up in a dressing again that i had merited being upgraded to the newest edition of the family: BB-2! 

but not before getting wrapped up a bit more in some gauze & cutesy neon green athletic tape or something to keep all the gauze in place (aka: i still couldn't get my feet wet for another two weeks until the next appointment). 

ah, yes. BB-2! aka the Big Black Bunion Boot (that's like, BB-squared, right? ;). my own little monster walking boot, complete with a pump (so the inside can feel all kinds of cozy) & my ever-present alien antenna sticking out the top so we can still communicate with the resistance and get back to jakku ASAP, you know what i mean? i still can't walk with it yet (sigh), but dr. kenna gave me permission to rest it on the floor, which is already exponentially better than having to hover it above the ground all the time. #winnerwinner!

funny story is that they didn't give me any kinda bumper, so it didn't take long (re: it took literally until i had reached the bottom floor of the building & tried getting into mama's car) for me to twist my little yellow antenna sideways again *facepalm* hahah. luckily, mama is awesome and (after i went back up to have a nurse twist it back into place for me), she went right back upstairs to pay the $15 fee to get me a bumper that went right on the end of the boot & makes it so i can do things like hit my foot on tables & chairs, or sleep on my stomach, without worrying about my antenna coming lose (or getting twisted sideways again). did i mention she also stood in line at the BMV for like, an hour, waiting to get me my new handicapped parking passes? she's the one shining in pink in the background #bestmamaever 

so, there you have it! after that appointment, waiting at the BMV forever, & celebrating with milkshakes & lunch at our favorite steak 'n' shake, we headed home and i was ready to call it a day because that was just about as active as i'd been in over a week, LOL. thank goodness for such an awesome support system of my family (especially daddy, mama, & dk, literally waiting on me hand and foot/bringing me all my meals/tucking me in at night and turning off the light so i didn't have to hobble through the darkness on my crutches to my bed/helping me do literally EVERYTHING that first week). i love you guys so much!

sidenote: my parents are the cutest, aren't they!? (;

so, there you have it! week one was done, i was re-wrapped, and told to come back in 12 more days. oh, and here's that slightly better photo of those back-of-toes-3-and-4 stitches i promise to show you (; 

here's to BB-2's that you can take off whenever you want, and daddy's old socks that we can cut the toes off of so the rest of my foot doesn't freeze in the AC in the meantime (; (sorry if you're just finding out about this daddy...!)

editor's note: i had my second post-op today (6/13), so i'll hopefully be posting about that this wednesday (; #staytuned!
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