Saturday, November 19, 2016

getting bangs, playing with puppies, & some seriously real talk (+photos) about running & toenails (#viewersbeware)

soooOOOOOoo considering the fact that i'm stuck on campus until my last class of the day starts and have zero motivation to do any other homework in the next ten minutes...i'm getting caught up on blogging (hey, it's better than meaninglessly scrolling through social media, right? #beentheredonethat).

editor's note: i started this before that class on thursday...but am just now finishing it, on saturday. it's been a fun past couple of days. (:

sooo.. still on the updating track. like that one time i decided to get bangs! i'll get to that in a little bit, though. (;

[ps just for explanatory purposes - this post is the update from approx. mid-end of october]

basically i got really excited to be running still (!) but started having some serious pain in my toes/foot :/ and so even though i got in some running, i definitely didn't push too much through the majority of this month until i headed to the podiatrist to figure out what was wrong...stay tuned to the end of the post if you want to see the sad/gory truth #youvebeenwarned

(from one of the only runs i think i got in this month)

ah, yes. i got straight-across bangs again! i haven't had those since before my mission (february 2013)...but for a few different reasons, i decided that i really, really wanted them again. so, for your viewing pleasure, here are sarah's steps to getting straight-across bangs:

step 1: experiment with what your hair might look like with said bangs by using lots of bobby pins.

step two: find an inspirational haircut online of said bangs via one of your favorite actresses/female singers. #ilovezooey

step three: make an appointment & go get your haircut ASAP before you change your mind. #heypaulmitchell

step four: #doit. then take a photo as proof. (;

step five: go shopping because your best friend told you that your favorite pants that you ripped last year (yes, you read that correctly, hahaha) are back in stock at h&m! #thanksliana #boughttwopairsthistime

step six: pin your hair up just the way you like it & go out dancing to celebrate the end of the week/your new 'do.

okay, let's be real...steps five & six aren't really necessary. but that's just how that particular friday evening ended up for me. ;)

a little while before halloween (re: the day after i got my bangs cut), we had an awesome relief society activity with some awesome girls! we painted pumpkins and the activity was called "Come FALL-ow Me"...get it? ;)

my artsy creativity... ;) & tori's WILSON pumpkin (because she's a rockstar volleyballer, obvi):

madalyn's cute "hello fall!" pumpkin & camille's adorable bb-8:

there was a good amount of other girls/pumpkins: as evidenced in the panorama below (click on it to see them in their larger-pumpkin-glory!):

& camille's finished bb-8 (from later that week):

later after that rs activity, i went to hang out with two of my bffs & ate some yummy kneader's salad. #lifeisgreat (:

k the rest of these thoughts are pretty random/sporadic so just bear with me (;

to help this all make a little more sense...
some of the things that happened to me in the last several weeks of october are:

I TAUGHT FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER EVER EVER IN MY HIGH SCHOOL. aka the high school i'll be student teaching at! i've been a handful of times to observe, but had never taught yet until this day...october 18th! this was my #teachergameface (;

 don't worry, it actually went super, super well. I LOVE TEACHING. I AM SO IN THE RIGHT MAJOR. the end. :D

remember how my last post was all about some serious first-time activities?...this month, i went with keaton to the puppy barn in american fork for my first time ever & got to hold lots of cute puppies! #highlyrecommendit

also, we got froyo after. defffffffinitely not my first time...but always amazing. (:

another first...eating @ red robin in utah! i think i ate here with daddy at the one in ohio once upon a time...but man oh man, now i know it's one of my favorite restaurants ever. also, i love hanging out with these girls. first presidency hangout ever (beyond our regular meetings) - and it was definitely a success!

also love the fact that they put up with me wanting to photo-document everything...and be goofy with me (;

aren't they the cutest!? if you want to go out with any of them...let me know. they're babes & awesome in every way. (:

another highlight from recently = temple trips with these babes! (note: yes, all my friends are babes. and also awesome. the end. :)

<3 we love to see the temple! <3 & go inside, & do temple work for our ancestors & others...!

another first...went with my bff roommate angelica (also a babe) to lowe's to buy succulent plants! i only bought one but it's amazing how happy it made me to have a living thing siting on my desk! haha. very therapeutic :) her name's ruby (because somehow he color purple makes me think of the name 'ruby'...didn't realize that that actually is a reddish color, until my mama filled me in hahaha #oops)

little baby ruby-roo! #welcometothefamily

also, this is what happens when you go spend the evening in the hot tub with some awesome & intelligent friends talking about ethics & the was basically a glorified sauna (and also i literally smelled like chlorine for the next several days... #worthit :)

also, i just love my practicum group/cohort! they are the group of girls that i meet with (with our fearless professor, dr. weyand in the back!) every TTH from like 8-10:45am. #weyandswitches

i am kind of obsessed with these ladies. never have i ever probably laughed as hard as i do during our classes/group texts/adventures together. #englishteachingforlife!

remember that one time i went to the puppy barn for the first time!? well, OBVIOUSLY i had to go back with a fellow puppy-lover, kenzie. let's just say we both fell a liiiiitle in love with some of the pups there that day...

**heart eyes evvvverywhere**

can i keep him? he's only like $1000 or something...

also, i present to you: the stages of trying to take a selfie with a puppy. let's just say... #struggleisreal

& my beautiful friend, kenzie! she was born to be a puppy lady, let's be real. they looooved her.

also, THIS PUG. he was probably the tiniest little puppy in the entire barn that day!

us with two of our faves (: if anyone ever wants to go to the puppy barn (i mean, you all want to go now, right?!)...just let me know & i'll beg to come along. ;)

something fun recently was attending our ward (congregation) missionary night! this was my sad attempt at setting up the camera so i'd get everyone in the shot...#facepalm hahahaha. um, yes, i admit now that sometimes it might really just be better for someone else to take the photo (and then photoshop them in later like a BOSS). #lessonlearned

guys...i really do speak in hashtags a lot. at least online. #whoopsie #sorrynotsorry hahah.

also a perk of that night, beyond facebooking all my friends from high school/my mission and figuring out ways to reach them via social media to help share the joy of the Gospel with them...meeting up with bro. walls again! aka my sister anna's like, favorite byu professor (& who also taught my brother-in-law, drew!) while they were both in the broadcast journalism program here @ byu. he's basically awesome (and kind of heading up the entire social media missionary project for the Church, i think!). pretty cool stuff. like i said, he's awesome.

man you guys, i'm realizing how awesome october was as i keep writing these randomly sporadic statements that correspond with the photos i took over the course of the last couple weeks of last month, ha. like seeing my bff newlyweds (who are the only people on earth besides family that i don't feel awkward third-wheeling with!) - morg & spence! love love love them. don't they just look so happy!? happy (almost!) 1 year anniversary to you two cuties!

also (somewhat inspired by morg who was my roommate last year & ate super healthily and also ate sweet potatoes) - i fell in LOVE with this salad, dressing, & sweet potatoes in general. also, i've always loved chocolate milk sooo...that's a thing, too.

salad = apples with spinach + shredded beets & carrots, dressing = pear dressing from sprout's (SO. YUM.), & the sweet potato just has some butter & brown sugar on top. #delicious! thanks morg for being a inspiration in more ways than one! (;

side note...i could probably eat a sweet potato every single day for the rest of my life. and be very, very happy. how have i not done this until just recently!? all you need to do is wash off a sweet potato, poke a bajillion holes in it with a fork, wrap it in a damp paper towel, then microwave it for 3 minutes on one side & 2-4 minutes on the other. then cut it open, spread some butter & brown sugar on that &...let's just say you'll probably be hooked if you try this, too. #yourewelcome (;

i sure hope this post isn't too random for everyone...ha. have i ever told you guys how much i love fall?! because of colors that i see walking to my car from byu campus like THIS:

kinda reminds me of the new desktop background i also adopted, i love the outdoors. and also the truth in this quote:

i also went bowling for the first time in forever! and TOTALLY BEAT ANDREW (my friend who i was playing against) WITH A SCORE OF 75!

okay okay okay, jk, he kinda creamed me, hahaha. but after five gutterballs in a ROW to start off (#embarassing), i totally just got better & better! progress is a real thing, guys. it's real.

and i totally improved for the second game, too! andrew didn't quite improve (hence his facial expression next to the screen, haha he's hilarious!), but it's okay because progress is an eternal concept, right? (;

OKAY OKAY OKAY YOU GUYS. also I REGISTERED FOR MY LAST SEMESTER EVER EVER EVER AT BYU!!!!!!! ahhhh!! only TWO required classes (even though i also added weight training and cycling class to help keep me sane during student teaching, hahah) and i could not be more excited!!

the reason my schedule is so empty looking is because, starting january 3rd, i will be at my student teaching high school ALL. DAY. EVERY. DAY. ayayaya! i'm so so pumped. monday nights we just meet as a cohort (that blocked out portion of my schedule) - aka all us byu students who are student teaching that semester get together to talk about our problems and how we can improve as student teachers. SO EXCITED. (weight training & cycling will be on tuesday/thursday afternoon/evenings ;)

aaaaand on that note - i taught for the SECOND TIME. ON MY OWN. guys, i love teaching. like, SO sososo much. it's kind of the best and i can't imagine doing anything else for my future profession!

also - i totally get grown-up points for this one day that i TOTALLY PARALLEL PARKED. which is something i am terrible at & yes, there was like, a monstrous amount of space in between the other cars, BUT STILL. it's almost impossible for me to do this. but i'm learning! maybe i could teach in a big city someday, after all...

okay going off of yummy food central... i added shredded chicken to my yummy salad mentioned above and it made it even BETTER. man. i love salads. and also - went to roll with it creamery for the first time - basically there is only one size fits all (and it is HUUUUGE. and also delicious). you pick a flavor, they mix it up with this like, milk-looking sauce, & basically mix & mash & roll up your desired toppings inside. i hiiiighly recommend it (but split it with a friend or a date ;)

i also made halloween brownies for ward choir! on the inside of the brownies are orange kit-kats that represent bodies (get it?? it's a graveyard...and this was also deathly delicious ;).

and per usual, some of my monthly/weekly/eternal highlights of life = spending time with my amazing family. soooooOOoOoo when hundreds of miles between us make that a wee bit difficult, we opt for FaceTime.

honestly, i don't know what i'd do without it. #lovetheseguys

ooookay. SO. i went to teach (AGAIN! #thirdtime). and then some scary halloweens-related things happened to me on the very last day of the month...k well, they're actually not related to halloween at ALL but because they happened on said holiday, it's easy to admit that they might seem a little spooky to some of you...

so...this is the part where i say VIEWERS BEWARE & if you get grossed out by feet or something...just exit the post now & keep on living your life, k? because what i'm about to discuss (& show you photos of) is maybe a little too grueseome for some, but i told myself i wanted to be honest about allllllll the ups & downs of running (& my life) on here - for better or worse. so here we go!

you sure you want to keep reading?

k, don't say i didn't warn you! hope feet don't gross you out too much...

you're still here? k cool. here's what's up: long story short...remember that one time over the summer that i got a bunionectomy? basically that was way back in may (aka about 6 months ago)...and i had pretty much been feeling some level of discomfort around my big toe (and some other toes on that foot, i came to find out) pretty much that entire time. once i started wearing high heels/boots again after i got my bunion boot off (& little yellow pin taken out of my second toe), that pain was there. constantly. i just thought it was part of the healing process from the bunionectomy...and turns out, i was wrong.

long story short, i went in to see a podiatrist (two weeks before halloween) & told him all about my bunionectomy, pain/discomfort, & etc. he touched my toes & moved them around a bit, and ultimately told me what everyone just loves to hear - "you've got ingrown toenails." WHAT. my first thought probably = no no nonononono. that's gross. that's not possible. i thought it was pain from my bunionectomy!

(fun fact: in the photo below it totally looks like my podiatrist has like a crazy sleeve tattoo. but it's not - it's just his paisley tie. hahahaha. okay back to the story. :)

turns out, NOPE. it wasn't. my toes have actually all healed the way they should have (minus the fact that my scar's still pretty big & puffy, but that's partly my own fault because of a few things that i won't get into on this post, ha). so i guess it was kinda good news, after all! but what ended up happening between this day & two weeks later (on halloween) was me getting FIVE ingrown toenails taken out of my poor left foot - ONE from EACH toe. #yikes

turns out that, although my podiatrist couldn't pinpoint the exact reason for the ingrown's likely based on a number of factors, including but not limited to repercussions from: the bunionectomy (swelling leftover from the surgery/recovery), the shoes i wear (heels/boots), my running shoes (too big, leaving room for my toes to slide around too much), and any other typical ingrown-toenail-related-causes (i.e. cutting toenails too short, wearing tight socks, hurting your toes, poor posture, incredibly ill-fated bad luck, & etc.)

lucky for me, my podiatrist treats like, 10,000 ingrown toenails per year (?!) between his practice & helping out at the mtc (missionary training center). this is something i heard about on my mission but had never affected me (or anyone in my family, for that matter). but you know, when you get foot surgery there are bound to be some crazy repercussions, right? *facepalm*

so basically (in case you can't tell from the photos), the "quick & easy" (and also more expensive) way to "cure" ingrown toenails is to take them out...which basically consists of:

1 - coloring your toes with some pretty anti-bacterial brown-looking liquid
2 - getting some freezing cold air sprayed onto your toes while receiving some incredibly painful numbing shots (not pictured because i was holding back tears...i wish i was kidding, haha. easily the most painful part of the entire process...because the rest was completely painless, haha.) - like, 2-3 shots at the base of each toe. #ouch
3 - drying your tears (okay, it wasn't that bad but i probably shed a tear or two simply because that's what i do when i feel pain, haha), sitting up straight & watching/documenting as your podiatrist performs the rest of the procedure, which consisted of him:
4 - placing a little baby life-saver-looking tourniquet on the toe to be operated on
5 - cutting out the toenail on the side that the ingrown toenail is, & pulling it out (the ingrown part)
5 - dipping 3 XXL q-tips in acid & placing them directly in the root of the nail bed (three different q-tips for 30 seconds each) where the ingrown toenail was previously
6 - covering up each poor little tootsie toe with a bandage to prevent bleeding/infection/whatever.

rinse & repeat five. times. for each little toe.

thankfully, it was actually really cool to watch (once the shots were done with).
thankfully, i could feel my toes again within 24 hours and had minimal-to-no discomfort (or pain!!) whatsoever.
thankfully, my problem was solved (no more pain!!!!!!). relatively quickly, & this meant i could start running again for reallllllly really real this time!!

& my job for the next two weeks after each procedure (i won't tell you how good/not-so-good i was with the follow-up...)? remove bandages after first 24 hours, then soak my entire foot 2x/day for 20 minutes each in a combination of water + apple cider vinegar (once in the AM - then bandaging up each recovering toe with some neosporin, & once at night - then letting my foot just be free while i sleep).

needless to say, i'm a much, much happier person since getting this done. granted, those toenails (where they were removed) won't ever grow back (hopefully!) - but it's honestly such a small little sliver of the toenail that you can't hardly tell anything's missing on most of my little toesies.

okay, how many more times am i going to say toenail before the end of this post?! hahaha. but honestly, this is just something i have accepted as a part of my #runnerlife. it's probably gross for some of you guys to read about, but as i mentioned before i got into the heart of this post: this blog is my chance to be open & honest about my life as a human being & as a runner - the good, the bad, & the (possibly today) kinda ugly. at least it might be that way to you. but to me - it's actually all kinds of beautiful. in the past year of pain, surgery, procedures, & recovery, i've realized just how grateful i am for modern medicine, anesthesia, qualified doctors, caring family members & friends, and my two beautiful feet. they carry me everywhere i go, walking and running and dancing and hiking and everywhere else, always, all of the time. they literally carry the weight of my entire world (physically, anyway ;). & thanks to all of this, i have the chance to run miles and miles and miiiiles with them again - with (at least for now) no more pain! (:

let's just hope that my poor left foot doesn't have any more issues in the near future...2016's been a hard year for her. (& right foot, don't you get any ideas...).

& in case you were wondering, yep, i walked out of the podiatrist's office like ^that^ on halloween. my foot wasn't quite going to fit in my shoe without some level of discomfort following that procedure. #noshame. but maybe this is all a sign that i should invest in barefoot running instead & leave any kind of shoes behind...?!

only time will tell (;
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