Sunday, January 1, 2017

30 days + 4 (because why not?) = 34 photos for a #novemberrecap!

so if one of my new year's resolutions is to blog more often, i probs should get caught up like, ASAP, right? (;

in november 2016 (no clue if this is in chronological order or not hahah, but just go with it!) i...

voted (for potentially the last time as an absentee from ohio)! 

got way more into politics than ever before in my life (especially on election night)

was lucky enough to have a fun group of people from my ward to go see dr. strange with (SO GOOD. highly recommend it!) on the aforementioned election night to take my mind off of the urge to check my phone every other moment to see who was winning the election hahaha #notashamed

i could hardly believe it though. donald trump is president-elect of the usa! this is really real life. and even though everyone seemed to be wary at first, i am just going to pray for him & hope for the best #endofpoliticaldiscussion (; 

went to the urgent care to get treated for an "unexpected illness" (aka lots of abdominal pain) which included an "x-ray" of my organs (and not meant to be for my bones). this year has definitely been the year of hilarious/untimely (are healthy problems ever timely though? hahaha)/unexpected health problems for me but thank goodness it's nothing that just time, pizza, running, and laxatives couldn't eventually fix, hahahah. too bad we still have no idea what caused it but let's be real that's nothing new for me after this year hahahah #mylifein2016 #alsonotashamed

 went to the UCTE (utah council of teachers of english) conference with some of my besties from my cohort. goodness i love them lots!

and they had a social media challenge for prizes and you better believe social media + prizes = SIGN ME UP. i was so happy to be one of the lucky winners because winning = FREE BOOKS. best day ever! #thatenglishteachinglifethough ;) also finally taking a photo with the man (dr. ostenson! aka one of my byu english teaching professors) whose recurring voice in the back of my head while i was on my mission ("you should really be an english teacher") is one of the biggest reasons why i decided to make the switch. SO grateful for that man (& inspiration & everything else!)

 it was a great day. have i mentioned lately how much i love my cohort!? #THESEGIRLS <3

went running for the first time with my new bff running buddy (one of the girls from my cohort above, also named sarah)! remember how i really really don't like running with other people? sarah has turned into an exception to that rule. we run at basically the same pace & can talk about everything under the sun together (including teaching!). love this girl & can't wait to get in more runs next semester & share more stories as we start student teaching (:

enjoyed provo's FIRST SNOW OF THE SEASON. FINALLY. lovelovelove that snow! 

this one was taken later on, but still. proof of how much i love snow = my favorite place on campus is the 4th floor of the jfsb (aka where i have spent most of my english teaching major life) because THAT VIEW & THOSE MOUNTAINS (covered in snow/clouds, but still there!) <3
*click on the photo to see it in all its beautiful & panoramic glory*

celebrated a new friend's baptism! my first baptism attendance (of my knowledge) while at byu/in a byu ward! so so cool. congrats kit (in the middle, being adorably hugged by jordan hahaha)!

arguably one of the biggest highlights of my entire semester...DK CAME TO VISIT AGAIN! lots of fun going to the beauuuutiful provo city center temple to do baptisms...

 & byu's VOCAL POINT concert together!
cool highlights included:

seeing the boy (andrew dimmick!) who was an elder in my MTC district and reminded me SO. MUCH. of DK (because of lots of things but mostly because they both loved playing the trumpet! it was so weird for my two worlds to collide in that moment when they met hahahah),

buying matching shirts,

(& getting them signed by each member of VP, because obviously they will be worth millions someday when they're all even more famous ;),

& meeting up with my friend david ross (former assistant to the president at one point in my mission in brazil!) who is one of BYU VP's new members this year!

but okay really the main highlight is just spending time with my brother that i just love so so much. he is such a ball of energy & so fun to be around & sing christmas music in the car with (& he's also so handsome! i mean seriously, just look at him! #babestatus ;)

i also went to the chocolate (SO YUM) with my two favorite sydne(e)ys (i'm not even sure how to type that hahah) and it was a grand ole time with them per usual (: love them!

aaaaand like two weeks after his last visit, DK CAME BACK TO VISIT! #thanksgivingbreak

we had a lot of fun (mostly i studied/read a lot and he put up with it, hahaha). but really (:


 a yummy early thanksgiving dinner with brother & sister mumm (& co.) (they are AWESOME thanks again guys!!),

a late-night thanksgiving feast of pizza & grape fanta #collegelife,

a trip to the nickel city arcade because duh (and also yes we spent all of our winnings on candy, i'm pretty sure #kronkidlife #stillnotashamed hahaha),

a mega late-night 3D showing of dr. strange (because it was THAT GOOD), 

dk's first VR (virtual reality!) experience at the mall (i didn't try it, but he said he liked it a lot!),

& of course, an (illegal) (but it's okay because we didn't know it was illegal at the time) (by illegal i mean we didn't know we had to pay for the thing before riding on it) (but don't worry DK was nice enough to pay after when the lady asked us if we had paid and we probably looked at her with some seriously blank stares before paying) ride on a motorized cow through the mall. hahahaha. #adventureswithdkandsarah (:

also, i have to admit: dk is a CHAMP for enduring close to an hour (probably) at runner's corner where i picked out my new pair of running shoes (!!!!!!) which are brooks launch 3's and i love them and more to come on those later (; pretty sure this was my first-ever black friday purchase & i'm very happy about that (saved like $20 on almost $100 running shoes + even got a free pair of running socks as a bonus = awesome!). 

so yeah. that was november. & an early bday gift from dk topped it all off! note: the pin reads: "I'm the SISTER of someone who's talented, charming, & delightful." HAHA. he's lucky i love him so much (& it's all totally true!). 

yep, november - you were pretty great to me. but time to move on to bigger & (less far behind) things. (;


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