Monday, January 16, 2017

60 photos = proof of how awesome december (2016!) was.

basically, life has been AWESOME so far in 2017. but the tail end of 2016 (aka december!) was arguably the best month of my entire past year. so here's to catching up on my december 2016 activities (before i start bringing you up to speed on my 2017 adventures thus far ;)!


got froyo with four of the best guy friends a girl could ever ask for (mostly because they got froyo with me [and also, TYLER, you were missed!] ;)

administered the LSAT with two of my favorite reasons why i loved working at the byu testing center for so many years: linda & jared!

facetimed & chatted with all of my family members on my bday (with anna calling me first, at midnight, before anyone else, per usual :) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

celebrated (mourned?) the end of my handicap tag privileges from my bunionectomy back in may

saw a crazy late late night movie with my beautiful friend kenzie (miss peregrine's home for peculiar children - SO good!)

pushed through the difficulty of writing my LAST BIG SENIOR PAPER of the semester

watched little brother dk (below in the third row, dark hair, trumpeter!) rock out during his byu-idaho band concert (and loved all the parts i saw/listened to as i fell asleep from exhaustion that week...sorry about that dk!!)

ate some yummy mexican food at los hermanos but mostly as an excuse to celebrate jt's last week of work with some of my favorite people

completed my first final of finals week at 8am with the most amazing girls i could have EVER ASKED FOR in my cohort as fellow english teaching majors, about to enter student teaching! i've seriously never felt more like i belonged with a group of peers at byu <3 love love love these ladies!

team sarah = running buddies! you'll be seeing more of sarah on the blog as we go on our runs together to get us through our 14 weeks of student teaching! 

in front of the JFSB - aka where most of my english classes have been throughout my BYU experience. with our pracitum professor (& my family's home teacher for years back home in ohio! haha #smallworld), dr. weyand!

<3 the future english teachers of america, ladies & gents <3

endured the craziest week (at least as far as lines go!) working my last week EVER at the byu testing center!

& said goodbye to the TC/heber j. grant building after 7 semesters & 1 spring term working as an employee!

drove through a literal BLIZZARD (scariest drive of my entire life, by FAR) from provo --> rexburg to pick up my favorite younger brother at byu-i, DK (& then drove right back to provo with him)!

enjoyed the most hilarious 24 hours of travel of my entire life...luckily with this little booger by my side, hahaha. #SUITCASESEVERYWHERE.

train #1:

train #2:

when we found out that we would be traveling longer than anticipated:

after our first flight, SLC --> chicago (when we sat next to a nice young lds man who we bonded with on our flight!)

enjoyed a glorious three-seats-wide sleep after enduring 9pm-4am in the chicago airport (which included my running allllll around the airport right before all the food places closed to try and get us some dinner) while waiting for our 5am flight...

dk sleeping right before we made it on our last plane home to ohio (finally!)

traveling from 10am saturday (train --> train --> slc airport --> chicago airport --> columbus airport --> home) until about 1pm sunday... that was a treat, hahaha. but TOTALLY WORTH IT to get to see & hang out with our favorite people in the whole wide world for the next couple of weeks!

which obviously included taking some coordinating family photos (; here are some of my favorites!

(landon's mug in the above photo & annabellie's sass in the below photo = favorites!)

mama & her girls <3

WHY DO PHOTOGRAPHERS MAKE US DO PHOTOS LIKE THESE ahaha i clearly couldn't help but laugh at the awkwardness

three generations of beautiful ladies!

because obviously we pay lots of money for photos like these (; or mostly i couldn't handle only taking smiling photos, am i right!? gotta show our true personalities for at least one of these photos (; #lovemysibs

MY BABIESSSS! aka ruth's babies but my niece & nephews <3 and yes, the two smallest are twins, just fraternal (;

one of the definite highlights of the break = SIBLING DINNER & walking around easton mall together. lots of great conversation and yummy food and i just love them so so much. <3

took a photo in front of the big, beautiful Christmas tree outside easton mall

saw rogue one (OBVIOUSLY) and (also obviously) i love star wars just thaaaaaat much more #starwarsnerd4ever #cantwaittildecember2017

celebrated Christmas together with the extended family & sang happy bday to gma joanne (birthday on the 22nd of december!)

took lots and lots and lotssss of photos because when family gets together that = lots of photo-ops, am i right? (;

grandkids with gma joanne!

sisters with the beautiful heart puzzle piece necklaces ruth got us!

<3 <3 <3

and obviously we had a fun night chasing babies and watching ELF (aka our family's favorite Christmas movie) (or at least it's my favorite and i've forced it upon everyone else...can you tell from our shirts? ;)

<3 us in our true element <3

every year, in my eyes, there is no Christmas tree that is more beautiful than the one at home on Christmas morning <3

caught up with some high school amigos (sara & mike henderson!) in their beautiful home

reminisced with mama about her life while looking through her mama's (my grandma adelina's) keepsakes

i just love old photos (my mama is in the middle on the bottom)

my grandma adelina's favorite photo (LOVE those beautiful flowers & the ocean behind!):

four generations! (from L --> R):
my grandma adelina, her mother (abuelita cristina), my mama (astrid), & i'm the baby in the middle who has since learned how to look at the camera for photos (:

GRAETER'S ICE CREAM BECAUSE DUH. it wouldn't be a trip to ohio without it (; #mintchocchip #monsterchocchipsperusual

visited ryan & liesen & their beautiful newborn, adelina (named after my beautiful abuela, as mentioned above!)

played and played and hugged and squeezed and LOVED on my favorite babies in the whole wide world. being an aunt is the BESTTTTTT. <3 <3 <3 <3

mostly because they take goofy photos with me, too (; #trainthemwhiletheyreyoung

the break was filled with a TON of family time (& sadly a lot of catching up on my independent study class...last real BYU class!!!), but it definitely flew by way too fast! i would have loved a few more days at home, but utah was calling me (aka i had to be back to start my student teaching), so daddy drove me to the airport & i headed back west.

columbus --> baltimore (i think?) --> slc <3

thanks to tyler picking me up at the trax station once i arrived back in provo (who also drove dk & i to the trax station on our way out to ohio), i made it back home in one piece, ready to finish up 2016 in style.

celebrated the (almost!) new year by shopping - like buying a new water bottle because mine was getting un-clean-able thanks to my gma joanne's gift card to target (sad day, especially for any of you who know how obsessed i was with my last water bottle, hahaha)

& relished in the fact that i'm still on santa's "bad kid" list...there's always next year, though, right? #alwayssnowmanpoop (;

2016, you were AMAZING. thanks for all the memories. onward & upward to 2017 and all of the adventures (BYU graduation! first half & full marathons post-mission! getting a job as a teacher!) that i hope you have in store! (:

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