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Bountiful Utah Temple | 02.04.17

temple #5 of 17 on our utah temple tour was the Bountiful Utah Temple on Saturday, February 4th, 2017! (:

those in attendance this day (from L-->R): Debbie Smith, Lexi Rich, Mary Riker, & me.

& just as a side note: pretty much everyone that is going on my #utahtempletour2017 temple trips/are in these temple trip photos = a member of my current singles ward/people who live in my apartment complex here in provo, unless otherwise noted. (:


i know i have been to this temple before, but i think the last time i went through for an Endowment session was with debbie back in fall of 2015 before she left for england! here are some photos to prove that #throwback:

see? told ya so. (; now back to the present (ish)!


basically, saturday, feb. 4th = my awesome news reporter sister ANNA's bday!! so it was mega fun to go to the temple to celebrate her special day (while the rest of my family was spending her bday with her in illinois). one of her college bffs, kimmie, joined us for the session, but had to leave to take care of her babies before we all i made it out of the dressing room. i always take way longer than everyone else, hahaha #oops. sorry about that kimmie! it was great to have here there in the session with us, though. (:

we got there nice & early this week (mostly due to the terrible experience of rushing to brigham city the week before, haha!) and as a result, we were not rushed. which was AWESOME. i highly recommend going to the temple with enough time to enter peacefully, reflect meaningfully, & feel relaxed & prepared for the session to begin.

(ps this next photo is a panoramic so click on it to see it in it's full glory):

i drove up just mary & i from provo, because debbie lives in bountiful (so she met us there), kimmie lives in bountiful (same story), & lexi was in herriman for the weekend with her family, i believe (which is closer to slc than provo, i think), so she also met us there. we had an awesome (& peaceful) time.

we parked underground (this is the only temple besides the provo city center temple that has underground parking - that i know of!) & walked inside. i was able to speak in portuguese to two women in the locker area before the session began, which was awesome (and i totally wouldn't have had time to do if i had been rushed)! i don't remember a ton about the session itself, but the celestial room had mirrors on opposing walls (it is my FAVORITE when they have mirrors on opposing sides! #eternitymirrors :) and they had a big chandelier in the room, as well. very bright walking in to that room - it's such a pretty celestial room!!

after the session we took some photos & then headed out. i practically stopped my car on the side of the road after the session so that mary could snap this photo on our way leaving the temple. it was a gorgeous day!!

it was a great visit. much needed, for sure. i'm learning to love and appreciate the blessing that going to the temple each weekend provides! i was impressed to read the scripture found in philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ which strengthenth me." and i also thought about the movie/music from Moana - specifically the line "I am Moana!" from the song of a similar title: "I am Moana (Song of the Ancestors)." it's a beautiful song, & somehow both of those thoughts were really precious to me & helped me think through some things as i was inside the temple this day.

i have great worth as a Daughter of God & I know that I really can do ALL things through CHRIST, which definitely strengthens me! & to quote Moana, "I know the way!" since reading that scripture from philippians in the temple that day (& striving to apply its teachings more fully into my life), i have found seriously great strength - including through fasting (which is something that is really hard for me to do sometimes) & weight lifting (which is also hard sometimes). moral of the story? me + Christ = I can do ANYTHING. (: i love that! & i love (& am so sososososo grateful for) my Savior! <3

also, do yourself a favor and listen to that song above right now (if you haven't already). if you have, listen to it again. and again. and come see moana with me again in theatres before it's out on dvd, k? (:

after the session, we headed to debbie's favorite mexican restaurant in bountiful - LORENA'S. i kid you not, i had the BEST steak & chicken fajita of my ENTIRE LIFE at this place (and it fed me for multiples meals afterwards, because it was so big that i had to take most of it home with me!). amazing food, crazy good price, hiiiiiiiighly highly recommend it. aka if you ever go to bountiful - take me with you. and let's get some lorena's. (;

& that was our trip! the highlights, anyway. (: debbie & lexi headed back to their (respective) homes, & mary & i made the trek back to our dear provo.

another temple done: number 5/17! & per usual (just missing kimmie!), our final insta-worthy photo of the day:

xox! <3

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