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Brigham City Utah Temple | 01.28.17

temple #4 of 17 on our utah temple tour was the Brigham City Utah Temple on Saturday, January 28th, 2017! (:

(i know i had been to visit/see the inside of this temple for the open house way back in 2012, but i don't think i had ever been inside this temple since then!)

those in attendance this day (from L-->R, as though we were standing in a single row): TJ Thomas, Becky Mugleston, JT Carden, Mary Riker, Kylie Harthun, me, Andrew Schwartz, & Debbie Smith.

this temple was simply GORGEOUS. well, all of them are. but i loved how much we got to learn about this temple while we were inside. (: it's beautiful inside & out!

we were running a bit behind this day and almost didn't make it. it was an almost 90 minute drive & we had a reservation but we were cutting it realllllllll close. moral of the story = miracles are real and prayers are answered (and please forgive me daddy, but i totally sped on the way there a little bit so we could make it in time for the session!). don't worry though - we have left earlier than usual lately on our temple trips, so we can avoid any stress like that. (;

it was cool making reservations (or maybe it is just normal to do this at this temple), but when we walked in, they gave us a little block of wood that had our session time stamped on/carved into it, which we handed to a temple worker as we were en route to the chapel for the session. probably just a way of keeping track of the number of the people in the session or something, but regardless it was super cute. (:

i had already bought a new temple dress recently but had shipped it back to mama (THANK YOU MAMA! <3) to hem, since i'm just a little shorter than most people (; and this temple didn't have clothing rental as an option, but luckily my friend liana let me borrow her temple dress & slip (and mary let me borrow a pair of socks, i believe) for the day/session. they're lifesavers. (:

we drove up in two cars: boys in one & girls in the other (and debbie driving down herself from bountiful). the session was wonderful & it was neat to move from one endowment room to the next (there were two endowment rooms in this temple to move between for a single session).

the first room had a beauuuuutiful mural with birds all over it - breathtakingly beautiful, seriously. i know this temple has been referred to as "President Boyd K. Packer's temple" because he's from brigham city, and i feel like although it's obviously the Lord's temple, it's definitely got touches of president Packer's influence all around it (like the beautiful paintings of birds - which he loved to do!). there were peach blossoms all over the place in the temple as a motif - which i believe we found out is because peach blossoms are native to that part of utah. there was even a painting in the front room by the recommend desk of someone by a peach tree - so pretty! i love peaches. (:

the celestial room looked really small when we first walked in - but then we realized it was an L-shaped room, so you had to walk around part of it to get to the main part of the celestial room. arguably my favorite part was our "tour" that we were taken on after our session! i love love love talking to temple workers about the temple and finding more out about the history within its walls! one worker told some of us all these really neat facts, and showed us into the matron's office where there are two small bird paintings hanging on the wall - both painted & signed by President Packer himself! (:

she also showed us the bride's room (connected to the matron's office) and oh. my. goodness. i have arguably never seen a more beautiful bride's room in my entire life! the wallpaper was so shiny & we found out that girls aren't allowed to use hairspray in that room because it ruins the wallpaper somehow (something about aluminum or something i think? hahaha). fun facts you learn in the temple. (: its as seriously gorgeous though, i loved being able to see that room & President Packer's paintings!

after we were all changed out of our temple clothes, i believe the same temple worker who had been telling me all of these cool stories & facts about the temple told us some neat things about the baptistery & invited us to go down there to take a look. two cool stories about that:

story #1 - in the baptistry, there are three large glass panes (basically floor to ceiling) that separate the waiting area from the actual font room, where the baptisms are performed. apparently when the temple was having it's 3-year inspection (it was only dedicated in 2012 - so this event just occurred in 2015 during it's first inspection), the temple was 100% closed to the public, and the workers inside all of a sudden heard a big explosion-type sound. they went down to the baptistery & saw that the middle glass pane had totally shattered!

further investigation with regard to the glass pane (i believe she said) showed that there was some kind of problem with the air pressure/elevation or something...long story short, it is a MIRACLE that that happened on a day that the temple was closed to the public  (3 years after dedication with a faulty panel or something!) and there weren't a ton of workers/teenagers waiting to do baptisms, who would have undoubtedly been injured from a large glass pane shattering that close to them. i added that it was also amazing that it happened on a day that the temple was CLOSED but there were still WORKERS there - so they could hear it as it happened (and therefore rest assured that it wasn't just an act of vandalism!). miracles, guys. they're really real & God is definitely watching out for each of us!

(sidenote: here's a photo of debbie & i with our other roommates [L --> R: Katherine Bennett, me, Debbie Smith, Tess Collett, Emily Gatlin -married last name, & Whitney Mathwig] at the brigham city open house way back in 2012! we were such babies back then! click HERE - same link as the one at the top of this page - to head over to my pre-mission blog to read more about our open house experience :)

story #2 - there is a painting of native americans being baptized hanging above the waiting area in the baptistry. i believe the story is that in that valley (in brigham city), the first (or some of the first) native americans in utah were baptized! the painting is beautiful but even cooler when you find out that when they were trying to find models for that painting, they were able to find some of the ancestors of those first baptized native americans to be the models for the painting! so cool!! i love family history & neat stories like that. (: what a legacy!

we headed to nowhere else but the delicious (and recommended to us by a ward member, ashley stewart - thanks ashley!!) old grist mill in brigham city, utah.

it was delicious and some of the yummiest bread i've had in awhile! makes me miss panera back home a little bit just thinking about it. (; 

we got our food relatively quickly (soups & sandwiches, mostly! #YUM). the boys got back on the road early, so us girls ate & talked for a bit before we headed out. & per usual, it was awesome to see my bff deb again! (:

so! we did it. temple 4/17. & per usual, our final insta-worthy photo of the day:

we really really really love seeing temples (& going inside on saturdays)! (:

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