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Logan Utah Temple | 02.11.17

temple #6 of 17 on our utah temple tour was the Logan Utah Temple on Saturday, February 11th, 2017! (:

(i don't believe i had ever been to visit this temple in my life! it's gorgeous :)

those in attendance this day (from L-->R): Kylie Harthun, Mary Riker, Debbie Smith, & me.

such a pretty temple! it was a nice (almost exactly) 2 hour drive up north from provo, as logan is the northern-most temple in the state of utah. it was a gorgeous drive, though! just love love love my mountains. (: there are a couple of photos at the end of this post that attempt to showcase their majesty, but mostly you'll just have to take my word on it. (;

this was a great visit! the weather was pretty great (just crazy windy & a little chilly, haha!), and the view was GORGEOUS.

as you can kind see, there's a building right next door to the "actual" (temple-looking) temple - but we came to find out that both building are actually part of the temple (as a whole). basically we entered through the building that doesn't really look like the temple...and then we weren't sure if we went into the actual temple though, haha.

it was gorgeous. have i mentioned that enough times yet?! hahah. these next two are panoramic shots (so per usual, i recommend you click on them to see them in their full, gorgeous, glory):

front of the temple:

view from the side of the temple:

the session was wonderful! we switched rooms right before the final part of the endowment session, which was way cool and unexpected. the different rooms inside the temple are just so, so pretty! i loved the celestial room in this temple - the chandelier was mostly gold with some crystals, and (my favorite part!) they had "eternity mirrors" at my short girl height (aka mirrors on opposing walls, so you can look into one & it reflects against the one across the room & creates an effect that goes on & on & on & on...forever!). that was beautiful. eternity is where it's at. <3

one of the highlights was as we were walking up to the temple, i told the girls with me to just go on ahead inside & i was just going to send out a text message really quickly (outside of the temple), & then i'd join them inside. such was my luck that as i was sending that simple text, i hear someone behind me say "sarah?" i turn around (not expecting the person to be talking to me because, clearly, i am two hours away from home and pretty much anyone that i even remotely know, haha) - and i see THIS cute face!

rachel olsen (now rachel olsen WATTS :) was a cute little beehive greenie (aka first year) during my first year as a youth leader at lds girl's camp wayyyyyy back in like...2008 (when i was probably 16 and she was 12)?! long story short, she's adorable and we grew up in congregations that frequently met in the same church building back home in ohio (i was in the worthington ward & she was in the dublin ward - so we were in the same stake [aka group of 5-12 neighboring congregations]), so it was always fun to see her over the years!

basically she's adorable & married now & living up in logan and just happened to be entering the temple at the same time as me (in LOGAN, no less!). it was so fun to see her & her husband before entering the temple. #smallworldmoment for sure! God is so, SO good. tender mercies when you get to see people you love at the temple. (: love you, rachel! thanks for saying hello!!


after the session, we went outside & i attempted to take a photo of all of us, but my selfie game was pretty off (case in point below hahaha). IT WAS SO SUNNY.

so, one of the girls snapped a photo of me in front of the temple & we left for lunch @ el toro viejo in logan, utah - a mexican restaurant recommended by mary!

and lucky for me, a girl from my mission in recife, brazil (malyssa aka sister bedke!) came to join us for lunch! she didn't join us for the temple session because she had a relief society activity where i think Elder & Sister Oaks were speaking...lame (; so she was nice enough to come & join us for lunch (aka hang out & eat chips with us while the rest of us ate lunch, haha) afterwards! (:

malyssa goes to school up in logan, so it was fun to see her & catch up! i hadn't seen her since the mission (and i left brazil in january 2015, so it'd been a couple of years since i'd seen her last - crazy!). she's adorable and we filled our tummies at mary's favorite mexican restaurant. i got fajitas again but i have to admit - it just wasn't quite as good as the mexican place that debbie took us to in bountiful the weekend before this one (sorry, mary! please forgive me, hahah)! i am still drooling over how good my fajita was there... #fajitalover4ever <3

the girls were nice enough to head back to the temple with me (only like a 5-10 minute drive, so not too bad!) so that we could get a "good" photo of all of us together (aka without my selfie-face taking up a huge awkward chunk of the photo, hahaha) & to check out the view (where i took the panoramic of the view from the side of the temple, as shown earlier in this post).

debbie was nice enough to take our now-traditional goofy/adorable selfies together in front of the temple, too. (;

i believe these are some photos (taken by my co-pilot on this trip, mary) from our drive back - love love love my snow-capped utah mountains! so so so sosososo gorgeous. (:

basically the moral of the story for me this week = God is GOOD. just so, so good. I am so grateful for Him & His influence in my life. also, Alma 37:36. i want to be better about trusting in God & letting "all [my] thoughts be directed unto the Lord; yea, let[ting] the affections of [my] heart be placed upon the Lord forever." #workingonit. i'm so grateful for these reflective blog posts to help me remember that - aka the things that matter most. God is present in our lives. He is present in my life & I know He wants to be present in yours, too (whoever you are!). You are His child & He LOVES you. so, so stinkin' much. trust in Him. ask Him for help. He's always always always always there & listening. just start talking. <3


another saturday, another beautiful temple: temple 6/17.

& per usual, our final insta-worthy photo of the day:


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