Friday, February 17, 2017

Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple | 01.21.17

temple #3 of 17 on our utah temple tour was the Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple on Saturday, January 21st, 2017! (:

i'm pretty sure i'd been to this temple before to do baptisms before my mission, but i honestly don't remember. good thing i'm doing this tour & checking out all of them, right? (:

those in attendance this day (from L-->R, as though we were standing in a single row): TJ Thomas, JT Carden, Lexi Rich, Katie Musick, me, Mary Riker, Luke Mangum, & Debbie Smith.

i love, love, LOVED going to this temple, even though we (like, almost literally) drove through a blizzard to get there & back. totally worth it. this is the day/trip that our "selfie" temple photos began...because there was no one outside willing to take a photo of us in that kind of weather (they were probably all inside the temple or their cars by the time we got out of the temple, hahaha).

this is the first trip that deb was able to come on! i was so so happy. i love this girl! she's a previous roommate for 2 years while i was at byu (yes, i'm still at byu, but she's long graduated already) and living @ skyview terrace, & we got our mission calls (and left on our missions!) within just a few months of each other. (:

did i mention there was like, a blizzard outside? SO MUCH WIND & SNOW. the photos don't do it justice, hahaha.

i was SO happy inside this temple this day, because i ran into my most influential teacher from byu - dr. ostenson! (remember him from THIS post?). long story short - he's literally like one of the biggest reasons why i switched to being an english teaching major after my mission (one of the best decisions of my life, literally - and you can read the aforementioned post to read that story in full :). he was working in the front as a temple worker as i walked into this temple, & it was so happy to see & hug & talk with him before entering the session!

side note: whenever i see american flags, i always think of my daddy, because he is so proud & happy to be an american and i love how patriotic & loving of his country that he is. (: love you, daddy! <3

like i said, it was an awesome visit! i even ran into david rellaford (also a temple worker!) on my way out of the session - so great. i love being in the temple & being surrounded by such wonderful people inside its walls. my daddy has said before that he loves being in the temple and seeing people there, because he says that the kinds of people who are in the temples are "my kind of people." amen to that. (:

as previously mentioned, i don't really remember a ton about these visits (minus what mary & i wrote down), so those are my main memories of being inside that day - seeing dr. o & david rellaford. but it was a wonderful visit, no doubt about that!

for lunchtime after the session, we headed back to provo (so debbie sadly didn't join us, since she lives up north in bountiful) & ate at cafe 300 where we had a crazy long wait i ate literally quite possibly the best french toast i'd ever had in my life. and that's saying something (i'm obsessed with french toast <3). though we lost debbie's company for breakfast lunch, we gained maddie's - one of mary's friends/old roommates from byu-i who happened to be in town!

my meal = that deliciousness above = french toast on massive slices of FRENCH BREAD. who'da thunk!? i'd usually only had it on texas toast (or cinnamon bread, if i'm at home in ohio :), but man - french toast on french bread = simply divine. kind of pricey (probably because the bread was so huge & the fruit/whipped cream was plentiful), but definitely worth it (especially with that side of bacon & eggs + oj! #lovelovelove). can you tell that food is one of my biggest love languages? (;

also i just have to mention - THIS (photo below - just for future reference) is why i don't take as many photos when the boys are on these temple trips. putting it nicely, they do not love when i whip out my phone to take a photo of everything. i wonder why? (;

cute little café restaurant with amazing (just a little expensive) food on the southern edge of provo. yum!

another successful trip! & per usual, our final insta-worthy photo of the day:

temple trips: good for the body & soul. (:

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