Monday, February 13, 2017

Ogden Utah Temple | 01.14.17

temple #2 of 17 on our utah temple tour was the Ogden Utah Temple on Saturday, January 14th, 2017! (:

those in attendance this day (from L-->R): JT Carden, Luke Mangum, Jordan Ramos, TJ Thomas, me, Kylie Harthun, & Mary Riker.

we had a great drive up there, just over an hour's drive north. ogden was such a cute little city! i didn't think i'd ever been before (though come to think of it, i may have been close at one point for a theatre conference back in the day through BYU). i definitely had never been inside this temple (i think it was closed for renovations or something when micaela & i were doing our own version of a temple tour many years ago). we arrived in ogden just in time to grab lunch at a local subway, super close to the temple. we saw two elders (missionaries) eating there, and that was fun. (: 

we ate relatively quickly & then headed over to the temple in time for the 11:30am session, & it was wonderful!

my car on the drive there & back: (L --> R): Mary, Luke, Kylie & I.

like i've mentioned before, i don't remember a ton about our trips besides what mary & i have remembered & written down, but i really did like this temple a lot! it was super pretty inside, & the celestial room had these beautiful little "tardis-looking" mini chandelier lamp things on the tables...i can't really describe it, haha, but a tardis looks like this (think: mini square phone booth-looking thing):

like i said...hard to explain. haha. so everyone should just go there themselves & have a look. (:

i love love love to see the temple. i'm so grateful for the opportunity i've had to go inside so many different ones in the past month & a half! i'm so grateful for great friends & a wonderful Gospel. God is great, people. He totally is.

(our final instagram-worthy photo):


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