Tuesday, March 7, 2017



*my face after getting home from track & field practice today*

basically it took a lot of online training (so.many.videos. hahahah) to get coaching, cpr/first aid, & concussion certified...& then even more online things to become an official employee of the nebo school district...& add in some paperwork...aaaand officially since MONDAY (it seems like it's been longer than just two days, haha!) i have been coaching (after finishing everything & becoming official on friday!) & it. is. AWESOME. (:

basically every day after school now ---> the end of the school year (YAY!) i head to the ladies' room (i just realized we have a locker room that i could probably change in but never thought about it til this moment LOL oops) & transform from

MISS kron --------> COACH kron (:

& to be honest, i actually only lasted as "coach kron" for like two days, because today i already told my distance girls that they can call me sarah, hahah. just because (as my head coach mentioned) it can just help me to connect better with me girls so that they can feel comfortable talking to me/asking me about help on things. but hopefully they'll still call me coach occasionally. (;

the (AWESOME) head track coach said that he wants me floating around for the first month of track & spending time with each of the different coaches so that i can see the different elements of track & field (sprints, hurdles, middle distance, distance, jumps, & throws), & then after that he'll probably stick me with the distance girls for the season (YES - this is awesome because really my passion is wanting to be a girls' cross country coach come fall!).

monday = i was with the sprinters (with the head coach), but today (tuesday) = he put me with the distance (assistant head) coach. right when i showed up (they had already stretched/warmed up) he just said "40 minutes! go out & run!" i asked what he wanted me to do, since for the sprinters yesterday we just were inside watching them do drills & then stretched/did an ab workout/cooled down with them for all of practice. his response? "you can go out & run with them if you want!"


[[what?!?!? is this even real life!?]]

SOLD. (: (: (:

ps quick funny side note: when i first went out there today, i honestly felt like i was one of the kids on the team, haha! i'd never been a part of an organized running group (i only did sprinting events my one year in track & field in middle school a billion years ago, haha) & so i had to remind myself a couple of times i think that I AM A COACH HERE. NOT A STUDENT ATHLETE. hahah.

ANYWAY, it was basically 40 minutes of running bliss (thoughts in my brain: am i seriously getting paid to do this!?) - aka getting to run all around a beautiful city in beautiful weather for 40 minutes and get to know some awesome girls (and give solicited running advice!!!! ahhhh!!) & encourage them to push themselves and help them to be better runners in general --> AWESOME! it was a slower run than i'm used to - but i realized i didn't even care (and it was an extra workout for me to get to run back & forth between the pairs of girls running at different ability levels during the 40 minutes!).

basically, IT. WAS. AWESOME. when it gets to the end of the day & i am totally exhausted after teaching/being with students/etc. and i haven't slept a lot the night before or something (cough monday cough) i have to admit that i don't really look forward to staying after school for another 1 & 1/2 hours to keep being around students & being cheerful & happy & encouraging & all kinds of other awesome but sometimes exhausting things.

but truth be told, it's only been two days & I LOVE IT SO MUCH. once i get changed & into "coaching mode," it's like there's a whole new wave of energy that comes over me. being a coach is so gratifying (i think i'm using that word properly, haha!) in that i feel great & i can help my student athletes (!) feel awesome & improve, too! getting to run with them is just the icing on the cake (;


ps - my sister anna is awesome & talking to her tonight reminded me of one of my favorite quotes. it's been kind of an exhausting week (already...and it's only tuesday. LOL #sendhelp) but it's also been a great one. when all else fails, i know that what President Hinckley said is true. it really will all work out. (:

sigh. life can be exhausting. but it sure is beautiful. i am one happy #mrg. (: (: (: (: (:

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