Monday, March 6, 2017

running + teaching + temples + family = LOVE (& my life right now!).

*sigh* one of these days i might not be blogging just about the past anymore...

...but today is not one of those days (; february catch up time!

during february 1st - february 14th i...

*got in a lot of meal-prepping (breakfast burritos = MY NEW FAVORITE BREAKFAST. scrambled eggs + spinach + sausage + cheese all wrapped up in a whole wheat tortilla, stored in the freezer in individually wrapped plastic wrap; pop in the microwave in the AM for 2 minutes & i can easily eat it on my way to work with a glass of chocolate milk & a banana after :) #YUM

*hung out with my AWESOME ward family (aren't we cute!?)

&'d better believe that i demanded we take a silly photo #imthatgirl (;

*went to my second HEFY scouting tour stop ---> this time in salt lake city/holladay (with amigas liana & another girl friend to my left in the below photo).

*had JORDAN (amigo) come in & watch me teach/observe my students on my first day ever of teaching solo during student teaching (my mentor teacher was out sick)!

*saw this beautiful temple more than once & loved it every.single.time.

led a debate (the day jordan was visiting!) in my english 10 classes & it was AWESOME.

just a glimpse of what our boards look like (the english 10 one is to the left of the main board; the sports literature one is to the right):

*celebrated brynn knight's (amiga from the ward) bday at TUCANOS. i was silly and ate before we went...bad choice on my part. when you're paying for brazilian food, COME ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. lesson learned. (:

[from left to right: front row = andrew schwartz, jordan ramos & sadie anderson; middle row = abby nemeth, reyna vela, kevin belnap, brynn knight & i; back row = ben petersen & christian barfuss]

*CELEBRATED 5 WEEKS DONE OF STUDENT TEACHING! this is hilarious posting about now because in real time, i'm currently in week 10 LOL. that sure puts things into crazy perspective! #timeflies

*continued my #utahtempletour2017 with a trip to the bountiful utah temple with (L-->R) debbie smith, lexi rich, & mary riker (see recap HERE).

*went for an awesome 6-miler down to my favorite temple in the whole, wide world. & took lots of photos because i love it just that much. (: (: (:

6 miles babyyyyyyyy! the most i'd done in awhile & the weather was PERFECT. love me some runs like that. <3

*facetimed my favorite sisters for my famous tv news reporter/baker/chocolatier/sister anna's bday (:

*reflected on my goals (and how i only accomplished one...but that's better than 0, right? :)

*GOT MY TEMPLE DRESS BACK IN THE MAIL from the world's most AMAZING seamstress/mama ever! aka my mama (: didn't she do such a great job!? now i won't be tripping on it as much as i would have been without getting it altered by her...she's the best. (:

also, it wouldn't be a package from mama without all kinds of other amazing treats inside! makeup, chocolate, trail mix, pears...she knows me so well!! #SHEISSERIOUSLYTHEBEST <3 thanks mama! (: <3

*WENT RUNNING A BIT MORE. and it was seriously like the world's most gorgeous day outside. like, so gorgeous that i stopped my run midway through just to FaceTime my family & show them the pretty mountains (that you could hardly see via my iPhone camera, but i digress. it's the thought that counts, right? :)


i didn't even plan for it to be a triple threat kinda run, but i'm happy with it (: & my overall pace, too! 9:34 for an easy run is A-OK with me. (: & the sign language for "i love you" = three fingers in the air for three miles! get it? (;

*realized even more that my mentor teacher is just so awesome - she came up with this 'reading bingo' idea for kids to earn a cool prize from her for doing some extra reading - so neat!

more awesome teaching stuff to help my students understand how to write a thesis statement...seriously, why did no one ever teach me to write thesis statements this way (or was i not paying attention!?). also, my mentor teacher's incredible handwriting, everyone:

*kept loving my weight training class & running into a familiar face (just once!) - blake dowling (my sister's brother-in-law)!

& also was amazed by the class that follows mine with what they did for their workouts *__* - basically you spelled out your name & that's the workout that you did for the class! #soinsane #insanelyAWESOME #hurtssogood

*more teaching stuff...did i mention that my life is basically student teaching this entire semester? well, it is. (; ALSO WHY DID NO ONE EVER TEACH ME HOW TO WRITE A 5-PARAGRAPH ESSAY LIKE THIS!? seriously, i'm learning all the awesome tricks from my mentor teacher & it's kind of awesome.

*ran and ran and makes me happy to see at least three runs logged during these two weeks (; #returnoftheMRG, right?

((also it's hilarious to see my 3-mile run on the indoor track thanks to my Nike+ Run Club app LOL #allthescribbles #somanylaps #reasonswhyrunningonatrackdrivesmecrazy hahahaha))

*i procrastinated & stressed WAY. TOO. MUCH. over my FINAL FINAL EXAM EVER AT BYU - for my final "real" byu class, which was an independent study class, which was wonderful & american lit & i just was so scared for this final & didn't leave myself hardly any time to take it & felt like i failed it (or worse) as a result & that was just one of the roughest nights of my life...

my crazy, (with some kinda grease stain?) rushed notes & i crammed before going in to take my final...

[[spoiler alert -- I PASSED. and got an A- in the class overall. #ineedtolearntochillout hahahah]]

*continued my #utahtempletour2017 with a trip to the LOGAN temple [see recap HERE] where i saw some beautiful familiar faces! rachel olsen (now rachel olsen WATTS) who was a little greenie beehive way back when i was a youth leader at girl's camp many, many years ago...

& sister malyssa bedke met up with us for lunch after the temple session (she was too busy for the session, seeing a general authority or something... we forgive her ;). we served our missions together in recife, brazil! what a cute girl. this was a fun trip & session with (L--->R) kylie harthun, mary riker, & debbie smith.

*SAW SOME OF MY STUDENTS IN THE SFHS WINTER PLAY! 'the boys next door' was such a great show, my students are so talented, & i love them to pieces.

i was fancy enough to get reserved seating (mostly because i was afraid it'd sell out, haha!).

i went to see the show with my amigo andrew schwartz & it was seriously super well done - those kids are so talented! the stage/set was GORGEOUS & superhero/comic book-themed. also, they totally threw donuts into the crowd (part of the script, i feel like) during the show. and mostly, it was an incredibly story about "the superheroes in YOUR neighborhood" - aka about how wonderful and incredible people with special needs & disabilities are. what a beautiful message. love love love it!

*spent a good amount of time with these beautiful ladies, my new relief society presidency (new since the end of january/beginning of february, L--->R): dayna kirby (secretary), brianne smith (2nd counselor), me (president), & abby nemeth (1st counselor). they rock & are beautiful ladies inside & out!

*facetimed some of my FAVORITE people....


[[daddy/dk & annabelley]]


& spent some quality face-to-face time with some others that i also love (;

[[<--angelica | reyna-->]]

the first half of february was just all kinds of awesome. valentine's day was actually one of my favorite days this year & i just realized i don't think i took a single photo that day, HA. oops. basically i just decided (no boyfriend/husband/etc. yet!) to just love everyone around me & help them to feel loved...& i tried doing that through a number of different ways. & i felt just so, so good as a result. i definitely was feeling the love. charity = the pure love of Christ! if that doesn't bring you a dose full of joy, i'm not sure what will. (:

[[ps - note to self? i need to buy this book eventually. one of my friends, brennan sloan, has it & it looks awesome.]]

that's my february 1st-14th update! until next time.

xo. (:

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