Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Cedar City Utah Temple | 02.18.17

temple #8 of 17 on our utah temple tour was the Cedar City Utah Temple on Saturday, February 18th, 2017! (:

i've never been to this temple before - it's currently under construction & will be dedicated this december! :)

this temple was a part of our overnight trip to st. george (temples = two for one!)

those in attendance this day (from L-->R, as though we were standing in a single row): Mary Riker, Kara Wigginton, Luke Mangum, Mackenzie Swapp, Debbie Smith, Keaton Olsen, me, Shelby Luke, & Lexi Rich (Trent Dahlin was with us in St. George but he was feeling sick, so he headed home between St. George & before we went to this temple).

i don't think i mentioned this in my st. george post, so for the quick run-down of who came on this trip:

mary, kara, luke, mackenzie, keaton, & lexi are all friends from my singles ward in provo.
debbie is my bff from when we lived at sky view apartments for two years in a row before we left on our missions in 2013. :)
shelby is a friend from my byu theatre major days - when we both worked on byu's production of peter pan way too long ago ;) she was the costume designer (i believe) & i was one of the dressers for the show (aka i mostly just helped people get the right costumes and made sure they checked them in each night!).
trent dahlin = shelby's male friend who came along :) both of them live in the cedar city area!

so so so pretty on the outside - i love the blue details on this temple!!

#ilovepanoranicphotos - click on it below to see it bigger!

#templeselfies :)

after our quick stop by this temple to snap a dozen or so photos, we headed to (nearby) shelby's home, as shown below (isn't it/she so cute!? love that red door!):

she was awesome & let us all change into more comfy clothes (kind of like clowns coming out of a clown car by the way we all jumped in & out of the bedrooms/bathroom that were available to us to change in! haha) to prep for our loooOOoOOOong 3-ish hour trip back up north (thankfully a little shorter since cedar city is already farther north than st. george).

shelby showed us some of the pretty artwork that she has done while we waited & we had a good ol' time. she draws some seriously gorgeous temple art!! check out her etsy shop by clicking HERE. her etsy shop name is "BelbCorinne" :)

love love love catching up with old friends! ps aren't her dress & hairstyle so pretty!? and shelby in general is just gorgeous, too, obviously. :)

& per usual, happy goofy photo for the day with my lovely deb!

so there you have it! we did it. temple 8/17. before heading on our lOoOoong trip back up north! 2 temples in 24 hours is now a personal best, i think ;)

& per usual, our final insta-worthy photo of the day:

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